Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandi looking for a dress. Mamta asks how much time will she take. Chandi asks whats special in this meting. Mamta says guy and girl can know about their likes and dislikes, if they want any change. Chandi says she won’t change. Mamta says no need, its fine. Dabbu says we are deciding dress for Chandi and Veer’s date. Chandi says its not date, its casual dinner. Eshu says her dress is casual and classy. Chandi says its really nice, thanks. They smile.

Chandi and Dabbu come to the restaurant. Chandi says he did not come on time. Veer comes and holds Chandi, asking her to identify him by his 15000rs perfume. Dabbu says nice perfume. He calls her by some silly names. Dabbu says you guys talk, I will sit on some other table. Chandi signs her to sit, but Dabbu

goes. Dylan is also in same café, in meeting with Mirchandani. Veer shows off and says his jacket is worth 30000rs. Chandi gets irked by his show off.

Veer asks Chandi to order the best, as he is giving the treat. Chandi says fresh lime juice. He asks what, order some drink, else even I won’t drink. She says you are already drunk. He says not at all. She says she can get beer smell, which your 15000rs perfume could not hide. Dylan tells Mirchandani that he won’t work where his work is not valued, and so he can work anywhere. He says he is leaving old company to work on his own terms. He asks him if he can give him full freedom, then he can work, else not. Mirchandani says he is free to work as his wish. Dylan says he will join soon.

He turns and sees Dabbu. He thinks Dejani Thakur here too. Chandi messages Dabbu being angry on Veer. Dabbu sits far and looks at them. Veer says mom was saying I should buy 80 lakhs car, but I said 15 lakhs car is good for the roads here. He shows tantrums and she scolds him, when he says LN would have taken bribe. She says my dad is honest man. He says I apologizes. He asks her plans after marriage. She asks him to say his plans first.

Mamta is restless at home. Eshu smiles seeing her. Mamta says lets call them and ask. Eshu asks her to have patience. Veer says he wants a homemaker girl and says girls are weak, men are strong so they work out. Chandi laughs and says he says good jokes. Mamta calls Dabbu and asks about Chandi. Dabbu says its going good, Chandi is enjoying a lot, she is laughing now. Mamta thanks Lord and says we knew Veer liked Chandi, but now she also likes her. She says its big thing that Sushma asked for Chandi’s hand, fine come back and tell in detail.

Her sister in law comes Phool Devi and Mamta asks is everything fine, why does she look shocked. Phool Devi says no, I came for blue thread. Mamta says she will get. Phool Devi shows her annoyance, that Mamta has hidden about Veer and Chandi. Chandi scolds Veer and says whats wrong if a woman works, she can also work after marriage, she can’t follow any rules without any logic.

Dylan meets Dabbu and she gets surprised. He asks is she scared, he thought she is brave types, what is she doing here, did she come to protest, or give notice to him. She says I have come with… He says think well and answer. She says I don’t need to. He says I need, you can send many notice, but I will not give my bungalow to your NGO.

Eshu calls Chandi and Chandi says Veer is not good. Mamta worries. Chandi says she can’t bear Veer and is very angry. Mamta asks her to go and talk to Veer. Anji calls Chandi and says Eshu messaged her, and asks her not to hurry and think well before deciding. Chandi smiles/ Anji says she is pretty, total diva, she deserves a better man, say bye to Veer. Chandi says I will say now after controlling my anger. Anji says who will save Veer from her anger now.

Dabbu and Dylan are arguing. Dabbu asks him to go. He says you will get alone then, I m seeing you sitting alone, let me guess, did you come on blind date and jokes on her. He says maybe the guy saw you and ran away. He advices her to shift the animals to some new place. Aseem comes there and sees Dabbu with Dylan.

Aseem greets Debjani. Dylan looks at him. Dabbu gets glad seeing him, and asks him to join. Dylan says I don’t mind at all. Aseem sits in his place. Dylan says so she was waiting for you Mr Aseem, I should have guessed, you guys are just made for each other. Dabbu scolds him and asks him to leave. Aseem says he is Mr Dylan, he likes to reach without invitation. Dabbu and Dylan argue and Aseem supports Debjani calling her perfect and taunting Dylan. Dylan smiles and says I will see you soon. Dabbu says pray we don’t meet. He leaves. She thanks Aseem for coming, else she would have slapped him. Aseem says yes he deserves it, I will tell everything later, but he is a creep. Dabbu says exactly and looks at Dylan.

Dabbu pastes the notice on the wall and argues with Dylan. He goes to remove the notice and she stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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