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The Episode starts with Chandi telling her friend that Mandy feels her designs do not have Punjabi touch, I don’t have any friend by Punjabi background. She is on the way and the auto driver is Punjabi. She reaches the home. He asks her to find any Punjabi friend, and she sees Rajveer in him. She thanks him for solving a big problem and goes inside the house. She calls Rajveer. He asks how did she call him, its great, whats the matter. She says she wants his help, can he come home, she wants Punjabi advice. He says fine, but I have a condition. She thinks why is he saying condition, did I do mistake asking him help. She asks what. He says ask aunty to make that dish I liked. She says this one, fine.

Eshu tells LN and Mamta about her group studies. LN says study till 11pm, we will

come and pick you. Eshu says we have to study much. Chandi comes and asks what happened. Mamta tells about group studies. Chandi says let her go, she is going to study, not party, she has grown up, times are changing, let her go. Eshu insists. LN says fine, keep phone charged and call us every hour. Mamta says come before morning. Eshu says Siran will pick me, and goes to pack her things. She goes.

Chandi tells Mamta to make dinner for Rajveer, she called him to seek his help to get Punjabi touch in her designs. Mamta says fine. Monu cries and tells Dabbu that Binny got angry as she called Vicky ay hospital. Dabbu asks her not to cry and they will see cartoon film in her room, else she will get toys for her She asks Sonu to be with Monu. Mamta asks where is she going. Dabbu says till the shop outside. Mamta gives sandwiches to the kids.

Eshu says I m going, Simran has come. Mamta asks what is she wearing. Eshu says I will sleep there at night, so these clothes are fine. Eshu comes out and says sorry Lord for lying to parents, but my friends would have broken friendship with me. Simran picks her up. Eshu removes her loose clothes and they smile seeing her western dress. They compliment her and asks her to do makeup. They leave in the car.

Dabbu gives toys and chocolates for Monu and asks Sonu to give it to her. Mamta says they don’t have father’s love in their fate, its injustice with them, they don’t know its their dad’s mistake, its good that Binny is being strong. LN says I worry for her, I feel proud seeing her working in court, I get hurt seeing her manage kids alone, I feel sad for the kids, Vicky did wrong, but he loves his children a lot. Dabbu asks where is everyone.

Mamta tells her about Binny and Chandi. Dabbu asks where is Eshu. Mamta says she went with Simran for group study. Dabbu says you never allowed us. LN says times are changing. Mamta says Chandi said this. They smile.

Eshu is tensed. Her friend asks her to drink. Eshu says I m not getting that safe feeling here. I go to parties with friends. They say we are your friends, we are BFF right. They ask her to dirnk wine and laugh. They all drink and make Eshu drink. Few men meet there in party and take drugs. Eshu holds her head and gets dizzy.

Chandi talks to Rajveer and asks about Punjabi touch. She asks him to give her Punjabi thing. He asks is this any vegetable to give you, its not easy, we have traditions and celebrations. He asks her to close eyes and imagine Punjabi environment. Dabbu and Binny smile seeing them. Rajveer tells about Punjabi origin. Mamta asks will he have anything, she is preparing dinner. He asks her to get juice.

Rajesh tells Dabbu that he got a news, teenagers are partying and drugs racket is going on, police is going to raid there, come soon. She asks now? He says yes, the teenagers are from good families , they are go to cover this big news. Dabbu says I m coming, message me address. She tells Mamta about Dylan making her editor in chief, she has work now, its big news. Rajveer gets the juice and asks Chandi to make dress of this green dress, it will look superb.

The inspector tells Rajesh that raid started. Rajesh thanks him for allowing to cover news. Dabbu comes there. The inspector says the teenagers are from school and college goers, they are taking drugs. She says maybe their rich parents don’t have time to see them. Eshu is also arrested. Dabbu says look at them Rajesh, I feel bad for them. They are insecure and not grounded at home. She gets shocked seeing Eshu there and thinks what did she do. She stops the cameraman and says Rajesh I will just be back. Rajesh says we want bytes fast. She says start filming there, talk to police, I will come.

Mamta says Binny see Rajveer came to help Chandi on one call.LN tells Mamta to play news. Mamta says she wants to have her fav serial. LN asks her to see tomorrow and they joke. Chandi and Binny laugh. Eshu says I m from good family, sorry. The police scolds her and media takes her pics. They ask her age, why is she drunk, who is her family. Dabbu comes to her and says Eshu. Eshu is shocked seeing her. Dabbu says I m from her family, I m from press and shows her card. She says I m her elder sister, can I take her. They allow Dabbu to take her. LN says same drama in every serial. Mamta says let me see peacefully.

The door bell rings. LN goes to check. He sees BhuDevi. She starts crying and says its big thing, we lost respect. Mamta asks what, did Gulab do anything. BhuDevi says no, Gulab is diamond. LN asks then whats the matter. She says I m crying, you are asking me what happened, your family got stained. LN says tell us clearly. BhuDevi asks them to see news. They get shocked seeing drugs racket in the high profile party and Eshu present in it.

Dabbu says how to take you home in this state. Dabbu brings Eshu home. The family is shocked seeing Eshu drunk and dizzy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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