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The Episode starts with Mamta showing Bhu Devi that Mahima will be at coffee land today. Mamta thinks its good time to take Dabbu and Dylan there. Dabbu asks Dylan what did he say Chandi that she got glad. Dylan says I m very charming. I don’t need to say anything to anyone, girls get lost in thoughts meeting me. Dabbu says oh, by just meeting. Dylan says sometimes I have to flirt. Dabbu says I know my sisters, if you flirt with them, they will beat you, I will not leave you if you flirt with anyone else. He smiles and says its sounding so cute. She asks him to be ready in afternoon, they have to go out with mum.

Chandi thinks about Rajveer and smiles. Mann mast magan……………plays………….. Rajveer recalls Chandi and smiles. Mamta brings Dabbu and Dylan to coffee

shop and wishes they get Mahima here. Dabbu says mum always have tea, not coffee, then why did she get them here. Mamta says I wanted to get Dylan, as he was getting bored at home.

Mamta looks for Mahima. Dylan asks which coffee will she have. Mamta says that one, coffee latte. Dabbu asks for blueberry muffins. Mamta thinks Mahima is not seen here, maybe my plan will also flop. Mahima comes there and Mamta smiles seeing her. Mahima asks for her purse. Dylan says I think this is your purse. Mahima and Dylan get surprised seeing each other and hug. Dabbu looks on. Mamta asks Dabbu is she office colleague. Dylan sees Dabbu and asks Mahima to come, he will make her meet someone.

He says this is Mahima, and she is…. Mahima says let me guess, your GF. Dabbu says I m Debjani. Mahima says you are lucky, Dylan is a perfect gentleman, he knows how to pamper girls. She asks Dabbu to take her number, she can give tips on how to handle Dylan. Mamta says yes, take the number, I m Mamta, Dabbu’s mum., Mahima says very nice meeting you, and hugs Dylan. She says she will go. Mamta asks for her number. Dabbu says mum is joking, Mahima asks Dabbu to take her number from Dylan. Dylan says yes I have. Mahima leaves. Mamta thinks now their live in relationship will end. Dabbu goes. Mamta tells Dylan that Dabbu went, she did not take leave from office to see all this.

Binny and Malik come to school. The teacher tells them that their kids have broken the solar system model, and asks them to make the project. Binny and Malik argue. Mamta and Dylan are on the way. Dylan tells Mamta that he did not meet Mahima since a year, he has changed now after meeting Dabbu. Mamta asks him to tell this to Dabbu, she understands, Dabbu is short tempered, Mahima is just your friend and hugged you. Dylan says my old habits have gone. Mamta says who will explain this to Dabbu, I was not serious with Mahima, I love Dabbu, I m serious about her. Mamta says but you did not get engaged to Dabbu.

Chandi shows the dupatta to Mandy. Mandy likes the dupatta and says I did not think you can wear Indian dress, you look pretty. She asks why is she happy today. Chandi recalls Dylan’s words to confess love to Rajveer. Binny and Malik argue over the project and kids. She defends her son and he gets angry. Binny gets shocked seeing the goon staring at her. Malik asks what happened. Binny says that man who follows me, he is there. Malik turns and asks the man to stop. The man runs. Malik runs to catch the man. The man hides and calls Vicky. He says Malik is following me. Vicky scolds him and says run from there, don’t get caught. The man says I m doing my work well, don’t worry. Vicky asks him to end call and just run. Malik looks on and slaps the man. He asks with whom was he talking, who is this Vicky. Binny comes and says Vicky is my husband. The man runs.

Rajveer asks Mandy to come soon to meet the groom’s family. Mandy asks him to promise that he will tell the truth to Chandi, Chandi is so happy, tell her about your past before she tells you anything. Rajveer promises her. Mandy hugs him. Malik asks Binny about Vicky. Binny cries and says Vicky has sent the men to scare me and kids. Malik asks her not to worry, he told her that custody case gets ugly, I will manage this. The teacher asks did they make model. Malik says yes, its almost ready.

Dylan goes to Dabbu’s room and knocks the door. Mamta and Bhu Devi hide and look on. Eshu gets the key and opens the door. She says no need to say thanks and goes. Dylan sees Dabbu upset. He keeps the muffins. Dabbu asks what was that, I felt you changed. He asks are you mad, its not like you are thinking, I got Mahima to meet you, I wanted her to know I got a sweet cute girl Debjani in my life. Mamta and Bhu Devi hear them. Dylan says trust me Dabbu. Dabbu says I trust you, I don’t like you to stay in touch with your ex GF. He says fine, and deletes Mahima’s number. Dabbu smiles.

Bhu Devi asks Mamta not to get fooled by Dylan, he is clever and that’s why he has many GF by his charming talk. Mamta worries. Its night, Chandi waits to meet Rajveer. She gets Dylan’s message asking did anything happen. She says what to reply him. Rajveer comes and says sorry, I was busy. She smiles. He asks did she have food. She says no, I was waiting for you. He says I m glad, I want to talk to you. He thinks he will lose her smile after this. She says I know what you want to say, and my answer is yes. She makes him have sweets and says I like you too. Rajveer gets stunned.

Rajveer’s wife hugs him and tells Chandi that she is Kajal Oberio, did Raj not tell you about his wife. Chandi is shocked. Binny asks Dabbu to see Dylan, he is not serious about you and our family, don’t know with whom is he talking with a smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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