Hey Everyone!
Aamna Here ?

How R U people?

Here I am back with a first Teaser ?

Before I start let me tell U these are some clips from whole story ?

Let’s Start with a Smile ?

Here I won’t reveal who is Kunj or Sanskaar nor Twinkle or Swara ? Guess them ? But don’t guess them on their character sketch! Confuse Why? Let it be a Secret for Know ??

They would be referred as Boy 1 & Boy 2 whilst Girl 1 and Girl 2 ?

_CLIP : 1_

Two boy’s were sitting in Car ; It’s a Land Cruiser ; Boy 1 is driving the Car whilst Boy 2 who was sitting beside him was telling him something..

Boy 2 stopped when the Car stoped with a Jerk ; They were confused seeing a Crowd ; Both came out of a Car ; They moved ahead and saw a girl 1 who was helping a Old woman who had fell down due to a push by a stranger..

Who didn’t even helped her ; instead was accusing her ; when the girl 1 got angry and slapped him hard across his face shocking him and everyone..

Whilst Boy 1 was smiling seeing her ; She started shouting on that stranger for hurting an old woman..

_CLIP : 2_

Boy 2 was standing outside a small house and was looking tensed ; He called someone and girl 2 came out ; She was wearing a beautiful heavy embroided Punjabi Suit looking like it was someone’s wedding as whole house was decorated like a bride..

She looked at person and had a sigh of relief ; She herself was tensed and looked like she was waiting for him only to come..

She stood infront of him and what the boy said shocked her and she smacked her forehead..

B2: She asked Bhai to marry her ?


B2:Yeah! And Bhai being Bhai agreed ?

G2:Siyappa ??‍

_CLIP : 3_

Boy 1 and Boy 2 are standing facing eachother ; their eye’s were filled with tears and pain ; the girl spoke breaking his heart ; shattering his Soul..

G1: U can’t bound me with Ur Love..

I don’t love U! Infact I hate U ?

I love ***** (Cliff Hanger ?? U people know how I am ??)

Boy 1 was broken but still composing himself said which pinched girl’s heart..

B1: If my Love has bounded U ! I promise I myself will Unite U with him..

He left from there heart broken..

At that moment girl fell on her knees and started crying thinking what she had done ?

She broke him ; She shattered there relationship ?

_CLIP : 4_

A house was decorated beautifully ; It was a wedding ; there was a hustle and bustle around ; Boy 2 and Girl 2 was getting married ; They were happy ; everyone was happy but two souls weren’t ; One was hurt other one was broken ??

Pheras were going on ; They were holding eachother’s hand ; there faces adorning content smiles ?

Other Side ; Boy 1 & Girl 1 were looking at eachother teary eyed ; They wanted to say hundred of word’s but weren’t able ??

_CLIP : 5_

Girl 1 was smiling ; Finally she realised her feelings to him ; She will finally be his and he will be her’s..

But unknown to her destiny ; what was coming up going to break them apart ; Seperate them ; once again going to shatter them ??

_CLIP : 5_

B: Hum train ke daabe mein sawar aise do musafir hain jinki manzil kabhi ek nahi hosakti ?


G:(Sobbing) Meine tumse kabhi nafrat ki hi nahi ?

B:(Teary Eyed) Yani tumne mujhe kabhi apni nafrat ke kaabil bhi nahi samjha ? Aur mein khud ko tasaali deta raha ; ke kaabhi toh tum meri mohabbat ko dillagi samajhna chor dogi ??


B: Yeh ishq nahi Asaan…
Bas itna samajh lijiye..
Aag ka Ek dariya hai..
Aur doob ke jana hai..

Girl standing beside him smiled at his word’s and hugged him ?

(I haven’t mentioned nor their name’s nor have I written 1 or 2 but the scenes in Clip 5 are at different situation and includes both Couples ?)


So here is a Short Teaser ?

Second Teaser will be Up soon ?

So I guess that by teaser U people might have guessed that One Couple Story is Sweet ; Cute and Lovely ? Whilst the Other Couple Story is Complicated filled with obstacles ?

So let’s see which couple is TWINJ and which one is SWASAN ? U people can make guesses ??

Ok So before I take leave I am giving link to a Song !

Do listen this version of DILLAGI ; Cause this will suit all the situations best ?

Here is the Link :


Don’t judge the Story by Video ; Cause it will just confuse U as it’s a Pakistani Drama whose OST it is and it’s clips are within Song..

It was one of my Favourite Pakistani Drama or U can Say the BEST I watched ? So rather than getting confused by Video ; U can read this Story ?

I know I am Late ? I am sorry last week was hectic one ; I was busy within College Stuff then Project; then Tournament Practices and then my Upcoming Xm’s and Practicals ; literally my schedule was like I sleep at 3 at dawn and wake up at 6 in morning that’s the reason I wasn’t able to post ?? Sorry for making U people wait ?? I will try to post soon ?

LOVE U All❤❤❤
Take Care??
Keep Smiling ☺☺
Supporting ??
Load’s of Love ???
Bye Everyone!
See U Soon ☺☺
Urs Aanu ??

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  1. itna confusion by God meri death ho gyi in maami ji style
    but I think boy 2 & girl 2 will be our twinj !
    yr bhut suspense plz post soon

  2. it was awesome yaar..

  3. amazing……

  4. Baby

    aanu ♥ jab itna tiring schedule tha toh abhii kun likhne ka zaruat thi rest nahi krna kya bimaar ho jayegi 🙁 hope u r hving ur meals at time ♥
    well teaser was jst wwooohhh a big shot god all is going round n round round n round in my mind hahaa ♥ wooooo no guesses dis time darling u only gotta tell who is who ♥
    love u lods ♥
    take care
    kepp smiling always sisiee ♥
    muuuaaaaahhhhh ♥

  5. awesome…
    loved it..
    too good…
    love u…
    post soon

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    Loved it…
    Too good…
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    Post soon…

    Plz yaar tere sang yaara post kr…
    Plz plz plz plz plz

  7. awesome dear
    yrr i think boy 1 & girl 1 hamare twinj h sure nhi hu me
    yrr iss busy schedule me apna dhiyan rakhna ok
    post soon dear
    luv u

  8. Awesome dear
    i think boy 1 & girl 1 hamare TWINJ h me sure nhi hu
    yrr iss busy schedule me apna dhiyan rakhna ok
    post soon dear
    luv u

  9. Sameera

    Sab upper se Gaya seriously ???????????….
    Nahi guess karungi Bhai kuch nai guess Karne wali …
    It was fabulous …start story soon or else.u know I’ll go mad thinking of it …
    Teri bakwas b read karliye ab to ????????….
    Post soon bye …
    Love you ????????

  10. Amazing teaser… Waiting for the story… Plz post soon?

  11. Mars

    Confused??? but awesome and interesting???

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  13. Awsm teaser…
    Loved it

  14. Ramya

    Filled with suspense
    Kuch samaj nahi aaya ki kon kon had
    But amazing awesome
    Just can’t wait to read it.
    Love you keep smiling

  15. Twinj2000

    That was a roller coaster ride ❤️❤️
    Maja bhi aya aur usse zyada confusion huyi par bahut accha laga. ????
    Waiting forward to it ??
    I guess n hope that sweet Di love story is of our twinj ??❤️
    Waiting waiting
    Post asap

  16. Ananya_DSK

    So… Awessome…. This is so interesting!
    Will surely look forward to it!

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