Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with sisters asking Dabbu not to order anything. Dabbu asks them to order sweets. Binny gets some message in chocolate about losing beauty by pride and passes it to Anji. They laugh. Neha has many tantrums and scolds the waiter. Dylan controls himself and takes a breath seeing her stupid attitude. Anji says she will pay the bill. Dabbu says its my treat, I will pay. The sisters pass on. Anji asks her to give treat when she gets a job, and Dabbu is shocked. Mamta and LN look on. Chandu asks why did she say. Mamta asks Dabbu did she not get job. Dabbu gets sad and tells it was a misunderstanding. Binny says they did not tell her.

Dabbu asks Mamta not to worry, she will go office and sort tomorrow. Mamta asks her to swear and say its true. Dabbu takes her hand back.

Mamta cries and says Shastri was right, we have to wait for one more year for the stars to affect good. LN says we won’t talk about this and pays the bill saying this dinner is my treat. Neha talks about women empowerment, if she joins the job, she will fight for women. Dylan coughs and smiles. The food gets packed and bill comes. Dylan says you mean women should be equal to men. She says yes. He asks her to oay the bill. She asks is he joking. He says no, really. She says fine and takes her purse to look for money.

She says I forgot my wallet home, I lost the big opportunity, you don’t know what he did. He says I really don’t know. She says I will meet later and goes. He pays the bill and gives tip to bear her. The waiter says you have bear her more. Dabbu says she forgot her bag and goes back. Dylan and Dabbu walk to same way and walks past each other. She takes her purse and leaves. The family eats kulfis outside and Mamta is sad. They girls apologize to Dabbu. Dabbu says they called and said she did not get the job. Binny says she will tell Vicky to recommend her. Anji says then why this small Desh Darpan news channel, I will tell Anant to recommend in some big channel. Dabbu says she does not want any recommendations.

LN tries to make Mamta happy and she is still annoyed. The girls encourage Dabbu. They talk about designer clothes, and hot men. They see Dylan and find him handsome. They have a laugh commenting on him. Binny asks how does she know he is hot by seeing his back. Anji says I know he is hot and rich. Eshu says maybe he is driver. Dabbu says so what, are drivers not human. They laugh. Anji says look at him, designer suit, style, class, he is rich, I m good in guessing these things. Dabbu looks at him and he tries to check the engine and start the car. Neha says she is getting late. He says me too, but car is not working.

She asks how will I go home. He says I have an idea, you can go by taxi, rickshaw and bus. Neha says its below my standard, its Delhi and very unsafe for women. Dylan says we can spend some time walking and take care to mechanic and then I will drop you home. She says no, I was just thinking its not so late, I m ready to compromise. He says taxi and calls it her lucky day. She says bye. He says don’t worry about me. She takes her food and wine parcel and says you know I don’t believe in…. He says wastage. She says right, see you love and goes. A taxi driver asks is his car not fine. Dylan says no, its fine and drives his car.

Eshu shows LN and Mamta’s cute moment. Dabbu talks to sisters and says she will not marry before making career. Binny says marriage is not punishment, see me and Anji, we are so happy. Anji says don’t compare me with you, I m happy as I m prettiest and my husband is the best. Binny says even Vicky loves me a lot. Chandu says whats the need of husband. Life should be lived independent. They joke on Dabbu who does not like anyone and show the dog. Dabbu says so cute. Eshu says Dabbu can just love animals and Dabbu is scared of rejections so she rejects them first.

Dabbu says its not like that, I know what type of guy I like, I did not get til now. They ask her choice and Dabbu decribes honest, pure hearted and hard working. Eshu says you won’t such things in one man. A card stops and Vicky greets everyone. Chandu asks Binny did she call him. Binny says no. He greets them/ Chandu says they were waiting, and asks for kids. He says they are with their Dadi. Dabbu says I will gte kulfi for you. He says I m controlling sugar. Anji asks does he have diabetics. Binny says no, just controlling.

He says he will meet Papa ji and mummy ji. He greets them and LN asks how is he. Vicky says fine. LN asks whats news these days. Vicky tells about new models in toiletry and LN laughs. He asks to get kids. Binny says she has to go home. Anji asks her to stay with them. Binny says I have kids, you don’t. Anji gets sad and says nice. They ask Binny what did she say. Binny says sorry, I did not mean to hurt you, my kids can’t sleep without me. Binny hugs Anji and leaves. Dabb divers Anji and asks is that man rich, see there. Anji says stupid, that’s a woman. The woman turns and they laugh seeing her.

Dabbu hears Mamta worrying for her stars and Mamta asks LN to think if Dabbu does not get good proposal then…. LN is stunned seeing Dabbu hearing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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