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The Episode starts with Dylan being on the way and talking to someone. He says I m coming there, hope it gets set. He gets Dabbu’s call. She says actually I called to ask is everything fine. He says I had imp work, Mirchandani was calling me for meeting, my phone will be unavailable, so don’t worry. She asks shall I come along, I also prepared about the news. He says not needed, you might be tired. She says even I m busy and ends call. He says I m lying to you but what to do, I have no other choice. LN and Binny come home. Binny says her day was good. Mamta calls the girls to come. She gives water to Binny and LN. The girls come and ask Binny about her first day. Sonu and Monu come and hug Binnu.

Mamta says Binny has called 25 times to know about kids. LN says Binny organized

so well and praises her. They all praise Binny and laugh. Dylan meets a lady at the bar, and holds her hand. They drink wine. Chandi gives coffee to Dabbu. Dabbu asks about Eshu. Chandi says Eshu studied and slept. Chandi sees the bracelet and likes it. She asks when did she buy this, its dog pendant is so cute, from where did she buy. Dabbu says I did not. Chandi asks did Dylan gave her, he did not say I love you and started gifting expensive jewelry.

Dabbu says Dylan is showing love by gifts, but I feel we are getting away from each other, we used to fight and still were connected. She says there is some emptiness between us. Chandi asks her to be positive, where is her optimistic sister, and maybe Dylan is troubled by his mum’s health, he is a nice guy, don’t overthink. Dabbu says maybe you are right. Chandi says I m always right and they smile.

Its morning, Chandi, Binny and Eshu talk about Dabbu’s birthday. They discuss some ideas. Chandi says we can make Dabbu happy. Eshu asks how. Chandi says I was thinking to make a plan with Dylan. They like the idea. Chandi says I will call Dylan and puts the call on speaker. Dylan asks how did she call him. Chandi says I want to give some tips. He asks what. She gives tips on clothes and costemics, which are friendly to animals. He says I don’t understand. Chandi says I was helping you to shop for Dabbu, see you at 12 tonight, as Dabbu likes to celebrate birthday with loved ones, what meeting will he have at 12. Dylan says fine, I will come.

She says don’t tell this to Dabbu, she will be happy seeing you here. Binny says this time Dabbu’s birthday will be best. Dylan thinks what to do, he has to go there at 12. Dabbu waits for Dylan and Sheetal shows her about international jewelry exhibition. Sheetal says Mirchandani is not in city. Dabbu recalls Dylan’s words and thinks is Dylan hiding anything, he lied again. Sheetal asks her to come along. Dylan comes and looks on. Dabbu says I m not interested in diamonds and gold. Sheetal asks how is she. Dylan says unique, who is not interested in these things.

Sheetal shows some catalogue. Dabbu likes a design and takes her words back. Dylan takes the magazine and calls Dabbu in his cabin. He orders the necklace and says he wants this till tonight. Dabbu hears him and jumps happily. She thinks Dylan will gift it to her on her birthday. She thinks I m so stupid to doubt on her, when he always thinks about me.

Its night, Dabbu comes home and greets sisters. She sees everyone reacting normal and sees time, and thinks no one remembers my birthday. She tries reminding them and they smile. Dabbu thinks Chandi remembers. Chandi shows ad of hair conditioner. Dabbu pulls Eshu’s cheek. She asks them why are they not excited for birthdays. Chandi says Eshu’s birthday has 15 days. Dabbu asks really, you prepared for it. Eshu says yes, I started making list. Dabbu asks what about my birthday, its in 5 mins, everyone forgot my birthday.

LN and Mamta come. They ask the girls to sleep now. Dabbu asks did they do anything. They all laugh. Door bell rings. LN says can this happen that we forget it. Mamta says I told you yesterday about it. Binny says we all remember. Chandi says we want you to take birthday wishes by someone else and send her to open the door. Dabbu goes and says Sir I knew you will…..

She sees a delivery guy, and he gives her a parcel from Dylan’s side. Dabbu gets sad. Eshu asks did Dylan not come. LN says maybe he is feeling awkward to come at 12. Chandi says but we….. Binny asks Dabbu to open the gift. Mamta asks Dabbu to have patience, and LN is right. Dabbu thinks of the necklace Dylan ordered, and opens the gift. She sees it’s a DVD player. Eshu says wow and says his features. Dabbu thinks Dylan ordered necklace, for whom did he order that necklace. Dylan makes the lady wear the necklace and she smiles seeing him.

Dylan tells Dabbu that its dangerous sting operation, if you are going, I will be with you. He gets a call and says there is nothing imp to me, I m coming to meet you. He tells Rajesh that he has imp work tonight, and he won’t be able to go with Dabbu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. who is this lady mad??

  3. Oh god wats wrong with this serial ha. Poor dabbu Dylan ne wish bhi nai kiya dabbu budday me. 🙁 so sad. Whos this mistery girl. Wats her relation with Dylan ha . I don’t liker her ?

  4. prachi shukla

    this episode is very bad and dylen please spend time with dabbu not with that mysterious lady

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