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The Episode starts with Dabbu felling Dylan is upset and calls him. He does not answer her call. She gets worried and messages him. He checks her video message. Dabbu tells him that she loves him a lot and wants to see him happy, so she went to meet his dad, its just two days for their marriage, she does not want him to be upset and apologizes to him. Juliet hears this. Dabbu says she did this for his happiness. Juliet tells Dylan that its her mistake, she told Dabbu to go to meet his dad. He asks what. She says Dabbu did this for your happiness, she loves you a lot, be angry on me, don’t fight with Dabbu. Dylan feels sorry.

Its morning, Shekhawat sees Kajal and asks what is she doing here after so many years. She says Papa and hugs him. He asks why did she come home now, when

she has run from home. She says sorry, I was immature, I realized I was so wrong and apologizes to him. He says you lost my trust. She says yes right, I came here to rectify my mistake in my last days, I can’t die with this guilt, my heart has a hole, I have six months time. She cries and says she wanted to be with her family in her last time. He is shocked. She says if you can’t trust me, I will take this as punishment and live my rest of the life. He stops her and asks will she leave him again. He hugs her and says I missed you a lot, this is your home. She says sorry. He says you will stay with me. Kajal smiles.

Chandi and Eshu practice dance. Dabbu sits and recalls Dylan’s words. Mamta asks her to have kheer. Dabbu refuses. Mamta asks her to find the solution by having sweets. Dabbu says I was excited for marriage, I feel very nervous. Mamta says you won’t have time for us after marriage and pacifies her. Mamta says Dylan will keep you very happy, what happened yesterday. Dabbu tells her everything. Mamta says its none’s mistake, don’t worry, I will teach Dylan to make such kheer and make you smile. Dabbu says no one can make such kheer, I m really going to miss you. Mamta hugs her.

Aseem sees the house’s pictures and marks for perfect place to fire from. A man says he has come. Aseem says send him. The man gives a gun to Aseem and leaves. Aseem looks at Dylan’s pic and says Dylan, your marriage will have sound of bullets, not band. He shoots Dylan’s pic and looks on angrily.

Mamta and Bhu Devi talk to pandit. The pandit asks for kundli matching. Mamta says no need, just bless them. Bhu Devi insists as kundlis should be matched. Mamta goes to get kundlis. Dylan comes and greets them. He says he has come to meet Dabbu. Eshu teases him. Dabbu comes there. Mamta gives the kundlis to pandit. He checks the kundlis. Bhu devi asks Dabbu not to come infront of Dylan, its abshagun. Dylan says I want to talk to her. Bhu Devi says you can’t meet her. Dylan says I m sorry, I will leave. The pandit says this marriage can’t happen. They all get shocked. Bhu devi smiles.

Mamta asks what is pandit ji saying. The pandit says kundlis have this written, Dabbu’s kundli has dosh, if this marriage happens, the to be groom will die within 30days of marriage. LN, Chandi and Binny come and they all get shocked.

LN refuses to believe the kundli and says times have changed. Mamta cries. Binny says my kundli matched with Vicky, but what happened with me. Dylan says he decided he wants to spend his life with Dabbu, even if his life is just a month long. Dabbu and Mamta cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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