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The Episode starts with Dabbu coming home upset. Mamta asks whats the matter, is it about Dylan. She says she did not know about them before, but she is sure that they like each other a lot. Dabbu says you don’t know. Mamta says LN calls my judgment good about people, I was wrong about Vicky and Aseem, but Dylan… She sees Binny and says I was just asking Dabbu. Binny says I understand, you want to explain Dabbu that Dylan is nice guy, not a thief like Vicky, you are not wrong, don’t hesitate to say if I m here. She says this is my bad fate, and truth of my life, but bigger truth is I m with my family in my home, when I see my loved ones are getting sad because of me, I get hurt.

She says Vicky was a cheat, and she has come back to her home now. Anji says Binny is right, we have

to be happy for Sonu and Monu, think about them if we look stressed. Binny says yes, I want happy faces in our home. Its morning, Mamta wakes up LN by joking. LN wakes up and she laughs. He asks why is she joking in morning, and sees her dressed up well and bringing tea. LN says she looks good, and he is glad that she is dressed for her robbery case verdict. She asks what, you think so. He says its not your birthday, our anniversary, our daughter’s anniversary…. She says don’t think, I thought you will remember who you proposed me 30 years before, this matters to me, she takes back tea and leaves annoyed.

Dylan’s mum talks to him about Dabbu. He gets a call from work. He says he will solve this problem. LN waits for the surprise to come. Anji comes and hugs him. She asks why is he talking to himself like Dabbu. Eshu says dad and mum have a cold war. He gets a surprise for Mamta and apologizes to Mamta. He gives her a book and Dabbu thinks mum and dad’s love story is rocking than mine. Mamta gets the book chosen by Dylan. She likes world greatest love stories book and he says he was sure she will like it. Mamta reads note of Dylan’s feelings for Dabbu.

Mamta says LN is limit, he is giving me second hand book, you took this book from Dabbu. He says he has booked it from bookstore by calling. She says don’t lie, how can there be message for Dabbu. Dabbu reads the messages and everyone read it. The man comes to take money. They show Dylan’s pic and ask him. The man says yes he has come to my bookstore. He confirms that Dylan bought this book. Anju asks why did he get the book now. The man recalls he did mistake in packing.

Binny says it means it was misunderstanding. Anji says Dylan gave this book to Dabbu. Eshu says it means Dylan is not a mcp. They ask Dabbu to be happy as everything is clear, why is she upset, call Dylan and sort things. Dabbu says she won’t talk. She says he did not ask me why did I give cactus and gave me attitude. He is rude, so I won’t call him. Anji says what was that, I feel Dabbu has more attitude than me. Chandi says I have an idea. She says we will try to explain Dylan.

The girls clear to Dylan everything. He asks how did she think I m mcp, she should have asked me, I would have answered her, she got a cactus for me, she did not have time to clarify, I m very hurt, why is she not calling me, she should call me, if she has ego, even I have ego, I m thankful you guys came to talk to me, I will go, I have work at office. He goes. They say nothing can happen of them. He comes to office and bumps into Aseem. He says sorry and sees him. Aseem says he will make him say sorry. Dylan and Aseem argue. Dylan laughs that Aseem resigned when the boss would have fired himself. Aseem says he will snatch everything from him very soon. Dylan gets Dabbu’s call and smiles. He cuts it and Aseem asks him to talk, as his love phase is for less time, enjoy it. Dylan asks him to speak well and goes. He calls back and says I was busy so I cut the call. The man says accident happened here, it had your name, victim name is Debjani. Dylan is shocked.

Dylan tells Dabbu that he wants to end the misunderstanding, he will send car to her tonight. Dabbu gets ready. The sisters wish her best of luck as Dylan will propose Dabbu tonight. Dabbu says thanks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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