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The Episode starts with Aseem talking to Dabbu. Aseem asks is she happy with this decision. He asks is she doing this for his help, he is her friend, she can say yes to marry him when she is sure of him. She says he is not selfish, he is honest and has all good qualities. He thinks she will know soon how wrong she is. She says she has all reasons to marry him, and maybe she will love him one day as he loves her, she will try to become the wife he deserves. He smiles and holds her hand. He says he will give her happiness always and hugs her. Dylan looks on shocked. Aseem smiles seeing him.

Dabbu gets Anji’s call. Dabbu says maybe mum told her, I will just come. Dylan gets angry. Aseem whistles and says what a fantastic day. Dylan says yes, no one knows your truth except me, so behave

well, Debjani is a good nice girl, if you think of doing wrong with her, I will not leave you. Aseem asks such concern just for a colleague. Dylan says no, you don’t hug her like this. Aseem says this won’t happen, the best part is you can’t do anything, she is not just a colleague. Dylan says I know she is your relative. Aseem says Debjani and I are marrying. Dylan gets super shocked.

Aseem says I can hug anywhere wherever I want, I can even kiss her in the conference infront of everyone, and you can’t do anything, I will become her husband and she will become my wife very soon. Dylan comes to his cabin and says how can this happen, how can Dabbu marry him, I can’t believe this, how can she say yes suddenly, something is not right here. He gets Shweta’s call and she asks him to come to club today. He says he does not wish. She insists and he recalls Dabbu. He says I don’t want to go anywhere. She says call me if your mood gets fine. He thinks he is very upset.

Eshu notes the things Mamta wants to give to Aseem. Mamta says 51 sweet boxes. Eshu says but we gave 21 boxes to Binny. Mamta says Binny’s mum in law still taunts, I want to do the best. Mamta says she will call Shastri ji and get the roka date. Phool says even I was saying this. Chandi jokes on her. Mamta asks Chandi and Eshu to help her.

Dabbu comes to meet Aseem in his cabin. She says mum called and she has invited you and your family for tea party, she invited aunty and wanted me to personally invite you. He says I will surely come, you are looking beautiful. He says he will speak his heart out now, he was thinking to call her Dabbu, as her loved ones call her Dabbu. She recalls Dylan. She asks Aseem to call her Debjani, she likes it. She goes out and Dylan says he wants to talk to her. Aseem looks on. Dylan says its not work, but personal. She refuses to talk to him and goes. Aseem says this is great scene, its fun seeing her anger on Dylan. He says one more hit and calls Chadda. He tells him that its time to activate his plan, he will get his respect back. He smiles.

Dabbu looks at the mirror and thinks she is worried for Dylan, who is a cheat and selfish man. Dylan comes to her and she asks what is he doing in ladies toilet. He says why can’t I come if you can come in gents toilet. He says she is doing big mistake by marrying Aseem. She says you can’t interfere in my personal life. Dylan requests her to listen to him, he did not tell her about Aseem as it was not needed, Aseem is a bad guy, he will have some motive if he is marrying him, his intentions are not good. She asks really, no need to think about me.

Dylan says she is being foolish, she can’t even talk to Aseem, she is marrying him. She says its her right decision and asks him to understand this, else its his problem, Aseem is her to be husband and she will not listen against him, why does he care. He stops saying. She says if you can’t answer, no need to interfere. She leaves. He gets angry. Sheetal asks Sir you here. He says I came by mistake and leaves.

Thakur family meets Aseem’s family. His mum Sugandi see many changes and says Mohan does not wish to leave Ludhiana, he came back after 2 months. Vicky says they came on right time. He asks Shastri ji to get engagement date. Shastri ji says mahurat is after 7 months. Aseem gets worried and looks at Vicky. Vicky bribes Shastri ji and asks for any other date. Shastri ji says 7 days later there is a good mahurat, and Aseem smiles. Dabbu gets tensed. LN says it will be too soon. Aseem says he has no objection and Dabbu looks on.

Aseem talks to Vicky about Dylan. Dylan comes to know Dabbu is celebrating and giving sweets as her engagement is fixed. Dylan and Dabbu argue, and his mum comes there, asking did she come at wrong time. They say no and look at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thoda jayada suspence wala story ho chuka h lekin uske aage kya hoga

    1. please tell me

    2. AJIT I’m reading ur cmnts 4m 3-4 days I didn’t get wat u want us to tell… U want to know wat happened b4 r wat ll going to happen later in d show. How can I help u. Tell me 🙂

  2. Tanq for fast update amena. Keep updating as fast as possible like 2dy. Hmm pchh felt bad for Dylan. But u juz told to dabbu na dat u also like her. Den problm solve aseem out and u in 🙂

  3. Dylan used to call debjani as duffer before
    But she is truly behaving like duffer

  4. These serial is very good
    But no viewers hope it would have aired in zee tv it have reached good trp rating and would atleast have been In top 10
    I think so guys.

  5. Me me want ot to air in zeetv. I told it very long. I love it. And tv is not avail to all and not a popular one coz its new. But I’m damn sure it ll get good trps if Dey air in zee 😀 . Currently zee is in 4th position @trps. May b it ll help dem to get back der position 2. And I’m sure this week star plus ll drop in trps as Dey are ending ipkknd ebp. And making yhm hell. Den zee for god sake air it in ur Chanel plz.

  6. i want to know what will happen on next day kya dylan mom usko samjha payegi kya aseem k sath uski sadi ho jayegi??????

  7. Only 1 or 2 serial is good in zee tv all others are just average and few are very poor
    So nice content and storyline this serial have I don’t understand why they didn’t aired in zee tv

    1. zee pe air ho to bahut ac6a rehega lekin koi dusra serial khatm hoga tab na…..

  8. Thanks amena for updating early do the same dear in the future

  9. Ajit shaadi nahi hogi ofcoarse they are lead pair they will only get married
    But misunderstanding will go on

    1. they kise k liye use kiya h

  10. Dabbu mai tumse fb p bat karna chahta hu

    1. Hmm fb y. Btw I’m bg in preparing 4 my xm. And I wnt use fb much

  11. anjali r u onln

  12. Lemme complete my xm. After dat i will comment more . Ajit and anjali happy to c ur cmnts. Gn8/GM sd.. ?

  13. A bunch of us started watching this serial bcos we liked the novel. But this is no where like the novel. Dabbu is a strong level headed girl in the novel. Here she is a weepy, emotional girl who cannot trust her heart. This is what happens when you try to turn a 85 page novel into a 85 weeks mega serial. Cannot believe a talented actress like Sukriti has to play a role like this. Dylan aka Aamir is the only saving grace. All of us prefer the novel and we are stopping to watch the serial from today. Good luck to the cast and crew of Dilli wali thakur girls.

  14. hi miss dabuu pls say no ta assem

  15. I am 10 years old and just love to watch your show

  16. aaj ke epis ka updat kb milega

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