Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dabbu telling her family that Dylan is her boss. She tells them everything and they worry for Dabbu. Anji says why does this happen with you, why do you do these mad things. Dabbu says I get angry seeing Dylan, its good Aseem is there to support me in office. LN says you know how is boss, we are called slow to do work late and if boss gets late, he is called perfectionist, he does not praise if w do good work, and he does not forget our mistake. They laugh. Mamta says our Dabbu did not get good job. LN says job is good, boss is not good, she has to do something to change him.

Anji asks her to change her dressing. Binny says keep fasts. Dabbu refuses. Chandi and Eshu ask her to beat him. Dabbu says I got job, e should see my talent. LN says yes, excellent idea,

he should see your talent that he gives you chance to read news. She says yes, then he will know I got selected by my talent, but any recommendation. They start recording Dabbu’s news reading to make it a video and show Dylan. Chandi makes Dabbu ready.

Dabbu starts reading the news and they ask her to sit well and look beautiful. Binny says stop and applies kajal dot to her. Chandi says stop and goes to change Dabbu’s hairstyle. Mamta and LN hold lamps for the lights. Dabbu says she is comfortable. Eshu asks LN not to move lights. LN says he is tired now. Mamta asks him to wait. Dabbu says lets start please. LN sneezes and Mamta says why did he do bad sign, sneeze again fast. He says I m not getting.

Dabbu sees them arguing, and asks Mamta and LN to go out. She sends them and also her sisters. She shuts the door and says now please let me read news peacefully. The camera moves and Dabbu does not get in the frame. She reads the news well. She asks them did they hear her news reading. They all say yes. LN asks her to open the door and show the recording. She says no, I will just show Dylan tomorrow morning.

Its morning, Dabbu goes office. Dylan address a meeting and talks about his plans with Sheetal. Dabbu walks in and looks confident and smiling. Dylan thinks why is she smiling like this. She greets him good morning. He says late. She says if she shows something to impress him then… He says I don’t understand. She takes out many things from her purse. Dylan asks what is she doing to get unwanted things out. She says a min and shows the dvd. He asks whats this.

She says you said till I m under confident, you won’t allow me to read news, and she asks him to see it. Dylan says fine, lets see it now. Dabbu says he can see alone, it will be better. He says why, whats in this Dvd, that she wants him to see alone. The staff smiles. Dabbu says what. Dylan says everyone should see your talent. Dabbu says sure. Dylan asks Sheetal to play the dvd. They see the news and Dabbu is not seen. They all laugh. Dabbu goes to see and is shocked.

Dylan smiles and says awesome, no one gave such tests. He asks how does she do this. He says you came late, you can’t work anywhere. He asks her to leave. She gets angry and says she will write anything. She says why am I giving him so much importance and types resignation. She takes the print and thinks. She talks to Moti and says I said I can’t be here for long, lets go. She gives it to Dylan. He says you are leaving job so easily, people get such jobs with such difficulty. Dabbu says they don’t like each other and she wanted chance to prove her talent, she will find some other job. Dylan laughs.

She says I have problem with your attitude. I will not bear you now. Dylan says you have to bear, I will not free you and tears the resignation letter. She is shocked. He asks her to take the pieces and asks her to pay his loan. She says no, I did not take any loan. He says you damaged my car and forgot. She says I did not hit your car, I don’t have money. He says I know this, I told you to think of an idea of paying loan, so I thought to get it from you. He shows his car. She says I know.

He says I want it to always shine. She says so? He says you don’t understand anything, and asks her to give her scarf. He says she will clean his car from this scarf, to pay for the damage. She has to do this for three months. She is shocked and asks is he serious. He says very serious. She gets worried.

Dabbu backbites about Dylan. Dyaln is behind her and hears everything. She sees him and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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