Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mamta welcoming Sushma and Veer. Chandi thinks of Mamta’s words. Veer smiles seeing her. Sushma asks Chandi to sit with her. LN asks Mamta to come and talk to her. He says excuse us. Mamta asks Binny to manage. Sushma says Veer wanted to meet Chandi since he came from fashion show. LN asks Mamta why did she not tell him they are coming for Chandi, not Dabbu. Mamta says I wanted to get Dabbu married, but they liked Chandi. Sushma says Chandi would have made her family proud. Chandi says her boss fired her and said she won’t get job in fashion industry. Sushma says its fine, such things happen in job.

Everyone go to talk to their parents. Everyone talk to Mamta about the proposal for Chandi. Mamta asks them to understand. Binny talks to Sushma and runs

to Mamta. Mamta asks them to go out and sit. Binny asks what will society say if they get Chandi married before Dabbu, they will say Dabbu has some problem. Mamta says nothing, they have 2 year difference. LN asks her to ask Chandi and Mamta both. Mamta says you feel I don’t care about Dabbu, when I took much care of her always.

She says she is still trying to save her from getting hurt and felt its not bad to talk for Chandi if a good proposal came. Veer talks to Chandi and asks her to design men’s wear for him. Chandi asks why, any special occasion, award ceremony or big launch. He says just like that. Sushma asks about Mamta and LN. Chandi says I will go and see, and just Dabbu remains with them. Dabbu asks Veer what does he do. He says what would I do. Sushma says he has family business. Chandi says she won’t marry and the sound comes out. Dabbu says I will see. Sushma says no, sit here.

Mamta asks Chandi why did she not say before. Chandi says not before Dabbu. Mamta says did you call her Didi or regard her elder sister, why do you don’t want to marry. Chandi says Dabbu’s name will get bad. Mamta says its my duty and about Dabbu, her fate will shine one day. Dabbu hears them. Mamta says she will talk to Dabbu if they want. Dabbu comes to them and says she has no problem. She asks Chandi to meet Veer and she decided that she will not marry that she gets a good job. Mamta smiles and hugs Dabbu.

Everyone hug Dabbu. Binny leaves with Vicky and asks why is he so quiet. He says he is worried, and Sonu Monu wants PS games like his friends, he is feeling bad to refuse them. She says its not imp that we always listen to them. He says they ask me, as I m their dad. She says I know you are good dad. He says your dad is good, he fulfilled your wishes. She says she spoke to Mamta. He says no use, your dad has sent you empty hand, but Chandi’s marriage will be done grand. She cries seeing his anger and taunts.

LN talks to Dabbu and apologizes to her for whatever happened. She asks him not to say such and hugs him, saying he knows her well, she is happy for Chandi, her heart is not so small. LN cries and Dabbu says she is happy to be their princess, and she is happy with her stars and late marriage. Mamta cries and hugs Dabbu. She thanks Dabbu for understanding her. She blesses her and they cry.

Dabbu goes to Chandi and says she is happy for her. Chandi shows her dreams and shows her first designed dress. She cries and asks shall I forget everything, what about my dreams. Dabbu pacifies her about the caterpillar who turns into a butterfly. Change comes in everyone’s life, why do we not think that we don’t become better, I feel your life will get more better. She says she is happy that she is not getting married. Chandi asks what about her career ending.

Dabbu says Veer can support your dreams and career, we should know yo use chances. They sit having coffee and have a laugh. Its morning, Dylan gets a call from Mirchandani and the man asks about his suspension. Dylan says very fast, anyways I m going for some imp work, I have a court case. The man asks what, anything serious. Dylan says a mad girl runs NGO in my ancestral home and she has sent me orders.

Dabbu notes a recipe and LN helps her. He asks what is she doing, its not for writing, its copy of the notice they sent to Dylan Shekhawat. She says wow, he would be stunned by this, I wish I saw his face. Mirchandai offers job to Dylan and says his boss did bad with him, he should have not suspended him. Dylan smiles. Mamta gets Sushma’s call who asks for Chandi. Mamta says fine, I will send Debjani with her. LN says Dabbu will not go there. Dabbu says I want to go there, I like the food of that hotel. They smile. Mamta says she is sure that his daughters are more smart than him. Dabbu says I will tell Chandi. Dylan says he will meet Mirchandani at the hotel. He asks him to think and come. Dylan says he has to think about Dabbu, who sent him court notice.

Dabbu meets Aseem and Dylan talks to them. Dabbu scolds him and Aseem defends Dabbu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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