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The Episode starts with Dylan making a girl wear the necklace. She smiles and thanks him. She says you really have a good taste. He says so I chose you, you are most beautiful. She says I just can’t believe we came so close so soon, something is attracting me to you, we met suddenly, I think our fate wanted us to meet. He says not bad, someone is getting romantic. She says yes. He flirts with her. He says he feels she is mysterious and her past has something. She says it was boring. He says I don’t think so. She asks him about his past and his secrets.

He says if I say, then I will have to kill you. She asks who stopped you. He says no one, forget about past, lets talk about present. He drinks with her. She says she forgot to say, she is going out for 2 days, and will miss him.

He says how will he stay without her. She says come on. They see a girl’s birthday. She says how tacky. He thinks of Dabbu’s birthday. He says he will just come back in a mum.

The sisters ask Dabbu to cut the cake. Dabbu is upset and gets Dylan’s call. She smiles and Mamta says we know whose call is it, go and talk. Dabbu says fine, one min and runs. Dylan sings happy birthday to you. He apologizes and says he can’t come, he is stuck in imp work. She says its fine. He asks did he get the gift. She says yes, I got DVD player. He asks did you think I m stupid, to send electronics, the real gift is inside it, you have to play and see my message. She asks what, thanks. He says you are welcome, thanks for being so understanding…..and they hang on the call. Nainon ko pata hai……….. He ends the call and she gets glad.

Dylan thinks what am I doing, its her birthday, I should have been with her, and I m sitting here with this girl, I have to solve this soon. Dabby comes back happy and cuts the cake. Everyone wish happy birthday to her. She wishes everything gets fine between her and Dylan, and his problems end.

Dylan comes home and sees Dabbu’s pics in his phone. He smiles. Dabbu sits to see his message and plays it. Dylan acts and sends filmi message, and she laughs. He wishes her by saying he has written a poetry for her, his heart is happy, so its only for her. He reads since he came to know her, he identified life, since his heart has seen her, it forgot all the pain, he felt staying away from her, that she is just the truth of his life. She smiles. He says I don’t know you liked it or not, but I wrote by heart, so happy birthday, miss me. She says I really missed you. He says I did not like to miss your birthday, I had no other choice. His mum asks him to have milk and have a sound sleep. He thanks her. She says you could not meet Dabbu and wish her, and did she like necklace. He says he did not give the necklace to her. Dabbu thinks if my gift is this DVD player, whom did he give the necklace.

Dylan tells his mum that he gave the necklace to Sunaina. FB shows Sunaina and Dylan on the way and she spots the necklace in his car. She likes it and asks did he buy this for her. He says ofcourse, but you spoiled my surprise. He tells his mum that he wanted to give it to Dabbu, he is angry to lie and hide this from Dabbu, I m not liking this. She says you are not doing this intentionally, situation is not in our control always. He says I want to tell Dabbu. She says not now, give her some time, relation is raw, it can break. He says I don’t want to lose Dabbu, and I know Sunaina had made our past helpless. She says Dabbu loves you. He says I won’t let Dabbu go away from me, I will sort things out.

Its morning, Binny tells Dabbu that kids took cake to school. Mamta does Dabbu’s tilak and blesses her. Mamta gives her tiffin and Dabbu leaves. She comes to office and finds darkness, and thinks where is everyone. Dylan and everyone come and wish her happy birthday. Sheetal says this was Dylan’s plan. They all gift her and Dylan brings an animal cake. Dabbu says she can’t cut it. Sheetal asks how will we get new cake. Dabbu says I was just kidding.

Dylan asks Dabbu to wish before blowing candles. She says my wish has already come true. She cuts the cake and makes Dylan have it. The staff asks Dylan for his speech. Dabbu thinks what will he say. Dylan says we all know Dabbu is one of the treasured employee, I used to scold her a lot, she proved her talent and dedication, a very happy birthday. They all clap. Dabbu thinks it was such formal speech, I would see the DVD again. He wishes her all the luck on her birthday. They smile.

Dylan tells the staff about drug trafficking case, and they have to expose that gang, catching them red handed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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