Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Dylan getting his anger out on punching bag. He recalls Dabbu’s proposal. Juliet comes there and sees him. She says pain given to others won’t get less by hurting yourself, why did you refuse to Dabbu. He says you know why I don’t believe in marriage. He leaves. Rajveer drops Chandi home. She talks like Punjabi and he compliments her. The door does not open. He helps her. They come closer. Chandi says she will leave, and gets down the car. She bids bye to him and goes inside home.

Dabbu cries in her room and recalls Dylan. Mann ki kya baat kahe ab…………….plays…………. Dylan recalls Dabbu and gets sad. Its morning, Dylan gets the files and asks peon about Debjani. The peon says she has come, shall I send her. Dylan says no need, you go.

He sees Dabbu is not at her cubicle. He then sees Dabbu there and smiles. He gets a call and says I remember, I will come there with my team member. Dabbu comes to him and he greets her. He says its good you came, you want to sit, yesterday night whatever happened… She says I don’t want to talk about it, I just came to give this. He asks whats this. She says resignation letter. He gets shocked and asks whats wrong with you. She says I don’t want to work here. He holds her hand and asks the reason for this. She asks him the reason for refusing for marriage. He says I…. She says let it be, I don’t want to know. He says please don’t go, I can’t let you go.

She asks why, will you threaten me about contract, I m not afraid, I don’t want to work with you. She leaves. He says Dabbu can’t do this, I can’t let her go, I need to talk to her. He calls Sheetal and asks her to call the team in conference room, he has to talk to everyone right away.

Chandi works on designs. Rajveer jokes on her. She says she designed rakhi for the first time in life, its for him. He gets tensed. She says from Mandy’s side, this is surprise for her. He smiles and asks her to have lassi. She says I don’t like lassi. He asks her to have lassi, else he will tell Mandy that you have shown me rakhi. She says no, and drinks lassi. He likes the rakhi and says he did not like Mandy’s rakhis. She says but Mandy said you praise her rakhis. He says yes, but.. She says I know, my sisters like the horrible custard I make. He says whom we love, we can’t hurt them.

He says he will miss Mandy a lot, this house will be vacant after her marriage. Chandi says then have good memories with her. He smiles seeing her. Dylan talks to his team. He says Dabbu and he will be taking politician’s interview tomorrow. She says she won’t be here, she is taking leave. He says work is imp. She says I have valid reason. He says work is worship. She says she is going, he can take someone else along. The staff looks at them while they argue.

He asks everyone to leave. He stops Dabbu and says he has to talk. She refuses to him. He makes her sit and her hand gets hurt. He apologizes to her. She says he has already hurt her, and leaves. Chandi thinks to message Binny. She asks about Dabbu. Binny replies her that they are waiting for Dabbu. Chandi calls Dabbu and gets her number switched off. Mandy comes with rakhi plate. Chandi gives the rakhi to her. Mandy says I will see you if Rajveer is not surprised. Chandi says he will be surprised. Rajveer asks Mandy to taste the sweets. Mandy says she has surprise for him and asks him to close eyes. He asks what.

Chandi smiles. Rajveer closes eyes. Mandy does his tilak and ties rakhi to him. He sees the rakhi and acts like being surprised. Mandy says she has made it like every year. Rajveer says she got improved, its very beautiful, he will miss her a lot. He thanks Chandi and hugs Mandy. Bhu Devi gossips and tells Mamta that she has seen Dabbu with someone at night. Binny asks with whom was she roaming at night. Eshu jokes on Bhu devi. Bhu Devi says don’t praise me much.

She asks Mamta who was the guy with Dabbu. Mamta says he was Dylan, Dabbu’s boss, you know him. Bhu Devi says he loves Dabbu, is there marriage fixed? Chandi asks her not to make news of it. Dabbu comes home and says courier came from Anji. Mamta says she has send rakhis. They all tie rakhis to each other and smile. They all hug and wish happy rakshabandhan to each other. Dylan cries and recalls his childhood. FB shows little Dylan hearing his mum and dad fighting, and calling marriage their biggest mistaken, it ended all love.

Dabbu asks Dylan whats the matter. Dylan says his parents did love marriage and now they hate to see each other’s face, I m afraid that this will happen with us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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