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The Episode starts with LN talking to Rajveer. Rajveer says he is glad meeting him, Anji praises him a lot, its big thing that he invited him and his family for lunch. The door bell rings. Chandi and Rajveer collide. She says you sit, I will go and receive them, you are guest here. Rajveer’s mum Guninder Oberoi and his brother Harry come there. Mamta and Chandi welcome them. Mamta and LN introduce themselves. Guninder says Delhi’s weather is hot. Binny asks her did she hard difficulty in getting home. Guninder says you can call me Ginny, this is my son Harpeet, we call him Harry, and you already met Rajji/Rajveer.

She says she got cows’ organic ghee instead of sweets, she has 62 cows in her farmhouse. Chandi and Eshu joke on them and they smile. Mamta asks them to come. Dabbu

comes to office and Dimple says Dylan is asking for some file. Dabbu goes to meet Dylan and asks whats his problem, she took one day off and he called her. Dylan asks her not to overreact, he called HR to contact her, as he wants the file. She says the files are in her cabinet. She says you took the file home, blue color with confidential written. She asks why is he harassing her. He says I m not harassing, stop it.

He reminds her how she came with a file and then took it back. He says my file was similar to this, I know you are annoyed with me, I did wrong, I know, but its something else now, that file is imp for me, its about anyone’s life, please you took that file right. She says my mood was unwell, maybe I took it. He says I m not blaming you, I want that file. She says she will get that file. He says I will come with you. She says I will get it myself and leaves.

Ginny likes the Chinese food and praises them. Ginny says she does not cook at home. Mamta asks Harry what does he do. Harry says nothing, I m studying B.com, I want to become rapper. Mamta asks what? Harry asks shall I say or do it? He asks Eshu to join him, and does a rap. They all clap for him. Ginny asks LN does Harry sing good. LN says we did not hear such song before.

Rajveer says I feel like family here. LN says you are like Anant is for us. Ginny says you have to gift them Audi. Rajveer says fine, we will go to showroom tomorrow. Chandi thinks he spends a lot. Rajveer says I believe in giving happiness to everyone and live life happily. Chandi serves Ginny. Ginny asks her to serve more, as its made for them. Chandi says sorry, I felt you are diet conscious. Ginny says I do dieting till main course, sweet dish has to be eaten. LN says yes, life is no fun without sweets.

Ginny says Mandy, my daughter loves sweet dish a lot, she will come after 2 days, she is in Canada. They end lunch and thank Mamta. Mamta says we liked a lot to meet sweet family, I should thank for organic ghee. Ginny hugs and shakes Mamta. She says we will become great friends, why don’t you join kitty. LN says yes, Mamta will join. Mamta says LN knows I don’t attend kitty parties, but I will meet you here, you can come anytime. LN asks Rajveer and Harry to come. Harry does a rap to bid them bye, and signs Eshu. Binny and Chandi smile.

Dabbu comes home and Mamta asks where did she go, it was fun lunch. Dabbu says she has to find something urgently and goes to her room. She looks for the file and does not get it. Mamta and Eshu help her. Dylan calls Dabbu and asks for file. Dabbu says she is not getting the file. He asks what, and she says she knows the blue file. Mamta says maybe its mixed in dad’s file. The maid says she has seen the file in old newspapers, she gave it to junk buyer. Dylan hears this and asks what, that file is very imp, I will be finished. Dylan asks the maid where is the junk paper shop. The maid says address and it gets shut at 4pm. Dylan tells Dabbu that he heard her, he is also reaching there, just 10mins left, rush there. Dabbu reaches there and sees the man shutting shop. She says an imp file went in papers. The man refuses. She insists and gives him money. He says fine, and opens the shop. She says how to find the file here, and looks for it.

She sees a blue file and tries taking it. The rack falls on her and Dylan comes there. He holds the rack and saves her. She says she was finding his file. He says I will also look for it. She coughs by the dust. He asks is she fine. She says yes. He says just he gets the file then.. She thinks whats in that file that he is so worried. He does not get the file and throws other files down in anger. She looks on.

Dabbu gets the file and Dylan stops her from seeing it. The paper falls down. He says this is the file he was finding. He leaves and Dabbu gets the paper on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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