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The Episode starts with Dylan’s mum seeing her friend and talking to her. Aseem and Dabbu go inside the shop and she does not show interest. She likes a simple ring and Aseem says as you wish. Dabbu asks him to choose a ring, as mum and dad want him to choose it himself. Aseem says its very confusing and checks more rings. Dabbu sees the aquarium and says I will just come. She goes to the aquarium. She says the fishes are so lucky, they don’t cheat each other. Dylan comes there and goes to collect his mum’s pearl necklace.

Dylan sees the girl across the aquarium and recalls the old similar moment. Neend ud jaaye…………plays………….. Dabbu sees someone on the other side. They are on either side and he tries to see her. He feels this was the girl at the restaurant that

day, today I will know who is she and goes to the other side. He gets stunned seeing its Dabbu. He says it means it was Debjani in restaurant that night, I felt the same that time too. Dylan’s mum comes and asks what is he doing here. Dabbu sees them and greets his mum. She talks to his mum.

She says she has come here for…. Aseem comes and greets her, saying she is with me. She says we are getting engaged, so we came to buy the ring, I m Aseem, Dylan and I are colleagues, Dylan would have told you. She says congrats. Aseem asks Dylan to say how is this ring. His mum says ring should be of Dabbu’s choice. Aseem says right and holds her, saying Dabbu is so nice, that everything will look good on her. Dylan’s mum smiles and says she is diamond herself, she does not need to wear diamonds, you are a lucky boy, take care of her. Aseem says I m very lucky. Dylan says we are getting late mom and takes her. Aseem says shall we leave.

Mamta manages the finance and notes. Chandi comes and asks for Rs 20000 as she is making an exclusive designer dress. Mamta gives her the money and asks her to save some. Anji asks Eshu to get chilled cold drink for her. Anji makes 2 lakhs cheque and gives to Mamta. Mamta siles and says she was just seeing accounts, she will not take money from her. Anji asks would she take money if she was a son. Mamta says fine, I will take it as a loan. Anji says you can return it anytime, happy now. Eshu brings the cold drink and asks Mamta not to cry, its Chandi’s marriage left him. Anji jokes on her and they laugh.

Aseme gets Chadda’s call and Chadda scolds him. He asks him to meet him in evening, and get Vicky along. Aseem says fine. Dabbu asks is everything fine, maybe she can help him. Aseem gets irritated and scolds her. She gets stunned. He thinks what is he doing, he is upset with Chadda’s call and got angry on her, he has to manage it soon. Dabbu sits in the car and the ring box falls. Aseem sees her upset and apologizes for being angry, he has work stress. She says its okay, I understand. He thanks her and asks her to keep smiling. They leave. Dylan and his mum come out. She asks him to bring the car, she will get receipt.

Dylan gets Dabbu’s ring and calls her out, while the car leaves. He calls her and she does not see the call. Mamta asks Dabbu to find the ring. Dabbu says she called the jewelry shop, ring is not there. Anji asks her to ask Aseem. Dabbu says she asked him, he has checked in car. Mamta scolds Dabbu. LN asks Mamta not to scold her, will ring come walking home if she scolds Dabbu. He asks Dabbu not to worry, he has lost many rings till now, its fine. The door bell rings and Dabbu goes to see. She opens the door and sees Dylan.

Dylan hears Chadda talking to Vicky and Aseem and saying they are tricking Dabbu. Dylan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It is not even 5% in novel

  2. Thank god I dint read the novel! 😛

  3. In novel debjani character is so strong
    But here she is emotional fool like

  4. In novel chandi also she eloped on her marriage day with some foreigner so judge family will never talk about her anything.
    Throughout the novel there is no chandi character

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