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The Episode starts with Chandi being on the way. She says she is meeting strange people, first Rajveer and now this Manday, I became a professional designer. She plays radio and likes the song. Rajveer is on his bike after her car and sees her. She thinks how did he come. He greets her and asks where is she going. She races the car and he follows her. She sees him getting far and suddenly her car stops. She says what happened to dad’s car and tries restarting. Rajveer comes there and asks her what happened. She says don’t know how it stopped. He says maybe because you raced. He checks the car and says he will call his driver and send the car to garage, he will drop her home, he can’t leave her alone on this road, and asks her to come along. She gets sad.

He calls his driver

and asks him to come at this address to take the car. He says driver is coming in 5 mins, we will give him keys and leave. Binny asks Dabbu why did she call many times, she has work now. Dabbu says its not so imp, I will talk to you at home in evening. Binny says fine and ends call. Chandi gives the car keys. Rajveer gives it to his driver. Rajveer takes her on his bike and asks is she comfortable. She holds him and says sorry. He says I don’t mind, you can hold me. She says I m fine and asks why did he get this bike instead of car, when he is super rich, does he not have problem with rain and sunlight. He says this is the fun, sunlight is necessary. He bores her with his talk. She thanks him and says she has much work. She runs inside the house. He smiles seeing her.

Mamta asks Chandi where was she. Chandi says my car stopped, Rajveer met me on the way and dropped me home. Mamta asks why did she not call him inside. Chandi shows the first cheque of 5 lakhs. Mamta is surprised. Rajveer comes to Chandi and asks is this bracelet hers, maybe it fell. She says yes, its mine. He gives her. She says thanks. Mamta blesses him f and thanks him for helping Chandi. He asks for tea and sits. Chandi thinks he won’t go without having tea.

Juliet asks Dylan did he talk to minister, will he help? Dylan says no, he does not want to help us, as charges will spoil his name, just Sunaina can help us by taking her statement back. She says she won’t change her statement. He says I will make her admit the truth. Its night, Rajveer tells jokes to everyone and they laugh. LN says he was tired after work and talking to Rajveer made him fresh. Rajveer thanks him. Chandi thinks he is sitting since 2 hours, don’t praise him dad.

Dabbu comes home and asks LN and Binny to help, Dylan’s file was about some case, and she saw the case number, Dylan is hiding about it, can you tell me about case. LN says yes, but we have to go office. Binny says no, we can try on laptop on internal server archives. She checks the case number and gets some details. She says its 7 year old case, sate v/s Abhimanyu Singh, it’s a rape case. Rajveer says I know Abhimanyu Singh well, he was my good friend, court punished him, I can’t believe he can do this, it was bad happened with him.

LN says I have given this rape case verdict, I remember the girl was complainant, that girl’s name was….. Dabbu asks him did he recall. LN says I remember 20 year old cases and forgot this. Rajveer asks Binny to check more in server. Binny says its just few lines in this database, she will check in other database. Dabbu says I don’t know whats Dylan’s connection with this case. She recalls Dylan’s worry.

Dylan dines with Sunaina. She asks where his focus, is food not good. He says its good, whats need to cook so many things. She asks him to get habitual, as she will be his wife and cook for him. She says she wishes to start life with him and wants to meet his family. He asks whats the hurry of marriage, you know I love you. She asks whats the problem, I want to meet your mum. He says yes, we should not get late, we meet my mum and I will meet your family. She gets tensed and says why not. She asks him to have paneer and he smiles seeing her tensed.

Binny gets the case details and says LN gave the verdict against Abhimanyu Singh, and the complaint was done by Sunaina Choudhary. Dabbu says Sunaina is Dylan’s fiancée. LN says yes, she is the same Sunaina, I have seen her in award function night, I felt I have seen her and did not recall. Dabbu says whats Dylan doing with her. Chandi says he is marrying her. Dabbu says its not like that, he said its related to his past, how is this case related, why is Dylan worried about this case.

Rajveer says if you have punished Abhimanyu, you might have seen the evidences, but we friends were shocked, sometimes its not true what we see. LN reads the case details again. Dabbu says there is something, I will call Dylan and ask him directly. Mamta says yes, call him. Dabbu calls Dylan and says his phone is out of reach. Mamta asks her to keep trying. Sunaina gets a call from unknown number. The man asks her to save herself and says Dylan wants to ruin you, he does not love you. She asks what do you mean. The man tells her everything. She gets shocked.
Dylan stops his car to get network to call his mum. The man calls Dylan and asks does he love Debjani. Dylan says none of your concern. The man threatens him. Dylan says if anything happens to Dabbu, I will kill you. The man asks Dylan to come to some place and not complain to police. Dylan says nothing should happen to Dabbu, I m coming. He comes to some godown and calls out Dabbu. He sees a girl tied there and thinks its Dabbu. He says don’t worry Dabbu, I have come. He gets shocked seeing its Sunaina. Sunaina smiles.

The goons beat up Dylan. Dabbu says she called Dylan and his phone is unreachable, she feels something is not right. Sunaina scolds Dylan and asks did he think he will use her, he played a trick with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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