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The Episode starts with Dylan falling from, the stairs. The doctor comes to check Dylan. Dabbu says its good he got less hurt. The doctor says there is no fracture, you are lucky. Dylan says this happens in our field. The doctor says you need bed rest, don’t put pressure on foot, else it will get swollen. Mamta asks how did Dylan fall, it means he has gone upstairs, why. LN says let them rest. Mamta asks both? LN says Dabbu can sit with Dylan for some time and brings Mamta out.

Binny asks about Dylan. LN says he will get fine. Binny says is he doing this to make Dabbu sit with him. LN asks them not to overthink. He reminds Binny of meeting lawyer tomorrow. Dabbu makes medicines pack for tomorrow. Dylan says I m okay, its just sprain, take these medicines.

He gets romantic.

She asks him to be quiet. Dylan says how rude, fine. LN asks Mamta to say what she wants and jokes. Mamta says do you not care Dylan was trying to reach Dabbu’s balcony. He says yes, because you locked the room. Mamta says I won’t bear this. LN explains her that we can’t stop the destiny, we should support our daughters, this is our duty, we will always do this.

Mamta says I agree, but Dylan’s conditions… is this fine. He says in today’s times, people don’t marry without knowing each other, let them meet and talk, I m sure Dabbu won’t break our trust, you like Dylan, try to know him. Mamta goes to get water. Dabbu applies ointment to Dylan’s feet. Dylan says superb, lovely massage, whose idea was it to stay together, mine… Dabbu says yes, this becomes permanent after marriage. Dylan says it will end after marriage, as I won’t come by balcony to meet you and won’t fall. He says he is waiting for Mamta’s yes.

Dabbu says I have an idea, I would have told you if you were my husband. He says this all love will end if we marry. Dabbu goes. Mamta hears Dylan and thinks Dylan will break Dabbu’s heart, she knows this and won’t let this happen. Bhu Devi comes to spy and Mamta sees her. Bhu Devi says I have seen a thief in this house, I have seen staircase at Dabbu’s window. Mamta says its not thief. Bhu Devi asks then, Dylan? How are you agreeing to all this, Dylan is using Dabbu, he will leave her. If he loved Dabbu, he would have not kept this condition, I can understand you, I will help you in making Dylan out of Dabbu’s life. Mamta shakes hands.

Chandi does not get any taxi and her bags fall. A man takes away the bag and she runs after him saying thief. Its morning, Mamta says what to do, I have to do if Dylan needs help. Bhu Devi comes and asks her to see what she got, its lie detector. Mamta asks really. Bhu Devi says yes, it catches lies, Gulab’s police friend has given this, did you see Bhabhi ji ghar par hai, I have seen this in it and got this idea, this machine will change everyone’s lives, don’t worry, I thought everything. Chandi falls down after running a lot. The biker stops and gets down.

She gets shocked seeing its Rajveer. He says its me, keep things careful, he changed style. She asks why did he become thief. He says you invited thieves, sorry you fell, I m ready to get punished. She asks him to drop her home, and compliments him. He thanks her. Binny and LN come to meet lawyer. She says are you sure he will take my case. LN says yes. They go to the lawyer. She apologizes to him for not being able to attend the meeting, and sees its same man with whom she argued in Sonu Monu’s school. LN greets Malik.

Mamta says everyone went out, shall I call Dylan for having lunch. Dabbu calls Mamta and says inform Dylan to take medicine after lunch, its heavy pain killers, he can get acidity, his phone is busy. LN and Binny talk about custody case. Malik asks does Vicky have any point to proof her as irresponsible mum. Binny says how can you tell this. LN asks her to be polite. Malik asks I m not saying, I m asking. Binny says you feel its always a woman’s mistake. He asks her to understand his point, as fathers get custody in such cases, go home and think about it. She gets angry and leaves. LN says you also be polite. Malik says sorry, you know custody fight is not polite, I m preparing her for the bitter questions that Vicky’s lawyer will ask her. LN says fine, I will talk to her.

Dylan talks to Juliet. Juliet says Dabbu informed me and asks him to take care. She gives him tips to care. Dylan says Mamta is here, she cares for everyone, don’t worry. Mamta comes there and hears him. Dylan ends call. Mamta brings food for him. She asks him to have food before medicines, Dabbu told this. Dylan likes the food. He asks does Dabbu know cooking. Mamta asks does it matter, you are not spending life with her, and thinks she can’t trust him having such mentality.

Bhu Devi asks Dylan does he truly love Dabbu. Dylan wears the lie detector cap and says ofcourse, I do. Dabbu smiles. Dylan gets shocked seeing red light blinking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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