Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Phool Devi filling Mamta’s ears against Chandi. Eshu says but she told on phone that she did not see any good qualities in Veer, let her come home and then ask her. Mamta gets annoyed. LN says call Chandi and ask where is she. Binny comes home and asks what did Chandi do, how did she refuse Veer. Chandi comes home angrily. Mamta asks whats Eshu saying. LN and everyone sit with her and try to talk. Mamta asks her to say what happened, whats problem in Veer. Chandi says don’t take his name. Binny asks what did h do. Chandi says she don’t want to talk.

LN says fine and where is Dabbu. Chandi says she is talking to Aseem. Chandi says he came to drop us. Binny thinks Aseem with Dabbu. Dabbu thanks Aseem. He says you thanked me 16 times, even you would have

done this being in my place. She says right, how do you know him. He says long story. She asks him to say. He says he will tell later. She says fine, come and have tea. He says thanks, we will meet in office, I want to introduce you to everyone, good night. He leaves.

Mamta and everyone smile seeing Dabbu. Dabbu gets puzzled and asks what are they doing. Mamta says nothing. They see Aseem leaving. Eshu thinks where did Dabbu get Aseem. Mamta thinks he is nice guy, he took care of Dabbu. Phool Devi thinks he is Binny’s Devar. Binny wishes Mamta does not fix them. Mamta imagines Aseem for Dabbu.

Chandi says Veer is drunkard, and so egoistic, he says dad earned black money and disrespects women, I got angry, I did not slap him. Mamta says I understood, but what will I tell Sushma. She says I will tlak to her, I think you should meet Veer more, you can’t judge anyone in one meeting. Phool says I don’t think they will agree now, as Chandi refused, they will scold you now.

Mamta asks did she scold Veer. Chandi says no, he was a creep, end this chapter of Veer. Phool smiles. Mamta says what will happen now. Chandi says there are many fishes in lake. Mamta says how does she talk. Dabbu asks Phool to go for making tea for Chacha ji. Phool says yes, I m going and says such big proposals does not come often. She leaves. Chandi says I did not get my dream man but I think Dabbu got her superman. Dabbu asks what. Chandi says Dylan met Dabbu there and Aseem has sent him off, its love story, and teases Dabbu.

Binny asks what nonsense. Dabbu says there is nothing between me and Aseem. Chandi says I saw him protecting Dabbu. Mamta says good, Aseem is nice guy and good looking, he came to drop you both, he is gentleman. Dabbu says I will not hear anything. Mamta says she got shy. Binny gets annoyed. Mamta asks her what happened. Binny asks her not to think. Mamta asks whats wrong. Binny says dad did not give what he promised, and Vicky still taunts me, my inlaws knows abouyt Dabbu’s stars, if Aseem faces anything in his career, they will taunt me.

She says think about me and Vicky, can you do anything, talk to dad about loan, we are not able to arrange money. Mamta says fine, and gets sad. She says I will talk to LN in morning. Binny smiles. Its morning. Dabbu says how can he remove court notice, I have notice, I will get it and come. Mamta says its her first day at office, she prayed and she will not be in problem. Dabbu gets angry. Mamta says you are acting like Chandi, even before working. Dabbu says sorry and makes her smile.

Mamta does her tilak. LN says the one who tries never fails. Dabbu says thanks. LN gives her car keys, and asks her to go office. Dabbu says no, don’t know I will get parking or not, if car stops. LN says nothing will happen. Dabbu takes keys and thanks him. She hugs him. He asks her to be careful and not get any scratch on car. She returns the car. He says I was just saying, enjoy. Dabbu leaves.

Dylan talks on phone and sees Dabbu pasting notice on wall. He stops her and she scolds him. She does not let him remove the notice. Eshu plays video games with her cousin. He says I will play with Dabbu. Eshu says Dabbu does not know driving well, dad gave her car, she will get four dents. LN calls Dabbu and Dylan tells her that her phone is ringing. She says you want me to take call so that you remove the notice. He says I told as I don’t want to hear the irritating ringtone. They argue.

He asks her is this manners to occupy other’s property. She says its disputed property, she has all answers today. They hold the notice and get their hands away. He asks her to do anything, he does not care. He goes and sees wrong car parked. He says only she can do this and asks Dabbu to move her car, he has to leave. She can’t take the car back and he says hurry up, I don’t have all day. She says I won’t take all day. She hits his car. They come out and see their cars damaged. He asks what did she do, why does she drive if she can’t. She says what did I do, its your mistake. He says its your lucky day as I don’t have time. You need to pay for this damage, I will send you notice, bad girl and bad car. He leaves. She gets angry saying its his mistake.

Aseem tells Dabbu that her new boss is coming, and he does not know who is it. Its Dylan and Dabbu is shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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