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The Episode starts with Aseem asking Dabbu to come fast. Dylan’s mum gets worried seeing Dabbu leaving with Aseem and asks driver to follow them. LN talks to Mamta and she asks him about the decision to break engagement. He tells her everything and she gets shocked. The girls hear them and asks LN what is he saying. Dylan’s mum follows Aseem and Dabby, and its morning when they reach the temple.

Dylan’s mum calls Dylan and tells him that she has seen Dabbu and Aseem together, they came to temple, maybe to marry. He says she might be mistaken. She says she is following them since 2 hours and tells the car number. He says its Aseem’s car and asks where is the temple. She tells the address. He says Aseem should not see you, he is not a good guy, I will reach there, I will come

there and call you, take care. He says what is Dabbu doing.

Binny cries and says I can’t believe this, that Aseem and Vicky can do this. She says maybe dad is mistaken. Dylan calls Dabbu and Anji gets the call. He says Dabbu is with Aseem. She says she went for reporting. He says she lied to you all, my mum have seen her with Aseem in the temple and she doubts that they are marrying. Anji says what and gets shocked. LN asks what is he saying, where is Dabbu. Mamta says Dabbu can’t do this and gets unwell.

Dylan is on the way and says how can Dabbu think to do this foolishness. Aseem and Dabbu sit to get married. The pandit asks them to stand and exchange garlands. Aseem hurriedly puts the garlands. Aseem asks Dabbu to hurry up and recall her mum in ICU. Dabbu cries and puts the garland. Dabbu thinks mum will get fine and will not get any bad news. Dylan says I won’t let Dabbu do this, she did not think what will her family go through, what will I go through.

The pandit tells about the vows and marriage importance. She recalls Dylan. Aseem bribes the pandit asking him to hurry up. Dylan’s mum comes there and looks on worried. She calls Dylan. The pandit asks them to take rounds. Dylan says I m coming Dabbu and is on the way. Aseem asks Dabbu to get up and holds her hand. He gets shocked seeing Mamta and Binny there. Dabbu smiles seeing Mamta. Mamta slaps her and cries.

Dabbu asks how is she here, she should be in hospital. Mamta asks why, as I m unwell and Dabbu will manage everything and solve things. She says she had to come, as she was ruining her life for her mum, so she had to come here. She asks is she mad, what was she doing. Dabbu says you got unwell after my engagement broke, I thought you will get fine if I marry Aseem. Mamta says foolish girl, I would have died seeing this, you misunderstood me. Mamta says her happiness is with her, not with her marriage. She hugs Dabbu. Dabbu says I m very sorry.

Mamta breaks the ghat bandhan. She scolds Aseem for using their goodness. Aseem breaks the garland and says he acted to be good son in law, now they have seen his true face, take Dabbu, he did not kidnap her, she came with me by her wish. Binny slaps him. Dylan comes there and looks on. She asks how dare he talk to her mum like this. He asks how dare you slap me, when Vicky knows this, it won’t be good. She asks will you tell him, and slaps him again. She says tell him I slapped you twice, you should get big punishment. She asks him not to see Dabbu and her family. Aseem says this is just beginning, I will not leave you Dylan.

Mamta says we all love you Dabbu and will not let you compromise with your happiness. She apologizes to Dylan. He says he did the right thing. Dabbu smiles seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epi…. Ohhh! Binny thanks nd hats offf to u fr slapping tat aseem…

  2. Thank you Amena for quick updates. Can’t wait to watch today’s episode.. Way go Binny you rocked girl

  3. good episode

  4. Wow such a good epi. Shit I’m missing it. Here no &tv and net too damn slow I cant watch even in online. 🙁 mummy. Anyway I’m happy after reading updates. Love u and tanq amena di 🙂 . Bunny clap clap clap for u. Aseem get laz 😡 . Happy now no1 will blame Dylan 😀 . Rocking epi.

  5. Nice ep…..
    Binny u r rock…..

  6. Most osmest epi! 🙂

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