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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mamta wishing Dabbu gets the file. LN says I think it was urgent. Chandi comes to them and says she has good news, her best friend Divya.. Eshu teases her. Chandi says when Divya wore my designed lehenga in her marriage, she got compliments and a guest liked my design, and wants me to design all her function outfits. They all clap for her. Binny says now you can establish your designs. Chandi says she called me with portfolio. Divya said the girl is very rich, and she will choose from many designers, if I get selected, she will refer me. They all wish her all the best and smile.

Dabbu gets the confidential file. She opens it and Dylan sees her. He says Debjani and takes the file from her hand. He checks the file and says this is the file. Thank God, I got

this file. A paper falls down from the file. He says he was finding this file, he will take this file and leave, he will meet her in office tomorrow. He leaves. She says what happened to him, he did not even thank me. She gets the paper fallen from the file and picks it. She sees some number on it. Dylan comes back and takes the paper. He says sorry, its personal info, I can’t share with anybody, I will meet tomorrow and leaves. She says why is he panicking and notes the number.

She says there is something, else Dylan never panics. Mamta tells Chandi the girl will like all your designs. Eshu says Chandi has told about her scientific marriage and she has 20 points for ideal guy, and she got that list. Mamta asks her to show. Eshu runs and gives it to Mamta. Mamta reads it. Eshu teases Chandi. Mamta supports Chandi. Dabbu comes home and says she got the file.

Eshu asks did she not know what was in that file. Dabbu says no, he was panicking, he was secretive. Chandi says he just give shocks. Dabbu says I felt it was very imp, he said its about someone’s life. Chandi asks her to be away from Dylan. Dabbu thinks there is something big, Dylan was so worried and hiding something, I feel this matter is the root of our problems.

Its night, Sanghvi asks someone to get that info. Dylan comes to him and gives the file. Sanghvi smiles and sees the file. Dylan says don’t ask how I got it. Sanghvi says I will keep this in my safe custody. Dylan asks when will this end, its 7 years, that person is in jail being innocent. Sanghvi says we will make our plea strong this time. Dylan says he is fed up. Sanghvi asks him to be strong.

Dabbu bumps into LN’s files and they all fall. She says dad keeps files anywhere. She keeps the files and stops seeing some file with case number. She thinks these are court cases file numbers, is Dylan’s file about a court case. She sits to find on the internet and thinks to find whats in this case. She thinks she was right, its court case number. She thinks she has to login from LN’s id to get case info, LN already slept, whats the matter that Dylan is worried, there is something imp.

Its morning, Chandi eats in hurry and says she does not have time. Dabbu comes and asks Mamta about LN. Mamta says he has gone. Dabbu thinks she had to ask him about case number, now she will ask Dylan. She says she had some work. Mamta says LN and Binny went by office car. Chandi says I will take LN’s car today. Dabbu asks her to drop her. Mamta makes Chandi have curd as its her first day today. Chandi reaches the girl’s house and asks guard to park her car well.

Chandi comes inside and sees a lavish house. She says she has appointment with Mandy today and the man shows her the room. Chandi thinks to impress Mandy, it will be good break for her. A lady comes out and says this woman is mad. Chandi says this big designer came to meet Mandy and left, Mandy looks tough. Chandi goes there and sees a slim girl and a fat girl. She talks to the slim girl and says Mandy, you called me to design your wedding collection. The fat girl says she is Mandy, she is Manpreet and this is my assistant Preeti. She likes Chandi and talks to her. She says she is excited for her marriage and wants good designer clothes. Chandi shows her designs and Mandy likes it. Mandy suggests some changes. Chandi says it won’t look good. Mandy asks her to forget it, make me like yourself, I decided you will design my and my family’s clothes, tell me the cost. Chandi says 5… Mandy says I understood and gives her cheque of 5 lakhs. Mandy asks is this less. Chandi says no, I was saying 5000 per dress. Mandy says I will decide rate, I m not miser, money is not less here, don’t make style less. Chandi says she will meet her with her rough sketches. Mandy says Chandi will suit her brother a lot. Chandi leaves.

Dabbu waits for Dylan and says did he take leave, he has meeting with Mirchandani. She asks Dimple about Dylan. Dimple says Dylan went Bhopal. Dabbu asks for reporting? Dimple says no, for some personal work, and asks her to attend the meeting. Dabbu thinks she has to find out about the case from Binny.

Dabbu asks LN and Binny to help her. LN asks what is it. Binny gets the case details, of Abhimanyu Singh…. Rape case.. LN and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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