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The Episode starts with Dylan seeing Aseem go away. He goes to Dabbu and she asks why is he after her. He says yes, I m following you and says he has to say something very imp, asking her to listen carefully and not react. Aseem comes and holds him, asking even he wants to know whats imp. Dylan recalls Chadda’s words and thinks if he says infront of him, Aseem will alert Chadda, he has to stay quiet now. He says alright, if you insist, and talks about the work. Aseem says is this imp, did he want to discuss this on his dinner date. He warns him that Dabbu is his to be wife, this is their personal time.

Aseem says he has surprise for Dabbu and shows the necklace. Dylan goes away and looks on. Neend ud jaaye………….plays…………. Aseem makes her wear it. Dabbu and Dylan see

each other. Dabbu thinks Dylan wanted to tell something else, else he would have not come here. Dylan thinks every second is imp to her, he could not tell her, how will this night pass, he has to tell her in morning. He leaves.

Its morning, Dylan waits for Dabbu in his cabin and says why did she not come till now, I need to talk to her. Aseem comes with Dabbu and she thanks him for the lift. He says get habitual, we will come together from home in few days. Dylan comes to her and says you are late, come to my cabin right now. Aseem asks why is he misbehaving being rude. Dylan says I know whom I m talking, who are you, and asks him not to interfere, she I my employee in office, I can talk to her anyway. He says Aseem’s lines back to him. Aseem recalls his words. Dabbu goes with Dylan and Aseem fumes.

She says she has done the report. Dylan says I don’t want to talk about report, sorry to be rude outside, I have to say something else, but not infront of Aseem. She asks why. He says he worries for her. She asks why is he worried for her suddenly. She cries and says you ignored me, scolded me and said you have no interest in my personal life, you came my home and met my family, why all this. She says she feels he has split personality. He stops her from saying, and keeps his finger on her lips. Jaan meri jaaye…………….plays…………..

He says listen to me and understand, Aseem has trapped her in his plan. He says he is with Chadda, he is marrying you to convince your dad to sell your house, I have seen them in club and heard them, Chadda has attacked you in Shimla, Aseem knows it, I called you, I spoke to Eshu and she said you forgot your phone, she said you are in café and I went there to meet you, Aseem is a bad man, he wants to marry you for his benefit, he does not love you, trust me, I know him very well, refuse him for marriage. He says he knows about Aseem and did not tell her before. She says you forgot your mistakes saying about him.

He says I told you what I heard. She says you are with Chadda. He says what nonsense. She says she does not want to discuss, stop it, you are behaving strange hearing about my engagement, is my life a scene. She says she does not like his interference and don’t tell this that you have concern for me. She asks does he love her, why is he doing this. He asks what the hell is wrong with you, he does not have any place for her in his heart. He says he just worries for her, he would have saved anyone falling into pit, she is falling in pit by marrying Aseem, he is saving her.

Dabbu starts crying and thanks him for being so great. Ye mann karta hai……………..plays………. She taunts him and says you may have felt I need help, you are mistaken, I don’t need your help, I m marrying someone whom I totally trust, he is my true friend, when I needed him the most, when known people cheated her whom she trusted. She says its best decision to marry Aseem, she is happy and asks him not to spoil things. He asks do you really love Aseem. She says she does not feel to answer him. He says fine, but ask yourself and answer it. She leaves.

Aseem sees Dabbu. Dylan angrily breaks things. Dabbu goes to Aseem and says she was thinking to do court marriage in 6 days along with engagement. He gets stunned and happy.

Dylan talks to Mirchandani and resigns from the post. He sees Dabbu and gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love the way Dylan answered to that aseem. Hmm but debjani I know ur ?. Don’t trust that aseem. Trust Dylan. Hope Dylan will confess his love to dabbu soon. ? . Good epi.

  2. Dylan denied very rudely to Daboo! Wen she asked whether he loves her!?
    Though he loved! He cudnt make it out! :'(

  3. Offoooo wer is update ?. I missed the epi. Update fast amena

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