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The Episode starts with Rajveer being shocked knowing Chandi likes him. She asks why is he not saying anything, he was also saying this right. He says yes. She asks really and hugs him. Dylan comes for dinner and asks Eshu where is Chandi. Eshu says she went in Mandy’s mehendi, so she will be late. Mamta and Dabbu come. Mamta asks Dabbu whom is he messaging. Dabbu says it does not matter, I trust him. Mamta asks Dylan did he wash hands. He goes. Mamta thinks Dabbu came in Dylan’s words soon, and thinks to find.

Mamta checks his phone and gets Mahima’s message. She messages Mahima that Dylan is missing him. Dylan comes and says I have washed hands. He sits for dinner and gets Mahima’s message, that she is also missing him. He thinks why is Mahima sending him such message

and gets a call. He goes. Mamta thinks its not affecting Dabbu. Mamta takes LN’s phone and says she is checking LN’s phone for his friend’s messages. LN asks what happened to her.

Dabbu asks how can Mamta doubt on LN. Mamta says I m thinking about old assistants, every woman has a right to check husband or BF’s messages. LN says fine, you can check. Dabbu thinks she won’t check Dylan’s phone, she trusts him. Binny tells Dabbu that she always feels Dylan is not serious about her and their family, and asks her to see how smilingly he is taking to someone.

Dylan is talking to Chandi. Chandi tells Dylan that he told Rajveer that she likes him, don’t tell this to my sisters. Dylan says don’t worry, I won’t say. Rajveer tells Mandy that he was afraid to lose Chandi, and he could not tell her. Mandy asks him to say, else this will hurt Chandi, its imp. She talks to everyone here, if anyone tells her, it will be problem. He says yes, I will tell her the truth.

Chandi says I did not think this will happen and shares her love story with her sisters. They all get glad and tease her. Chandi gets Rajveer’s message and smiles. Rajveer asks her to meet. Dabbu says he will say I love you tomorrow. Chandi says it means he wants to propose me officially, I m so excited, what will I wear. Eshu says we will see. Dabbu thinks is Dylan serious about me, and recalls Mamta and Binny’s words.

Dabbu goes to Dylan and hears him saying love you too. She asks with whom were you talking. He says mom. She says I want to check your phone. He asks is she doubting on him. She asks why is he not giving phone. He says the problem is you don’t trust me, so I won’t give the phone, you have to trust me. She goes. He thinks what happened to Dabbu.

Dabbu thinks she will find what Dylan is hiding. She goes to his room while he is sleeping, and tries taking his phone. Dylan gets up and sees her with his phone. He takes his phone and says this is limit, and they both argue. She says this is my right. He says its not, till you trust me by heart.

Rajveer thinks how to tell Chandi and waits for her in the café. Chandi comes there and greets him. She says sorry I came late. He compliments her. She says thanks, why did you call me here. He says I had to say something imp. She says I know it, you have habit to say without words, I know you well. She asks what is it. he says actually, before meeting you….. and gets stunned seeing his wife coming. Chandi says I like this about you and is about to hold his hand. His wife hugs him, and Chandi gets shocked knowing the lady is his wife Kajal. Chandi recalls the moments and cries. She says nice to meet you and turns to cry. Rajveer stops Chandi. Chandi cries and leaves.

Dylan asks Dabbu to get his office files. Dabbu says I won’t, ask that Mahima. He asks whats wrong, what did I do. Dabbu argues.

Mamta tells Bhu devi that she will make Dylan leave. Vicky scolds Binny and says I will see who stops me from taking my kids.

Update Credit to: Amena

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