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The Episode starts with Dylan bringing that person out and taking him in his car. His mum and lawyer sit along. They leave from the place. His mum asks will this be right. He says yes, we have to go there now. The lawyer says yes, it will be safe. Dabbu throws the cake in bin being angry on the so called date. She calls for a cab and books the can for her home. She says Dylan should have dropped me, how could he do this to me, if there was any emergency, he could have called me, he made fun of me, I hate myself and removes the earrings.

Dylan comes home and is angry. He talks to his mum and says he is behaving like this, as its not easy to do, its all wrong what happened, it was risky. He says we have to forget this, we can’t ruin present for the past, you see your overprotective

will ruin everything one day. She cries and says I felt you will understand me, but I thought wrong. She goes. Dylan sees the clothes set on his bed, and realizes about Dabbu waiting for him. He says Debjani, how did I forget her, she might be worried. He says her missed calls and calls her.

She gets Dylan’s calls and does not answer it being angry. He calls her again, and she rejects again. He says I m so sorry Dabbu, I know we were going to meet tonight, I made this plan to end the confusion between us, and I did not reach there. He says I know what she is going through sitting there alone, my life took a strange turn, it all became complicated. He says don’t know will I be able to explain this to you or not.

It starts raining and Dabbu walks on the road. Few goons pass by in the car and stop there, and start teasing her. She scolds them and asks what do they get doing this, if their mum or sister walk alone and anyone misbehaves, what will they do. She asks them to respect women and scolds them. The cab comes and she goes. She cries on the way.

She gets Dylan’ call and switches the phone off. The sisters talk about Dabbu and Dylan’s date. Mamta asks them to go and sleep. Mamta goes to open the door. She sees Dabbu drenched in rain and looking very upset. She asks what happened. She asks Chandi to get coffee and sends Eshu to get towel. Mamta asks Dabbu to say. Dabbu cries and hugs her. Dabbu says Dylan did not come there. She says she was sitting alone there and was feeling so bad. Eshu says how can he do this. Mamta says calm down. Dabbu says I will never talk to Dylan. Mamta says its small thing.

Mamta says there may be some reason for this, true love is that whose foundation is strong with trust, else love shakes up. She says you always said Dylan is always on time, there will be some reason. She says maybe there was some emergency. Dabbu says he called me and I did not take the call. Mamta asks her to talk to him, she should have patience. Dabbu hugs her. Its morning, Anji and Anant come to meet Mamta and LN. Anji asks about her sister brigade. Mamta says they are sleeping. Anji says but they knew I m going today. They joke with Anji.

Anji looks at her home and the sisters surprise her. Dabbu gifts a soft toy. Anji says this was your first stuffed toy. Everyone give their special gifts to Anji. Anji hugs them. Anant says I have to tell her jokes in flight. Dabbu asks him to get Anji back soon. They all hug Anji. Anji asks LN to meet Oberoi, he is good friend and imp client of Anant, and asks Chandi to meet. LN says we will treat him well.

Anji tells Dabbu that she knows what happened yesterday, Dylan is good man, just call him and sort it out. Anji leaves. Dabbu comes to office. Dylan sees her at the desk working, and thinks she will be annoyed, don’t know. He greets her and she looks at him.

Dylan and Dabbu are together. He gets lawyer’s call and leaves her midway, saying he has urgent work and has to go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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