Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dabbu looking for a white cow. She says I would have been easy if I told Aseem about my Maun varth by writing on chit. She sees a white cow idol and calls Mamta. She asks can she make it have grass. Mamta asks is she joking. Dabbu says fine, I will find. She sees a white cow and runs to make it eat grass. She sees it injured and thinks the cow needs treatment. She calls uncle and asks him to keep first aid ready and call doctor.

Gujral meets Dylan and says his work is done. He shows the legal notice made and says he can make the people vacate his house, and Dylan says lets go. They go to Dabbu’s NGO. Mamta gets the call from Sushma. Sushma says they want to come home to see their daughter for proposal. Mamta says sure, come, I will wait. She says I will

tell Debjani you are coming to see her. Sushma says not Debjani, your other daughter Chandralekha. Mamta says yes, I also wanted to say it, come. Sushma says thanks, we will meet and ends call.

Mamta thinks how to explain LN now. Eshu sees her and Mamta stops her asking her not to tell anyone about this. She says if she tells anyone, then she will stop her tennis practice. Eshu nods. Mamta asks her to call Anji and Binny, and not tell anything, just call them here. Dabbu gets the cow for treatment. She talks to a lady and says she will manage job and NGO. Dylan comes there and keeps the legal notice. Dabbu sees him and recalls their first meeting.

She says this land is bought by Mr Lobo and he gave it to the NGO. Dylan says yes, Lobo is my grandfather and now this bungalow belongs to me. She asks why is he getting her anger on the animals. She says he is taking revenge for that news edit. Dylan asks does she think he loves her, think well and say, why do you think I will give you so much importance to take revenge, you are no one to me, I came to give court notice and you are here, that’s just coincidence. She says she will challenge his notice, he can’t let her and animals leave from here

Dylan calls her stupid and she says you will know it soon. He smiles. She leaves. She comes home and reads the laws. LN says we are just filing petition, and not fighting any case now. Mamta brings tea for them. Dabbu helps him in making the petition. Mamta says Sushma called and she is coming for dinner with her son Veer. LN asks who Sushma. Mamta says you met her, you will understand when you meet her, wear good clothes and welcome her. LN says fine. Mamta wishes everything happens well.

Anji asks Mamta why is Sushma coming and Mamta does not tell her. Anji says she will make Chandi ready and leaves. Chandi tells her friend that mum’s guest are coming. Her friend says Pappi lee has sent this. Chandi sees her dress torn and gets angry. Her friend says he told you won’t work in any fashion house. Chandi says she has to convince Sir and asks her to call him.

Dabbu gets ready and says no one is coming to see me, look at this makeup. Eshu says no, you look good. Anji looks on and asks Eshu why is Sushma coming, and they will not talk to her if she does not say. They turn and smile. Eshu says she will say, Sushma aunty is coming to see Dabbu. Dabbu says what, I don’t even know. Anji says she will do more makeup to Dabbu. Dabbu says no, its already so much. Chandi’s friend Pinky talks to Pappi Lee and thanks him. She tells Chandi that he agreed, but he does not know you are coming along. Chandi says I have to take the risk.

Binny tells Mamta about Vicky’s business plans. Mamta asks her to arrange crockery well. She asks who is the special guest coming now, that you are using this special crockery. She says if Vicky thinks to start his own business, should we not help him. Mamta says we are there to help him. Binny gets glad. LN gets ready and comes. Mamta asks Binny to see did everyone get ready. Mamta says Dabbu looks very pretty. Aji says why did she not say before that they are coming for proposal. Mamta looks at Eshu. Dabbu signs Anji. Anji says oh. Eshu gets angry in her.

Mamta looks angrily and Eshu apologizes. Mamta tells LN that she was going to say, and thought let Sushma come first. She sees Chandi not ready and asks what is she wearing, torn jeans. Chandi says I m ready. Binny says Sushma is coming with proposal for Dabbu. Chandi says wow. Mamta asks her to get ready. Chandi says she has to go out for meeting. Dabbu says let her go. Chandi’s friend goes. The door bell rings. Mamta says she has to stay here, Sushma is coming to see her, welcome her well. Everyone is stunned.

LN asks Mamta why did she not tell her, that she came for Chandi. Mamta says what can we do if they like Chandi. LN says this is not right. Binny says what will society say, what we could not get Dabbu get married, maybe she has some problem, so we got Chandi married first. Dabbu hears them and gets sad. Binny sees her and is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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