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The Episode starts with Dabbu saying Dylan’s phone is unreachable, she is getting worried. She says she will call Juliet, atleast she will know where is Dylan, or maybe Dylan is with her. She calls Juliet and asks is everything fine. Juliet says I m worried, Dylan did not come, he did not call, I m getting restless, is he in problem. Dabbu asks her to calm down, Dylan will be fine. Juliet says he is in big problem, you are mistaken, he can’t hurt anyone, he is helpless. Dabbu says don’t cry, I got to know his problem, I will try to find him.

Dylan gets shocked seeing Sunaina and asks whats this joke, whats happening. She says wow, Dylan, I m impressed, you shocked me, I was thinking you are loving me, you are caring, but you are a cheat, you do good acting. He asks what nonsense,

I don’t understand anything. She asks him to stop acting, as his game is over, she knows everything, you cheated me, you acted of loving me, and promised marriage. You are so smart, how did you do this? She asks does he feel she will forgive him for this. She says don’t think so. Dabbu tries calling Dylan and the call connects. Dylan answers the call and asks her where is she. Sunaina signs the goons.

The goons come there and beat him. The phone falls. Dabbu gets stunned by the sound. Dylan beats the goons. Dabbu says Dylan Sir…. And worries. Dylan fights with the goons and they all catch him. Sunaina smiles. LN asks what happened, where is he. Dabbu says I think his phone fell from his hand, he is in problem. Sunaina says tie him there, I have to talk to my to be husband. They all tie Dylan and beat him. Sunaina asks them to stop. Dylan asks her to get away from him. She says you wanted to know many things from me. She asks him to tell her everything, else he won’t go anywhere. He says we will see that. Dabbu says she is hearing temple’s aarti and masjid’s azaan together. Rajveer says its near that lane, we have to go there. Dabbu says I m going. Rajveer says he will come with her. LN says I will police. Rajveer says we will first see is Dylan there, I will call my friends, don’t worry, I will be with Dabbu. They leave.

Sunaina says you thought you will use and dump me. Dylan asks is she feeling bad, you play with other’s feelings and ruin lives. She asks does he want to change that case, he wanted to save that man, he won’t get anything, she won’t change her statement. Rajveer and Dabbu are on the way. Rajveer says we will find him. Sunaina says I won’t take statement back, don’t expect anything from me, I m not fool like Abhimanyu. He asks her not to take Abhimanyu’s name by her tongue. A man comes there and says great. Dylan sees him and says you, you are with her, I won’t leave you.

The man walks to Dylan and says what did I say, Abhimanyu’s time was bad, it all happened by us, you are not smart, I have seen you with Sanghvi and I informed Sunaina. He says he called him and cheated him to call him here. Sunaina says Dylan should be punished and smiles. Rajveer and Dabbu come to that lane and try to find Dylan. They see Dylan’s car there. They get inside the godown. Sunaina says Abhimanyu is in jail by her statement, she has pity on him, he was innocent, she has framed him for fake rape case, he does not have reason to live. Dylan gets angry and says I swear I won’t live you.

The man says lets kill him. She asks the man Jaideep to do as he wants, she is done with Dylan. Jaideep takes the stick and goes to beat Dylan. Dylan asks whom is he scaring, and says he will not leave him and Sunaina. Jaideep hits Dylan. Rajveer comes there and holds the stick on time. Dabbu gets shocked seeing Dylan wounded. Rajveer beats Jaideep. Sunaina asks Dabbu how did she come here. Rajveer beats the goons. Dabbu slaps Sunaina and rushes to free Dylan. Sunaina stops Dabbu and pushes her. Dabbu slaps Sunaina. Rajveer opens Dylan’s ropes. The goon stops Rajveer. Rajveer beats the goon. Sunaina and Dabbu have a fight. Sunaina gets hurt and falls. Dylan gets freed and rages. He beats the goons and stops them from hurting Dabbu. He asks Dabbu is she fine. She says yes. They see Sunaina unconscious.

Mamta consoles Juliet and asks her to have water. LN says Dabbu and Rajveer have gone to see Dylan, I will call commissioner. Juliet apologizes as they all are worried because of Dylan. She says Dylan is innocent, he wants to save Abhimanyu, he is framed, Sunaina is a bad girl and dangerous too. Mamta asks whats your relation with Abhimanyu. Sunaina gets conscious and is tied. She says you don’t have proof against me, I won’t take statement back. Dabbu asks does she feel she is smart. Rajveer says you are bad and Lord will not leave you.

Dabbu says right and recalls how she and Rajveer have seen Snaina admitting her crime. They recorded Sunaina’s crime confession. Sunaina gets shocked seeing the video in Dabbu’s phone.

Dylan says you ruined a man’s life, he is in jail since 7 years. Sunaina says he was a loser. Dylan asks her not to take his brother’s name. He says Abhimanyu is his step son. Dabbu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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