Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dabbu asking Dylan why is he refusing for her audition. Dylan says you are unable to talk, what will you do in audition, I m your boss and I will decide everything. He says if the girl does not know to go ladies or gents washroom, how can I trust her, you can read wrong data and this can be channel’s loss, which I can’t allow, you can’t read news till you get confident and not nervous, you will get trial chance when you are ready. Dabbu gets sad. Dylan leaves.

Dabbu cries and leaves. LN asks Mamta to have tea, made by his love and asks her to praise it. She really praises it and he laughs. He asks her to say why is she worried. She asks what. He says I can see the worry, don’t worry about Dabbu. She says I m worried for Chandi. He asks Chandi? She

goes to her room. LN goes after her and asks her to say. She says one proposal ended and we have to find new one. He says no, it was just talk, she is not feeling bad, she is busy in her work, she does not time for all this.

She says she works in fashion house, and can meet good male models, what if she likes anyone, we should ask her. He says how can we ask is she having an affair with someone, how odd it looks. She says but w should ask. LN says I can’t. She says fine, I will ask her in any way. LN looks at her. Eshu hears this and thinks. She thinks to do something.

Aseem comes to office and talks to his boss on phone. He sees Dabbu sad and comes to her. He asks why is she sad, is she fine. She says yes, no actually, my first day of office went so bad. He asks how and gives her water. He says we will go cafeteria and have coffee, and then you tell me what happened. She nods and goes with him.

Eshu brings coffee for Chandi and tries asking her. She sees the phone and thinks she will have something in her phone. She takes her phone seeing Chandi busy in work. Chandi asks her. Eshu says I m getting bored, so playing game. Chandi says fine, don’t make it fall. Eshu does not get anything and the battery gets down. Eshu sees Chandi’s face it. Chandi scolds her and saks why is she seeing her facebook page.

She asks whats going on. Eshu says you are elder, even I know to reply. Chandi says I will tell mum. Eshu says no, else they will know I heard them. She says I was seeing do you have any BF or not, many guys like you and names them. Chandi runs to beat her and asks why does she have interest. Eshu tells her everything. Chandi says what is this, how can mum and dad say this. Eshu asks her to calm down. Chandi says no, I will decide something about marriage.

Aseem asks Dabbu what happened. Chandi calls her and Dabbu ends call. Dabbu tells everything to Aseem about Dylan. Aseem says this is the reason I hate Dylan. He holds her hand and says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Dylan looks at them and thinks so Aseem got this girl here. Aseem asks why is she caring about this, I chose you seeing your audition, you are the best, who is Dylan to tell you, I m sure you will work well. Dabbu says thanks. Dylan broke my confidence and you boosted it. Aseem says I will say with proud that I found your talent.

Chandi calls Dabbu and talks. Aseem leaves. Chandi says she has to make a new decision about marriage, come home soon, I need to sit with all members and talk. Dabbu says what might be this. Chandi waits for everyone ad they all see her angry. Anji asks Eshu about this and she will not leave Chandi if her announcement is not exciting. They wait for Dabbu and everyone smile on LN’s joke.

Dabbu comes home and Mamta says Dabbu came. Dabbu sees everyone together and asks them. Eshu says sit fast. Chandi says she has to tell them her decision related to marriage. Mamta asks what. Chandi says I will not do arrange marriage and not even love marriage. They are shocked. Anji asks is there any third way to marry. Chandi says yes, scientific marriage. They get puzzled.

Anji says Pappi Lee fired her and she got mad. Dabbu says she is right, a bad boss can make anyone’s mind mad. LN asks whats this scientific marriage, please tell us. Chandi says it means love cum arranged marriage. She says it will have love and also arrangement. She says she will find the guy for her with her points, and then ask them to arrange it for him.

Mamta asks will there be any guy who passes in her test. Chandi says I have thought about this, you can find any guy but he should pass my tests. Neha meets Dylan and says I missed you so much. She hugs him and he recalls her tantrums in the restaurant last time. She says she came to congratulate him for joining the new channel. She starts showing tantrums again and says she will join this channel now, thanks to you. He says what. She says yes, we can spend all day together, will you get this job for me.

He says ofcourse why not. She acts sweet and he leaves. Everyone sit for dinner. Binny talks about her inlaws and everyone smile hearing her talk. Anji says its not good to complain always and they argue. LN says enough. Mamta says we did not ask Dabbu about her first day of work. Dabbu says relax. She tells about Dylan, he is her boss. They all get shocked.

Dabbu is at office and Dylan passes some taunts asking why is she resigning. Dabbu says I don’t need to bear you anymore. He says you have to bear me, I will not free you so soon. She is stunned seeing him tear her resignation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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