Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mamta asking Dabbu where did she go out at night. Chandi and Eshu leave. Monu brings Binny’s phone back and keeps it. Binny takes her phone and leaves for hospital with Monu. Dabbu says actually, we came home in morning, returning from Dylan’s home. Mamta asks why, is there any problem, is Abhimanyu fine? Dabbu says yes, they all told me to say this, I told Dylan that I love him, and he also said he loves me. Mamta is shocked. Dabbu says I m sorry, I know you got annoyed. Mamta laughs and hugs her. Dabbu asks is she not upset. Mamta says I m very happy, even I confessed love to your dad and he proposed me. She says I will talk to Juliet.

Dabbu says it also happened last night, Juliet gave me these bangles yesterday. Mamta says you are marrying the man

you love and his mum is very nice, who made you her bahu before marriage. She hugs Dabbu and they smile. Binny tells Monu that doctor will give her medicine and you will get fine. Vicky comes there. Binny gets shocked seeing him. Monu says I was missing dad, so I called him. Vicky hugs Monu. He kisses her and hugs her. He says you will be fine as your dad is fine. Binny recalls how Vicky left her at Thakur home.

She asks why did he come here. Vicky says no dad will stop himself hearing an ill child, I miss you and kids. She says you cheated me and my family, you don’t have right to come here. He asks why is she wearing mangalsutra and sindoor. She says this is just show, as you always acted, this is meaningless. Monu asks them not to fight. Vicky cries and apologizes to her. Binny asks him not to do drama here and goes to meet doctor.

Dabbu comes office smiling and sees her family pic. She wishes she fixes Dylan’s pic there too. She thinks she can see him anytime in his cabin, and does not see him, maybe he did not sleep well and could not come. Dylan makes video call to her. She asks why did he come to office. He says I m not coming, I m feeling bad, I had to bring Abhimanyu to rehab centre, I have to stay with him till his counseling ends, we are here for 4 days, he is in post traumatic stress, he is depressed, we expect he can start new life. He says last night was most memorable night in my life, I wanted to meet you, but I had to bring Abhimanyu here, sorry. She says don’t be sorry, your brother needs you, I m not selfish to get angry seeing you take care of family, I m proud and happy to see you responsible towards your family. She says she misses him.

He sees Mirchandani behind her. She says we will go for real date after you come. He says yes, you have to do the work, deadline is tomorrow. She asks why, I m talking romantic and you are talking about work. He says yes, turn back and see. She asks why, I will look at you. He says see there. She turns and sees Mirchandani. He asks her to finish the work. She says yes and talks about work. Mirchandani looks on and asks her to come in her cabin, he has urgent work. She tells Dylan that she thinks he heard me talking romantic with you. He asks her to go and work. She says bye, why does my happiness is always short lived.

She goes to Mirchandani. He asks her to sit. He says Dylan trusts you a lot, when he met me, he said he wants you to become incharge in his absence, I said she is junior, but I was wrong, you proved a lot in less time, Dylan recommended you and its good Hr report, you worked under Dylan and all colleagues want you to become Editor incharge. She gets glad and thanks him. He says you will manage all the work till Dylan comes. She thinks Dylan left big responsibility on me, whatever news and situations be, she will handle it to make Dylan proud. He asks is she ready. She says yes, I will handle all new projects well and take channel ratings high, thanks. He says best of luck. She smiles happily.

Chandi shows the designs to Mandy. She asks her to have snacks. Mandy says there are good designs for my elders, what about me. Chandi says these designs were for you. Manday says will I wear light colors like oldies. Chandi says no, they are latest trends colors. Mandy says my fav colors is red, orange, bright colors which shows happiness, you look doubtful, will you be able to do this or not. Chandi says yes, I will meet with new designs in 2 days. Mandy asks her to think and live like Punjabis, then she will get ideas. Chandi thinks how to know about Punjabis.

Binny and Monu come home. Mamta asks what did doctor say. Monu hugs Mamta and cries. Binny says doctor says its flu, I got the medicines. Monu says mummy is annoyed, as I called Papa at the hospital. Mamta asks her to go and sleep. Mamta asks Binny not to be angry on Monu, she is ill. Binny says I got angry seeing Vicky, I m doing both roles for kids. Mamta says daughters love father a lot, Monu missed her dad and called him, kids are innocent, they don’t have habit to raise questions on relations. Binny says yes, I will manage. Mamta says I m proud of you, all my daughters are smart and can take care of themselves.

Eshu is at cafe and tells her friends that she does not like to bunk school and come here. The girl says Rahul invited all of us in party. Eshu says I won’t get permission for late night party. They ask her to like about group study else she will be called uncool, and laugh on her saying she is afraid. Eshu says I m not afraid, I will come. The girl says we will miss these days, lets party. Eshu is tensed.

Dylan messages Dabbu that he is missing her, Abhimanyu is getting fine. She replies she is missing him too. She tells Rajesh that they have to crack breaking news this week. Rajesh says I told my informers, if we get any news, I will tell you. She says two prime slots will be sorted, lets work on it. She thinks she will cover sensational news and Dylan will be proud of her.

Eshu is caught by late night party by police. Dabbu comes there and is shocked. She talks to inspector.

Update Credit to: Amena

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