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The Episode starts with Dabbu being drunk and dancing. Dylan sees her and smells the glass. He says it means she has really drunk wine. He goes to her and asks her what is she doing. She says dance. He holds her and says we have to sit on our table. He brings her to the table. She says she did not drink wine ever, why is he blaming her. Dylan says yes, she gave fresh lime soda order. He asks the manager about her order and waiter has given her wine. The man says sorry, who took her order. Dylan says I don’t know, make sure this mistake does not happen again. Dylan sees Dabbu missing.

Chadda asks his goons to leave for Shimla soon and tackle Dabbu, so that LN cries. Dabbu tells the waiter and she has come here in All India journalism conference. Dylan sees her and sends the waiter.

She says she will say a joke to him. She laughs and asks did he not get any laugh. Dylan says he is controlling his laughter. She says leave it, you never laugh on my words. He says he gets laughter on her. He thinks he did not think any girl can look so cute being drunk. He holds her. She says she had goosebumps, is it because he held her hand or by Shimla’s weather. He says Shimla’s weather is such.

He asks her to sit and calls her Debjani. She asks him to call her Dabbu, as he is her fav. He says fine Dabbu. He says not like Amrish Puri, tell like SRK with love. He says okay Dabbu, I will get lemon water, don’t move. He goes. Mamta and LN call Dabbu and are worried, as she is npt answering. Dylan comes back and says where did she go again. He asks people and goes to see her. Dabbu sees a painting in the lobby. Dylan comes there and sees her.

He says sit, have this lemon water fast. She says its sour. He says come on. She drinks and he cleans her face. She looks at him and smiles. They have an eyelock. He says drink it, come on. He says I think your phone is ringing. She says its mum’s call. Dylan says let me help you, and he answers. Mamta talks to him and Dylan says I m Dylan Shekhawat, Debjani’s boss. LN asks about Dabbu.

Dylan says just hold on. He tells Dabbu that her parents wants to talk to her, will she talk like this. She says kids can talk in any state and says mumma. He says shut up drunkard. He tells them that they are in conference and she is talking to a senior. Mamta asks is it secure place. Dylan asks why is she saying so. Mamta says she went alone, so we are worried. Dylan says don’t worry, I will take care of her, I will ask her to call you when she gets free. He turns and sees her gone. He sees her on the dice. Dabbu says she will tell them a strange love story, and says about her torture boss, they all will cry hearing it. She says my boss made me wash the car and burdens me with work. Dylan holds his head. She says he is my boss, welcome him everyone.

Dylan says calm down to himself and smiles. He says that’s me. He laughs and says very funny, come. Dabbu says no, I have to say how much he tortures me. She says he is the hitler of my office. Dylan says she is funny and so good. She falls on him. He lifts her and takes her to the room. Aseem enters the hotel and looks for Dabbu. He says Prashant said she is here, where is she. Dabbu says actually he is not bad, he looks handsome and is good within. Dylan asks really, what else did you observe. He lifts her and they talk on the way to the room. She says she does not like him going with his GFS, she really likes him a lot. Dylan smiles.

She talks nonstop and he asks is this your room, open the door, stand straight. She can’t open her purse. He asks can he open her purse and gets the keys from it. He says here you go and makes her sit. He thinks to keep door open, it won’t look good if he shuts. Prashant tells Aseem that he did his work, he gave such drink that she will be drunk all night. Aseem says fantastic, where is she. Prashant says her boss was with her, she might be in her room. Aseem asks for keys. Prashant gives the master keys and Aseem smiles, thinking he is coming to her.

Dylan asks Dabbu to sleep, he will go. She says good night and falls. He says pillow is there, am I your care taker. She says my shoes. He removes her shoes and shows her the pillow. Aseem gets in the lift and a kid presses all floors buttons. Aseem gets angry that the lift wil stop on all floors, he hates kids. Dylan makes Dabbu rest and says good night. She holds his hand. The kid and his mum get off the lift and Aseem still waits to reach Dabbu. Dabbu says Sir, you know when did I come to Shimla, when I was 3 years old, I don’t remember that trip, and this trip I will never forget. He says even I can’t forget this trip, shall I go now. She holds his hand and turns, asking him not to go. She says does he know why she likes him. He asks why.

She says as we came Shimla and sleeps. His hand gets stuck in her hair strand and he looks at her. Aseem comes towards her room. Dylan bends to free his had. Aseem is shocked seeing them and angrily asks whats happening. Dylan looks at him.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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