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The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing the breaking news, and spotting Eshu in that raid. Mamta says Eshu, what is she doing there, she went to Simran;s house for studies. Bhu Devi says you always believe the girls, I told you your daughters have gone out of your hand. LN says come, we will get Eshu home. Dabbu and Eshu are on the way. Dabbu asks her whats the need to attend such party by lying at home, how should I take you home. Eshu says don’t take me home, mum and dad will scold me. Dabbu asks driver to take car back to Rajesh. She gets Eshu inside the house, and sees the family. They get shocked seeing Eshu drunk.

Mamta asks Eshu whats this, is this her studies, she lied to them and went. Chandi says Eshu was seen in news about raid coverage. Mamta says she

did not think about our respect. Dabbu says she is unwell, we will talk to her in morning. Bhu Devi says ask her in morning, she is a girl. Dabbu says boys also have to think, not just girls, even boy’s parents have to be ashamed. Bhu Devi says I will leave, manage it, Gulab will be alone. She leaves.

Mamta is worried. LN ask her not to take tension, her BP will rise. Mamta says if our daughter went by mistake, I would have not said anything, but she lied and went there, it will affecr on her future. He says we will talk to her with love, she will face everyone, she is teenager, this happens in this age, else she will become our enemy and can cross any limit.

Chandi says Eshu crosses the limit, she lied to mum and dad, I convinced them and see what she did. LN tells Mamta not to worry, their other daughters have also done this, Anji troubled us the most. She says no news channels got her news. She says there are many news channels now a days and asks her to be patient, it was good Dabbu was there. Dabbu says if I wasn’t there, don’t know what would have happened.

Eshu wakes up. They ask her not to take tension, she is at home. Eshu says please forgive me, I m sorry, I have hurt you a lot, mum and dad will also be angry on me. Dabbu says you should have tried alcohol after telling us. Eshu says I know this is not my age, my friends forced me. Chandi asks did they force you? Eshu says my group is most popular in school, we study together, they made me do this else they remove from group, I did not wish to get removed, so I did as they told me, they would have tagged me as uncool. Dabbu thinks and calls Mirchandani. She says sorry to call you so late, I have to talk something imp, before the party news gets on prime time slot. He asks her to come early morning, then he is busy in meetings. She thanks him.

Its morning, Chandi wakes up and looks for Eshu. She wakes up Dabbu, asking about Eshu. Binny comes and they all think she maybe downstairs. They all tell LN and Mamta that Eshu is not in room. Mamta says where will she go. LN says I know where she is. He makes lemon tea and asks them to sit here, he will talk to her. Eshu cries sittin alone in the terrace.

LN gives her lemon tea and asks her to have it. She cries and hugs him. She apologizes to him for hurting him and mum. LN says you have hurt you, you did mistake of lying to us, but itys fine, I m see you regretting, why will I be annoyed, I m glad that we did your upbringing well, we are not wrong when we do mistake, we are wrong when we refuse to admit that mistake and rectify it, Anji was a rebel, tough child, but this age is complicated, this age has us finding our personality, I have spoke to all of your sisters this way.

Mamta and everyone come there. Eshu apologizes to Mamta and hugs her. Mamta asks her not to cry, and not lie to them again. Eshu says never. Mamta says we are with you, always say the truth. She asks Dabbu to do anything, and stop this news from getting on air, it was just raid news yesterday, today it will have details.

Dabbu says I can’t stop this news from broadcasting in other channels, I will try to stop it on my channel, I will talk to Mirchandani. LN says we will face this together. The sisters smile and tease Eshu that she has grown up now, and cheer her up. Dabbu says you will remember dad’s words always, we are very lucky to get a lovely Papa. They all hug.

Chandi shows the designs to Mandy. Mandu likes the bright designs. Chandi gets glad and thanks Rajveer in heart. Manday asks the servant to call her brother. She says her brother will approve these designs, I m sure he will like it. Chandi worries. Mandy says he should know I invested on right designer. She asks how did she design this so soon. Rajveer comes there and smiles seeing Chandi. He thinks Chandi is Mandy’s designer and tells Rajveer’s words to Mandy. Rajveer says wonderful. Chandi gets shocked seeing Rajveer. Mandy says he is my elder brother Rajveer. Rajveer says I know her, she is Anji’s sister. Mandy says world is so small. She asks Chandi to show designs to Rajveer.

Chandi says now I lost this project. He asks why. She say I got ideas from you and made designs. He says no, I gave Punjabi tips, its your ideas and hardwork, you made all the designs, you remember what I said, you made me glad. She smiles seeing him. Dabbu asks Mirchandani for a favor. He says I know, I thought you are strong, but you are very weak, you want me to stop party raid telecast as your own sister is involved in this, am I right?

Chandi takes Rajveer’s measurements. He laughs and says its first time a girl designer is taking his measurements. They have an eyelock. Dabbu talks to Binny.

Update Credit to: Amena

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