Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan saving his laptop form water and seeing Dabbu. He asks how does she do this, please leave. She says Sir. He says leave, else I will have to cover up your mistake. Dabbu opens the door and its stuck. She pushes it. Dylan looks on. He says listen, and asks her is she like this or joking, and asks her to pull it and not push. She pulls the door and leaves. Mamta asks Chandi not to work on laptop and scolds her. Chandi gets upset. She asks what happened. Chandi says I did not get reply from any fashion house, Pappi Lee ended my career. Mamta says don’t worry.

Phool Devi says its too much now. Mamta asks what. Phool says I m hurt by everyone’s words, they are saying about Chandi, how many mouths will we shut, they all know about broken alliance with Veer.

Dabbu looks on at a man giving instructions to everyone and tells him that she joined today. He says everyone will be on tele screen, but read screen once. Dabbu gets ready. Dylan says no need of script. He says she will not read. Dabbu stops him and falls by the wires. He smiles.

He says you fall so much. She asks why is he doing this, why can’t she read news. He says I m not confident about you, you don’t have talent, confidence and experience, I can’t take risk. She says you will know it when you see me reading news. He says exactly, we will take demo, if you pass in it, then you can go ahead, but you will have two more aspiring anchors for trial, the best will win.

She says you are doing this for personal reasons. He says you are still in morning thing, I forgot it, when it comes to work, I m very serious and don’t think anything else. He says its not so simple, you have to work well. She says I will give the test. He says his car’s repair bill is 40000rs, how will she pay. She says how will I pay. He says I don’t know, how will you pay, cheque or cash, think well, take your own time. He leaves. She says why did I get such boss.

Phool says if Chandi loses name, we will also lose name. Mamta says don’t say this. Chandi says its better not to marry than marrying Veer. Phool tells Mamta that her daughters convince her always. Mamta says they love me and I trust them. Phool asks for tea and says its good Chandi refused it and Dabbu will not get anyone. Dylan says our 6pm slot will rate more than their prime slot, just wait and watch. Aseem comes and talks to him.

Dylan says he does not remember anything about him, he believes in forgetting thing. Aseem says I did not come to discuss old things. Dylan says I m head of programming. Aseem says he is not going right with Debjani. Dylan says how do you feel you are my old friend and can discuss anything. Aseem says no need to take her test again, she cleared audition. Dylan asks her experience. Aseem says she needs a chance to make experience, he is doing mistake by stopping her.

Dylan says mistake, don’t talk about it, it will be better, be careful that you don’t make mistake, and about your old mistake, you have to pay for it. Aseem says so be it, this fight will not be one sided. He leaves. Dylan says they both are same, losers.

Dabbu rehearses in office and everyone gets disturbed. She gets Binny’s call and says she is lucky, and people think housewives don’t work. She says she is bathroom and have peace to talk here. Dabbu thanks her for the idea and says yes washroom. She goes to washroom and rehearses. Dylan comes out and thinks he came after her. She asks what is he coming here. He says for what people come here, what are you doing here. She says he has dirt in his mind, she is in ladies washroom, she can file s*xual harassment case on him. He says what. She says yes and scolds him, calling her shameless.

He says shut up and sees the men standing there. He holds her hand and drags her outside. He shows her men’s sign and asks do you understand what this sign means, its gents washroom. He asks everyone to leave and work. He says she is unique piece, shall I put s*xual harassment case on you, don’t worry, I m not like this, before you say anything, think well. He leaves. She says oh god, what did I do. She says she will impress Dylan the boss and will read the prime slot news. She is called for trial and says I m ready. The trial goes on. Dabbu thinks Dylan will say Debjani is the best. Dylan stops Dabbu from the trial. He says he has selected Monica and she is shocked.

Aseem tells Dabbu that he can’t use his position in wrong way, so I hate Dylan. He holds her hand. Dylan thinks so Aseem got this girl in office, to romance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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