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The Episode starts with Dylan rushing to see Dabbu. He prays for her on the way. Some bikers come in his way and he asks them to please move. He reaches the place and sees the car hitting the tree. He sees the blood and worries. He gets Dabbu’s bag and looks for her. He asks a man. The man says maybe its accident. Dylan asks which hospital did the girl go. The man says I don’t know. Dylan calls Dabbu and does not connect. He worries and shouts Debjani. He thinks what to do now. Dabbu’s sisters look on hiding. Binny starts crying seeing Dylan’s pain. Eshu says Anji missed the good drama. Chandi says we did good to leave mum and dad home. She asks Binny not to get senti, we came to check this. Eshu says we came to know that Dylan loves Dabbu.

Dylan says I will go police station.

Chandi and Eshu say what about our plan if he goes. They come infront of his car and stop him. LN and Mamta are at home. He helps her in crossword and she is annoyed with him, as he forgot the day when he proposed her. He thinks what to do and gets an idea. The girls tell everything to Dylan. He asks did they realize what he went through. They apologize and say they did this for good intentions. He says he was getting heart attack. Chandi says we wanted you to realize that you love Dabbu, see how worried you got. Binny says yes, I was crying there seeing you.

She says Dylan feels pain if Dabbu is hurt. He asks them to go home and show this sisterly love. Chandi says Dabbu is sitting in that car, don’t miss this chance. Dylan says it means when this happened with me, Dabbu was sitting in that AC car. Binny says don’t give imp to ego. Chandi asks him to talk to Dabbu. He says fine, listen, tell the truth, is Dabbu sitting there or you guys are lying. They say no, she is really there. Dabbu sees Dylan coming. He comes to her and sits in the car to talk to her.

Binny says what are they talking. Chandi says they will be hugging, saying sorry and singing romantic duet. Dabbu and Dylan talk together and then insist that the opposite person talk first. She says fine, will you listen to me. She says sorry, this was my sisters’ idea, they are so adamant. He asks do you know what I went through, really…. I did not come to fight with you. She asks why did he come. He says for what you came here. She asks him to say. He says you said you will say first, so say. She says I asked you, answer me, why are you complicated. He asks am I, its tough to talk to you, you always fight.

They argue. He says she feels bad as he shows her the mirror. She asks him to see the mirror as well. The sisters wait for them. Binny says their love story is complicated and it will take time. Chandi says they will come out from the car, and counts. Dylan and Dabbu come out of the car angrily and walk different ways. Dylan asks the girls to ask Dabbu. Chandi says they have fought more. Aseem packs his bag. Vicky comes to him and asks where is he going. Aseem asks him not to be shocked, what will I do staying in this city, I lost my job. He asks did he tell parents. Aseem says I lied to them that I got new job.

He says he will stay with his friend in Chandigarh. Vicky asks why is he running, we will make some plan. Aseem gets angry and says I m not the one to run, I want to get away for few days, I will be back with good plan, I m not like you, I can’t bear all this. Vicky says I have my wife and kids here, I m responsible. Aseem says Binny has left you, she is gone. Vicky says Binny did not leave me, she has gone to Maayka and come back. Aseem asks him not to be mistaken, Binny is LN’s daughter, I don’t think she will come back, think something to bring her back. He leaves.

LN surprises Mamta with her old pics and says e always keeps this in his wallet. He ends her annoyance by showing old family pics and makes her smile. He says he forgot today’s date when I proposed you, but for me the date when you said yes is important for me, I m sorry to hurt you, you are my world, I can’t live without you. She thanks him and hugs. The girls come and see them. Dabbu asks Mamta how did she get convinced so soon. Mamta says true love does not have ego, ego just spoils things. Dabbu recalls Dylan and says yes, mum said right, I will just come, and leaves. The girls smile.

Dabbu goes to Dylan’s home and says I will say it confidently. She rings the bell. Dylan comes to Thakur house, while Dylan is at his house. Chandi asks you here. Dylan says you all said right, I should tell Dabbu my feelings, ego hassles were too much, so I have to talk to her, will you call her. Chandi smiles and says she went to your home. Nainon ko pata hai……….He says oh no. Chandi says I will call her. Dylan says I can’t believe this. Chandi calls Dabbu and says Dylan is here, and gives him the phone. Dylan says I came to talk to you, I want to end the misunderstandings. She says I m outside your house. He says no confusion, we are trying to talk, we will decide and meet, tonight be ready. She says okay and smiles.

Dylan’s mum asks Dylan to wear something more better and he tries many outfits.

Update Credit to: Amena

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