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The Episode starts with Dylan going to talk to Dabbu, thinking she might be annoyed. He asks her to come to his cabin, he needs to talk. She goes after him. He says I m very sorry, I know I did wrong, I should have called you, I can’t explain the situation. Dabbu recalls Mamta’s words. Dylan says I know you are annoyed. She says I m not. He asks what. She says she was annoyed and angry, and she has switched off her phone, then she realized maybe there was some emergency. He says let me say sorry. She says no need to say sorry, when I reached home and tried to sleep, I realized you were not there, but all arrangements were perfect to make it a memorable night, thanks. He says it would have become more special if I came there, sorry. She says its okay.

He goes to hug her and sees

staff. He moves away and wishes they were not on office, then he would have hugged her and told her whatr she means to him, as she understands him without asking anything. Neend ud jaaye……..plays……… She asks him to get back to work. LN tells Mamta that day is hectic and I will try to come soon. Binny comes there with LN’s bag, and wearing lawyer’s dress. Binny asks did they forget her this look, as she used to go for her internship.

She says dad said he needs a judicial secretary, why can’t I do this, I have LLB degree since 6 years. Mamta asks her not to work. Binny says I should work for my kids, I have much time at home. I can go court with dad, its all sorted, I topped in LLB, dad wanted me to do LLM, its not too late, I can still do. LN says yes, even I would not get such qualified secretary. Mamta tells her that she will manage Sonu Monu. LN leaves with Binny.

The manager of the hotel call Dylan and asks why did he not come. Dylan says I m fine, I will send the bill payment. The manager says Madam did not eat anything, she said she will order when you come, she was sitting till 12. Dylan sees Dabbu and thinks Dabbu trusts me so much, what am I doing, I should explain her, I got her by fate. Mamta asks Eshu to note the menu. Chandi says why don’t we order Thai food. Mamta asks Eshu to manage. Chandi laughs. Mamta asks them to come in kitchen, she will do their training, my Binny would have not let me worry.

Dylan and Dabbu are on the way. Dylan gives her a gift, which he wanted to gift her yesterday. She asks is this for me. He jokes and says yes, I could not come yesterday. He gifts her a bracelet and apologizes. He says I was all ready to come, mum was also excited and selecting my clothes, then she slipped on her back. She asks what, is aunty fine. He says yes, I had to call doctor, I was tensed. She says so sorry, if you called me, I would have helped you. He says I was panicking, she is much better now. She says this chewing gum is so bad. He smiles.

She gets a paper and thinks why is Dylan lying, and see the toll ticket. She asks did he take his mum outside. Dylan says no, we called doctor at home, I was tensed seeing mum. She thinks why will Dylan lie, I m overthinking, and thinks to ask and clear doubt. He drops her at home and asks what is she thinking. She says actually. He gets a call and says I have to go, its urgent work. She gets down the car. He looks at her in the mirror. She thinks what happened to Dylan, why did he lie, why did he get worried. Dylan says I m sorry Dabbu, I have to hide truth I m helpless, this truth will make you away from me, all this is because of that woman. A lady is shown wearing short mini.

Dabbu comes home and thinks she is feeling weird that Dylan is hiding something. She sees Chandi and Eshu fighting for a dress. Phool laughs on them. The kids play and a glass fall. Phool says its good sign, see some good news will come. Mamta asks Dabbu when did she come. Phool asks why is she standing tensed. Dabbu picks the glass pieces. Phool says Binny has left the kids. Mamta sends Phool and asks the kids to sit. Dabbu’s hand gets hurt by the glass. Dabbu says my day was bad. She says Dylan is behaving weird and tells everything. Mamta says maybe his mum is really hurt, maybe driver took car. Chandi and Mamta ask Dabbu not to doubt and explains her. She asks her to hae patience and trust, and Dabbu’s birthday is coming. Dabbu smiles. Mamta says she is making halwa. Chandi and Eshu run to kitchen. Dabbu thinks mum is right, how can I doubt Dylan, have faith on him.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Uff really getting boring. Wats that secret and wat r u hiding Dylan .

  2. ya Dylan what r u hiding??
    and this phool mad annoying…..

  3. Oh.. Thanks a lot amena….

  4. dylan u r so cute.and ur beutyful wife sanjida seikh is also very sweet.

  5. dappu pls change ur style.but tis episode was good.

  6. prachi shukla

    nice episode but dabbu stop doubting so much dylen is very good man

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