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The Episode starts with Dylan saying his mum that he does not love Dabbu, she is wrong this time. He says her curly hair, her dressing sense is odd and recalls her. Neend ud jaaye…………..plays…………. He says she does not have any style. He says she is irritating, see her desk, she is so stupid to put animal’s pics. She says you noticed everything about her, why, atleast don’t lie to yourself, you are upset with her engagement, you are feeling jealous of Aseem. He says he has problem with Aseem, he is not a nice person, he knows this. She asks are you okay if she marries someone else. He says he has answered her that he does not love her, he does not have any feelings for her. She smiles. He says he is going for meeting and then they will go on lunch and not talk about her.

He leaves. She thinks I m your mum, you can’t lie to me, I know you have feelings for Dabbu.

Mamta shows the clothes and this color suits Dabbu. Chandi says she will design her yellow engagement dress. Mamta asks her to design yellow sherwani for Aseem. Dabbu says yes, yellow will look good on Dylan. Chandi looks on. Mamta asks Dabbu to leave office work at office, you took your boss’ name instead Aseem. Dabbu says she has much work in office, and changes the topic. Chandi gets sad. Dylan recalls Dabbu and his mum’s words. He stops and sees he has come to Dabbu’s home instead his home. He says why am I thinking about her. Dabbu gets Aseem’s call and talks to him. She asks how did he talk at this time. Aseem asks her not to be formal, its their courtship, they are going to buy engagement ring for her tomorrow. He asks is she not excited.

She ends call and thinks what happened to her, she is not happy with this. Dabbu and Dylan sit thinking. Naino ko pata hai………..plays…………….. Dabbu cries and Dylan gets teary eyed recalling her.

Its morning, Dabbu gets ready and says she will go office. Mamta asks her to get ready well. Dabbu starts arguing. Mamta and LN get stunned. Dabbu says sorry. Mamta says its fine, even marriage arrangements is like work tension. LN says today’s girls are not formal, let her wear simple clothes. Mamta says fine, she can’t win over them. Mamta says take Aseem and choose a ring for him. Dabbu leaves. Mamta calls LN old. LN says who old, I m still young. Mamta says fine, I will give you much work. He says I m fine as old. She smiles.

Dylan and his mum have a talk on the way. She says I m proud of you, I m happy in my house. He says he will stay with her. She says how can I stay away from your father and inlaws, its impossible. Dylan says fine, we will not talk. She says she wants to go to her jewelry shop to pick her necklace. Dylan says he will be bored. She insists and he agrees. Aseem and Dabbu come to the same place.

Aseem asks her to be careful of his budget. He laughs and says he is just kidding. He asks her to buy the ring which she likes the most, without seeing the price tag. She says fine. Dylan and Dabbu does not see each other.

Aseem gets angry on Dabbu and she worries. They leave from the shop. Dylan comes out of the shop and sees the ring box fallen. He calls out Debjani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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