Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dabbu taking Dylan to guest room. Mamta gets relieved. LN smiles. Binny thinks Vicky is doing this and cries. Sonu and Monu ask her to have icecream. She hugs the kids and apologizes to them. The kids say they won’t go with anyone and promise her. She smiles and hugs them. Dabbu sees Dylan’s belongings. He says he got less clothes, even these clothes won’t fit her cupboard. Mamta comes and says is he finding it difficult now. Mamta sees the bag. Dylan says I will manage. Mamya says you can manage or ask kids to take their kids. She acts rude.

Dylan says I know I have annoyed aunty. Dabbu says we both have annoyed Mamta and asks for a chance. She says we will prove this decision was right. Dylan says I don’t need cupboard, I will fit my clothes

in bag itself. He asks Dabbu not to sign. LN calls Mamta and says Binny has come. Mamta goes. Dylan asks Dabbu not to worry, they will manage, Dylan kisses her and she says anyone will see, and everyone is waiting for dinner. She leaves. He smiles.

LN asks Binny who is this man troubling us. Mamta says I will come along to drop the kids. Binny says Vicky can do this, to prove I m bad mum. She cries. Mamta and LN console her. The kids get sad seeing this and leave. Binny says counselor will feel I not stable. LN asks is your lawyer not doing anything, I will think about it. The kids discuss about mum and dad’s fight. They pray that their mum gets happy and asks them to send any angel to make mum smile. LN says he met some good lawyer, he will understand how to deal with Vicky and calls that guy.

Chandi asks Eshu to tell what she missed. Eshu says nothing happened. Dabbu makes pasta for Dylan. Mamta asks Dabbu will you make two dishes. Dabbu says why, you will make my fav food. Dylan comes there for dinner. He says he is fan of Mamta’s food. Dabbu signs him asking about his shirt. Chandi says Dabbu is saying its family dinner, it will be good if you wear tshirt. Dylan says I will change and come.

Bhu Devi comes there and they all get worried. Mamta says if she sees Dylan now, she will tell everyone. Bhu Devi asks them to open the door. LN says Bhu Devi will go soon, Dylan went to change. Dabbu opens the door. Bhu Devi likes the food and Chandi asks what did she need. Bhu Devi asks do I come to ask anything. Dabbu says no, Chandi saw the utensil in your hand that’s why. Bhu Devi asks for jaggery. Mamta asks Dabbu to get it fast. Bhu Devi says she has seen a costly car standing in garage. Eshu says its Lord’s, we all are Lord’s. LN smiles.

Mamta asks Bhu Devi to take jaggery and leave. Bhu Devi says yes, I will go. She goes. Dylan comes and says I can’t wait more. Bhu Devi is at the door and sees him. She asks Eshu is he also from Lord. They all get tensed. She asks whats Dylan doing here at this time, is he staying with you all.

Bhu Devi starts overreacting and says its impure way of live in, what will society say, will they keep quiet, you all have respect, some respect went when Dabbu’s engagement broke, and now more wil go. LN says we have to respect children’s decision. Bhu Devi says society sees such people in bad way. Chandi says we will see society, Dabbu and Dylan will stay with us. LN says yes, our family is together. Mamta says I did not decide this. Bhu Devi smiles and makes Mamta more against. LN says enough, Dylan is nice guy, we all trust him.

Dabbu says yes, and asks Bhu devi not to interfere. Bhu Devi gets angry and goes. She thinks she won’t let Dylan become son in law of this house, as he is very rich and famous. Mamta asks everyone to go and sleep, its Janmashtami tomorrow. She asks Dabbu is she going in her room. Dabbu says yes. Dabbu and Dylan come to his room. Dabbu apologizes from Bhu Devi’s side. Dylan says this time I m really hurt and laughs, saying he did not feel bad. She says I will go, good night. He stops her and holds her close. She says anyone will see. He says don’t call me Sir, call me Dylan. She says I can’t call you Dylan. He says you will get habitual. She says fine, now I have to go. He asks for a goodnight kiss and insists. She kisses on his cheek and they smile. He hugs her and gets shocked seeing someone……………

Bhu Devi lights fire in aarti plate. Dylan blows the fire. Bhu Devi says its big abshagun. LN gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode HAPPY FOR DEBLAN!!!!! But they should stay in same room

  2. In upcoming episodes buy devi will bring lie detector and will ask some questions from Dylan. This will prove that Dylan does not love dabbu. Dabbu will be very upset. Mamta who was against live in will create rift between Dylan and dabbu. Mamta will take a new sim card and message will message Dylan as if his ex girlfriend is messaging him. When dabbu is having a romantic night with Dylan she gets disturbed and checks those messages that mamta is sending to Dylan. Dabbu gets shocked and sees all the message list. Dylan takes the phone from her and tells her that he will never share his phone with her because though he say thousand things to her but she doesn’t trust him

  3. Now I am sad for deblan reading the above

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