Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mamta being rude to Dylan. He coughs and she gets worried for him. They bond and he gets glad. LN tells Binny that Malik is a good lawyer, he was just explaining you what all you can face in court. Its night, Dabbu comes to talk to Binny. Binny is worried as custody case will spoil her name. Dabbu says we are with you, don’t think much, take rest, I will come later. Binny stops her and says I m so bad, you are supporting me in my decision and I did not support you, I m worried for you. Dabbu says it means you will help me first if I fall in problem. Binny says I never wish so and hugs her.

Chandi and Eshu says they will play carom. LN sees Dylan and signs Dabbu. He says its great time. Dabbu stops Mamta and asks her to play with them. Mamta says no,

I have to sleep. They all insist. Dylan asks Mamta to teach him playing carom. Bhu Devi comes with the lie detector machine. Chandi asks whats this. Bhu Devi says this is lie detector. She says green means true and red means lie. Chandi says we will start with you and know the secrets.

They all smile. Bhu Devi asks Mamta to sit. Chandi asks Bhu Devi was she listening to them. Bhu Devi says no. Eshu says this machine is wrong, it showed green. Bhu Devi asks Mamta to come. Mamta says no. LN says its just a game. Mamta wears the cable set and Dabbu asks do you dislike Dylan. Mamta says I won’t give answer. LN asks her. Mamta says I don’t dislike him. Chandi says now machine will say false. The green sign comes and they all look at Mamta. Bhu Devi says Dylan, now you wear this machine. Dylan says no, I m fine.

Chandi says leave it, this machine is just box. Bhu Devi says truth is bitter and lie is spicy, I will ask Dylan one question, whose answer everyone knows. Dylan sits and wears the cables set. Dylan says Bhu Devi has become futuristic. Bhu Devi asks him does he truly love Dabbu. Dylan smiles seeing Dabbu and says yes, I do. The machine shows red. They all get shocked.

Dabbu asks is he serious about her. Dylan says yes, I m very serious. It again shows red, and they get worried. Dylan is shocked and asks what the hell is this. Bhu Devi thinks the answer will be this and smiles. She asks Dylan what did he do, he has broken Dabbu’s heart, you don’t truly love Dabbu. Chandu says you are hurting Dabbu, this machine is not true, we know Dylan loves Dabbu. Eshu says yes, and asks Dabbu not to think of this. Dabbu leaves. Dylan says Debjani and goes after her.

Bhu Devi keeps the machine there and thinks she has hit at right angle, now Dylan and Dabbu will fight, Dabbu will break his relation. Dabbu gets sad. Dylan comes there and knocks the door. He says that lie detector is fake, I really love you, I swear, I did not love anyone till now, tell me what to do to assure I love you, if you say I will jump from this window… Dabbu asks what is he doing, his one leg is already broken. She laughs and says I m not annoyed, I know you really love me, I made excuse to make you convince me, and we get some private time. He says your name is Dabbu, but you are very smart, and hugs her.

Bhu Devi asks Mamta to see they will fight now. They try to look inside the room. Dabbu says spending time like this looks so good, sometimes I feel my life got completed by you. He says I also feel the same. They laugh. He hugs her. Mamta and Bhu Devi see them hugging and get shocked. Bhu Devi says I think out plan failed, don’t worry, I will think something again. Mamta says I will make some plan now.

Its morning, Eshu and Chandi ask about Dabbu. Dabbu comes and hurries to take food for Dylan. Mamta says she has kept tray for him in kitchen and sends Chandi to give him food. She asks Dabbu to sit and have breakfast. Dabbu thinks she wanted to sit with Dylan for some time, as she will be without him in office. Chandi greets Dylan. Dylan does workout and says he has habit to workout. Chandi asks him to have breakfast. He says I will get fat eating this. Chandi laughs and says Rajveer eats many parathas, still he is fit, and talks what he says. Dylan asks her to say more what Rajveer says.

Chandi tells a lot and smiles. She says Rajveer is right in many things, he says we should find happiness in small bits. Dylan asks do you love Raj. She says a lot, he is such that…. And stops…. She says I did not mean this. Dylan says love means just love, you are talking just about Rajveer. Chandi says he is just my friend. Dylan says true love happens once, if you feel he is more than friend, tell him your feelings, or maybe he hides his feelings thinking you regard him just a friend, do you love him. Chandi smiles and says l love Raj…

Dabbu thinks about Dylan. Mamta asks her to have food. Dabbu says I have some urgent work and runs upstairs. Eshu says she is seeing friendsbook, we know whats happening in everyone’s lives. Mamta says yes and thinks she can know about Dylan’s life, maybe she will get some way to make him away from Dabbu. Dabbu sees Chandi smiling and asks what happened. Chandi leaves without answering. Mamta and Bhu Devi see Dylan’s fb page and get shocked seeing many girl’s pics. Mamta thinks she will use Dylan’s ex GF Mahima to separate Dylan and Dabbu.

Dylan asks is this your purse. Mahima comes and says I think I forgot my purse. Dylan gives her the purse and gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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