Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sunaina being shocked seeing the video of her crime confession. Dabbu scolds her and asks is she not ashamed to blame someone for fake rape. Dylan says this woman does not care, she ruined a man’s life. Sunaina asks what could I do, I did not have any option, it was about my reputation. FB shows Abhimanyu teaching Sunaina. She stares at him and smiles. She sits close to him and he moves away. She gets close to him and asks whats wrong in this. He says just stop it, are you not ashamed. She tries wooing him and he pushes her away. He asks is she out of her senses. She asks are you mad, how dare you reject me. Jaideep comes there and asks her to open the door. Abhimanyu says Jaideep is your BF, I will tell him what you are doing. She tears her clothes and asks Jaideep

to come inside and see what he is doing.

She opens the door and hugs Jaideep, crying and asking him to see Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says no. Dabbu records this statement too. Sunaina says she has bought Jaideep and made him give statement in her favor. FB shows Jaideep telling Sunaina that he got to know everything, Abhimanyu is innocent, she has filed fake rape case on him, take the case back. She asks what about my reputation if everyone knows this. He asks how will she prove it. She says you will prove it and asks him to give his statement that he has caught Abhimanyu red handed. She bribes him and he smiles. She says she has bought doctor, lab assistant for my tests too. Dylan says he did not see more worse woman than her, does she realize what she did, he ruined his 7 years.

Rajveer says I knew he is innocent. Dylan asks do you know him? Rajveer says yes, we were in same college. Dylan says if you see him now, you won’t identify him, all this happened because of Sunaina, she has snatched his everything, he is there in jail for no mistake.

Sunaina says he was a loser, stupid. Dylan says don’t take my brother’s name by your bad tongue. Dabbu is shocked. Dylan says he rejected you as you did not deserve him, Abhimanyu Singh Shekhawat, he was studying IAS, he would have been police commissioner, he is in jail because of you, you framed him for fake rape and ruined his life. He says he is his step brother.

Juliet says LN and Mamta that Abhimanyu is Dylan’s step brother, his dad’s first wife’s son, she died and his dad married me, Abhimanyu loved me as his mum, I also loved him as my son, I was in USA with Dylan when this happened, it was very late, when Sunaina came back and we got to know, Dylan decided to take revenge and acted of love with her, to know the truth, as their heart did not believe Abhimanyu can do this, trust me, this is true.

Rajveer gets calls and asks Dylan to go home and show this proof to LN, his friends are coming and he will manage here. His friends come there. Rajveer says we will stay here till police comes. Dylan hugs Rajveer and thanks him. He says I don’t know you, I will not forget your favor, its due on him. Rajveer says you are Abhimanyu’s brother, so my brother too, go fast. Dylan and Dabbu leave from there.

He calls her Dabbu and she stops. He hugs her and asks can I call you Dabbu, I hope I have this right, it was a bad dream, maybe it ended now, I was restless and worried, I have hurt you a lot and made you cry, I did big mistake to hide this, if you make me away from you, I can never be happy. She cries and says you said right, you did big mistake, why did you not tell me the truth, why did you not trust me, you will always the truth to me, so that I can support you always, if you told me the truth this time, it would be better. He says yes, I did mistake, I will not do this again. He holds ears and says he will do situps if she says, forgive me. She holds her ears and says I m also sorry, I did not trust you, I did not give you chance to explain. He says don’t be sorry and promises her that he won’t hide anything. She promises she will always trust him. They hug and smile.

Dabbu and Dylan come home and show the video to LN. LN and everyone are shocked. Dabbu says she recorded what Sunaina said. They see Sunaina saying she has bought all witnesses and evidences. LN cries realizing his wrong judgment. He says Abhimanyu had to be in jail for 7 years, I had given wrong verdict. He apologizes to Juliet and Dylan. Dylan and Juliet understand him, as he has given decision based on evidence, she did justice. LN says I can’t return 7 years to your son, but I will arrange special hearing tomorrow morning, I won’t let him be in jail for one more day, and asks Dylan to talk to his lawyer, Binny will help him, he will reopen this case, Abhimanyu will come home, this is my promise. Dylan and Juliet thank him.

Its morning, LN and Binny talk to Sanghvi. The police arrests the doctor and nurse who helped Sunaina and inspector informs LN that Sunaina and Jaideep are also arrested. LN says Dylan, its time to bring back your brother home. Dylan smiles. The court case starts and Sanghvi asks Sunaina about Abhimanyu’s innocence. She accepts her crime for fake rape blame and bribing the doctor and nurse. Abhimanyu is brought there. Dylan gets shocked seeing him. Dylan and Juliet sign him and smile. Abhimanyu cries and asks judge to take Sunaina and Jaideep away. The judge asks him not to be scared, they can’t do anything.

The judge says the case is reopened as LN has admitted the verdict was wrong, now we have seen evidences and clear Abhimanyu from all blames, and declare him innocent. Abhimanyu smiles. The judge punishes Sunaina and Jaideep. Dylan and Juliet smile. The judge apologizes to Abhimanyu for wrong judgement by corruption, and says they will state his innocence on tv and media to clear his name.

Dabbu comes to meet Dylan and says they wasted lots of time, she has to tell him her feelings tonight. Dylan holds her close.

Update Credit to: Amena

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