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The Episode starts with Binny getting a call from the kids. She asks them not to fight. Sonu and Monu complain about each other and Binny smiles. Sonu asks why did she not come to see his football match. Binny says I was busy. Monu asks Binny to help in the project. Binny says sure, I will come home and make it, go to Nani now. LN hears her and asks are kids calling you at home. Binny says no, they used to always find me at home. LN asks her to go home, as this is not imp. Binny says no, its imp, then kids can respect me, and even I myself. LN wishes her all the best and blesses her.

Dylan asks Dabbu to come for some urgent work. She says I m going for lunch. Dylan says lunch can wait, work can’t. Dabbu thinks what happened to him again. She goes to him. He asks her to sit and she

says she got Aloo parathas as her lunch. He shows his big tiffin and arrangements. She says you said you called me for imp work. He says its imp to have lunch with you on your birthday, what shall I say infront of Sheetal… baby come I want to have lunch with you alone. She smiles and they eat together.

He says if he overdoes at office, it will look awkward, and he can’t go out of office, he has workload. Dabbu says I mean this is perfect, thanks for thinking. He says he has made sandwich and pasta, mum calls e a good cook, taste it and say how did I make. She asks did he make all this for her, this is really the best gift ever, there can’t be any better lunch, its very touching, thanks. He smiles. A staff lady comes and sees them having lunch. She says I will come later. Dylan says stay, we were talking about work over lunch, come join us. The lady says no, I had my lunch, I came to say to check edit. She goes. Dylan and Dabbu laugh and eat food.

She likes the pasta and sandwich he made. Nainon ko pata hai…………..plays………….. She cleans his face. He gets a call and asks what, are you sure, fine. He asks Dabbu to call the team in conference room, this will be big sing operation. She says yes, I will call them right away. Dylan tells the staff about drugs trafficking and the gang is using some girls to export drugs. He explains them how they deal by putting drugs in their bodies, and many girls die, we got a chance to expose them, we have to catch them red handed and do a sting operation, I need a woman volunteer, who will meet them and say sh is ready for smuggling, our crew will be there, when we feel we got the proof, we will raid with police, now I need someone.

Dabbu says she wants to volunteer and this shocks Dylan. He says I appreciate your courage but this has life risk. She says I have experience and I would like to be part of the project. He asks everyone to go through the file, they will leave together. He asks Dabbu to stay back to talk. They all leave. He tells Dabbu that its dangerous and he will be always with her if she is going. He gets a call from Sunaina and tells her that he is in a meeting. Sunaina says her trip got cancelled, so they can meet today. He says great news, but I have some imp work.

She says I knew it, did you get anyone else, if you don’t meet me today, I will think you are not interested in me, and I will never meet you. He says he will come, work can be done anyways. She says see you tonight. Dabbu smiles and thinks she will be with Dylan. Dylan calls Rajesh in te conference room. Rajesh comes and Dylan tells him that he has imp work, he can’t go in sting operation with Dabbu and Rajesh has to go. Dabbu thinks what urgent work he has. Dylan asks are you sure you will do this Dabbu, its your birthday today, I m not liking the feel of this sting operation, think once again. Dabbu says for me, my work comes first, I have decided I wish to go. Dylan says its risky mission, be careful. He asks Rajesh to take care of Dabbu, she will capture the images, you will gave monitor, if you feel she is in danger, go to her. He asks Dabbu to come to his cabin.

Dylan explains the sting operation to Dabbu and her character in it. He gives her mini satellite phone, it works in no network area too, call me when you feel its risky. She says fine, I will get ready. He holds her hand and stops her. Music plays…………….. Nainon ko pata hai………….Dylan says I want to talk to Dabbu, please don’t go on this mission, its very dangerous, anything can happen, I m not with you. She says I know. He says i anything happens to you…. She says what if I die on duty…. Trust me no one gets such filmy death. He hugs her and says don’t say this. She says when we celebrate our success, I know you will do my line’s mimicry. He says sure. She goes. He hopes she stays fine and everything goes as per plan.

Dabbu comes in her simple look. Dylan sends her in the mill, and explains Dabbu to go there as Radha. Dabbu gets tensed on the sting operation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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