Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan scolding Dabbu and leaving. She gets angry and says it was his mistake. She says he ruined my car and sees it damaged. She says relax, dad will not know this and gets a call. LN calls her. She says is he nearby and takes the call. LN asks is everything fine. She says there is no problem, where is he. He says I m at home and makes her hear Eshu. Dabbu says fine, I have to rush for office and ends call. She tries to start the car and it does not. She gets Aseem’s call and he asks her to come soon to office. She says her car is not starting. He says don’t worry, I will come and pick up. She says thanks.

Aseem and Dabbu give the car to repair. The mechanic says the care will be fine. Aseem pays the bill and asks him to drop the car at her home. Dabbu

says no, dad should not know. Aseem asks him, to say he is company’s driver. He asks how did this happen. She says because of Dylan, I don’t want to see his face and thanks him for saving her and the car.

He says no more thank you, its first day of your new boss, I think you should reach before him, we should hurry. He says no one knows who is it, lets hope he is not bad like old boss. Its Dylan and he comes to their office and goes to his cabin. Aseem and Dabbu reach office. Aseem introduces Dabbu to Sheetal, their HR manager. He asks did her new boss come. Sheetal says yes, come, I will make you meet. Dabbu thinks she got late, don’t know what will he think. Dylan and Dabbu are shocked seeing each other.

Dabbu asks what is he doing here. Sheetal says he is our new head of department. Dylan smiles and Dabbu gets tensed. Dylan welcomes her. She shakes hands with him. He says so more bad happened with you, this is just beginning, see what happens next with you. He asks everyone to sit, and says he met a Gyani baba today who gave him a solid Gyaan. He asks Dabbu to sit, maybe she can learn anything.

He says he does not remember and recalls her words, that sometimes its things are in his favor and then her favor. He asks her to sit and she falls down. He smiles. She then sits and smiles. He asks what happened, I think things are not in your favor. He asks will she add anything in this thought, any special tips. She says nothing special, we should keep our personal and professional lives different. Aseem comes there and is shocked seeing Dylan. Sheetal asks Dylan to meet Aseem Sahani, head of marketing.

Dylan goes to Aseem and welcomes him. Aseem looks at him and shakes hands holding anger in his eyes. Dylan says I think you did not get happy meeting me. Aseem says no, I mean I m a bit surprised. Dylan says nice meeting you. He says its important meeting now and we need some vacant chair. Dabbu leaves. Aseem gets angry and looks at Dylan. Aseem goes with Dabbu.

LN gets angry seeing his car having dent and scolds the mechanic. He says I did not do anything, I repaired it, your daughter hit it, I came to give keys and leaves saying sorry. LN recalls Eshu’s words and says Dabbu. Dabbu keeps her NGO animal’s pics and some flowers to make her desk colorful. LN calls Dabbu and tries to know did she hit car. She says I m sorry, I was going to tell you. He says I love car, but not more than you, did you get hurt. She says no. He says she handled well, by sending car by mechanic, I m impressed. He wishes her all the best.

Mamta talks to Dabbu and asks her to work well, she will succeed. Dabbu says fine. The peon says Dylan called her in his cabin. She says she has work and ends call. She says why did Dylan call her and says Moti’s life is better. She goes to Dylan. He asks her to sit. She recalls how she fell and he says sit. She says I m fine. He says I know, you will be better, sit. She says fine and sits. He says about professionalism and asks in which channel did you work before joining here, at what level and post. He signs and asks shall I learn sign language to interact with you. Dabbu says actually this is my first job.

He says how is this possible, this post requires experience. She says Aseem Sahani. He says you this is your credentials, to use contacts to fullest. She says no, I gave audition, and moves her hand saying she has degree in news and current affairs. The water glass falls on the table where he kept his laptop. He takes his laptop and looks at her.

Dabbu says you will know my talent when you see me reading news. He says fine. She says she show him her talent and rehearses in bathroom. Dylan comes out and she scolds him for being in ladies washroom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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