Dillagi #kanchi ff# by vrushti – Part 1


Hi guys I m vrushti back with my new ff part one and u know what guys from today onwards my holidays have started….yiepppi…!! But has a big project work but then too I will manage to write it…..now I have changed the title on which way love has brought me has now became dillagi…

Hey soooooorryyyyy a big wala for not
commenting and not replying…u all know

naa exam ka bhoot kesa hota hai rat ko bhi
sone nahi deta!!! But I have occasionally read all of ur stories and my heart said wow…..I m not a great writter like u all but I will try to entertain u a bit with my

So now lets start…..

The story starts with a lady feeding to two babies and caressing a baby girl staring her constantly….she closes her eyes and remembers a flashback….
Jaya and kusum were sharing same ward after their delivery….due to constant help of eachother they became good friends of each other…their babies were born on same day!!! The babies in their cradle were trying to touch eachother’s hand( as I told in teaser)….time passed and now it was the day of kusum’s discharge….she was busy in collecting her belongings from the ward and jaya was busy feeding milk to her baby….when suddenly sunil came hastely…he was looking tenseful…
Sunil-jaya !!! Jaya!!!! They have reached here!!! We should leave now or else they will not spare us….they will kill us…!!!
Jaya-but how we can take our baby with us and risk her life!!! My heart is not listening to take with us….I cant see our baby dying in front of me….
They both were tenseful and also helpless…
Kusum overhears their conversation…
Kusum-brother…may I ask u whats problem..can I help u?
Jaya and sunil looks to eachother….
Kusum-Is anyone behind u?! Please if u take me as sis then tell me whats problem….
He tells all ramayan mahabaharat with dr malothra in short and also tells that dr malothra has send goons behind them to kill them(I will tell it afterwards)
Sunil- now we r worried about our child….
Everyone thinks and finally kusum suggests them….
Kusum-Can I take her to my home…I will take care of her till u come to receive her from me!!!
They were shocked and also sad but they have to agree as they have no choice….kusum took both the babies and went to her home and they both went were their destiny took them….
Fb ends….

Till now she took equally care and loved equally to both the babies….
Leap of four years…..
Kusum is shown praying in front of god….on her right side sanchi was standing and sincerly praying to god but kabir was busy disturbing her….
After prayer kusum was giving prasad to both of them…
Kabir-maa…please give me two ladoos!!! U know naa I love ladoos….
Kusum-no kabir!! Rest of the ladoos r for god…u will only get one ladoo!
Saying this she goes to work in kitchen….
Sanchi becomes sad seeing kabir sad and goes to him…
Sanchi-kabir u can eat my ladoo…if u want it then u can take it…
Kabir-why r u giving it to me ? U dont like ladoos?
Sanchi- I like them but now my mind is saying me to give it to u….
Sanchi-dont know why? But I m happy taking blessings of krishnaji!! U can eat it….

Eats it and starts thinking something…
Sanchi-what r u thinking?
Kabir-I m thinking that when u will go to ur mom dad who will give me their share of ladoo?(becomes sad)
Sanchi smiles and brings krishna and Radha idols and gives him Radha’s idol and takes krishna’s idol
Sanchi- she is Radha of my krishna….she is always connected to my krishna and me too…when u need me or my krishnaji u can tell her and she will tell my krishnaji and he will tell me!!!
Kabir-but I dont believe in god…!!
Sanchi- do u believe me??
Sanchi-then believe on my faith…when I will go to my mom dad they will keep us connected…
Kusum hears their convo. And smiles…
Time passes…
They r in playschool now…
Kabir beats a boy badly…..teacher immediately calls kusum….kusum reaches there and is shocked to see what kabir has done…
Kusum(angrily)-kabir why did u beat that boy…..tell me soon or I will slap u…
Kabir-he was bad mouthing sanchi so I beaten him!!
Kusum was shocked and was about to slap him but she stopped seeing a lil angel hugging her and crying….
Sanchi-he did all this because of me please dont punish him…its all my mistake! Punish me….
Seeing her innocent face kusum’s heart melted and became helpless in front of her….kusum conveyed the teacher that kabir will never do it again….now they were about to leave when sanchi took cotton from her teacher and went to the boy and gave it to him and also the toy which was given to her by kabir…..kabir becomes angry with it…when they were about to leave….sanchi and kusum goes infront and kavir goes to the boy and takes the toy from him and keeps it in his bag and goes….

In home….
When they reached kusum went to do her daily choas and kabir was with sanchi….
Kabir-(angerly) why did u gave this toy to that boy?
Sanchi-because he was sad and I was also not willing to play with it! But why did u brought it from him!
Kabir-If u dont like it then its of no use to anyone and starts breaking it!!!
Sanchi tries to stop him but he didnt!!
Hearing their noise kusum comes to them and sees sanchi crying again!!
Kusum-I think u really wants beating from me today!!! Why r u scolding that innocent child!!
Kabir-because she helped the boy who was telling bad words to her….he is not a nice guy….she must not go to him!!
Kusum-beta then u should tell her sweetly…she is like ur sister naa?!
Kabir(angerly) – she is not my sister and never will be!!!
Kusum gets shocked!!!

(It a very weird relation with no name….they r not aware of their relation but cares for each other …lets see where this kind of relation takes them)

Precape-leap and marriage….

So guys thats it….
I m tired now as I wrote it once again because of some fault….please please guys comment if u like or also dont like it…I will try to overcome my mistakes….
Love u all my lovely readers
See u on next episode….

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  1. Amazing…. Waiting for the next part eagerly

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot dear and I will try to post it asap….

  2. Riru

    Ooo kabir reaction after hearing sis was fabulous.

    1. Rajnandini

      yaa dear and this topic will soon bring a big blunder in their life…..and thanks a lot dear for prasing…it really means a lot for me…..

  3. Aafiya

    All the best for your project.. Post soon

    1. Rajnandini

      thanku soooo much dear for ur wishes and I m very glad to know u liked it. ..and I will try to post it asap….

  4. Yaashi23

    Ohh vrushu (hope u dont mind) . Ekdam zakkaz aahe tuzi story.mast. chotu kabir khup god aahe and tyachi reaction on sister part,wow. Kay mahu aata!!! Khup miss kel tula . Aani ho diwalichya khup shubeccha advance madhe!!!

    1. Rajnandini

      Khup khup thanku g ! Mala khup anand milaal he janun ki tula majhi story avdli! Tula mahiti tu pan khup god aahe….aata baghch tu kabir pudhe kai kai kartoy te!!! Tulahi diwali che hardiksubeccha!! Enjoy ur diwali!!

  5. Riyarocks

    Nandu…….haha……….Vrushti dear, this was really fab………..I enjoyed this a lot……….tooooooooooooo good…………I was speechless……….agar chote umar mein ye dono aise hain toh bhagwaan jaane(haha….of course vrushti devi jee….haha)…..ki aage kya kya hone waala hai……..luv u shona…………

    1. Rajnandini

      Riya mata maine aapse pehle bhi kaha tha ki aap hame iss naam se naq bulae varna ham katti kar denge!! Hahaha….aur humne ye bhi kaha tha ki tum mujhe kisi bhi naam se bulaa sakti ho. ..I was just kidding yaar!! Thanku sooooo much riu ji I m very glad to know u liked it….aur next episode mai kabir bada hoga toh uske karname jaldi dekhne ko milenge!!! And love u too sweetie par tumse thoda jyada!!!

  6. I just loved it vrushti….

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanku soooo much dear….I m very glad to know u loved it….sooo sweet of u ..

  7. Dhruti

    superb vrushti…..i enjoyed a lot while read your ff……….update next one soon and all the best for your project……..tc…….

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot lot dear for ur such a lovely comment and also for ur for ur wishes…it really means a lot for me dear….sooo sweet of u sis….and I will try my best to post asap…

  8. Priyanshipp

    How cum u say that u r not a Gr8 writer. Infact I have fell in love with ur ff in first shot only.
    Felt very good when kabir said she’s not her sis. How can future love be his sis. Hahaha ??? are bhai locha ho jayega. Daat do kusum par bhai behen mat banao ???.
    U rocked it dear. I have no words to describe. ………………………_________________________________________________________ .
    Luv u loads nd post soon.

    1. Rajnandini

      OMG!!!!! Its such a big compliment for me dear!!! I m feeling like flying in the sky!!! Thanku soooo soooo much dear! Ur comment made my day….I m very glad to know u loved it…!!! Aur aage jaakar iss reason ki wajah se bohat chemical loccha hone wala hai!! Sab kuch kusum mata ke krupa ke karan!!! Dekhte hai aage kya hoga! And thanks again sweetie…I will try my best to post it asap…love u too dear….

  9. Palak.Sharma

    ??????!!! Hats Off!! Kabir and Sanchi’s childhood relationship, like the fresh and new concept!! Can’t wait to read more

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanku soooooo much dear!!! Ur compliment brought a big smile on my face….I m sooo much happy to know u liked it….and I m too waiting to read ur ff dear!! Sorry for late reply that day!! And I will try my best to post it asap sweetie….

  10. Khamoshi

    RJN realky missed ur articles yaar..happy that from now onwards u will get time to write more.. coming to this episode..it was amazing dear… cute wala relation.. waiting for the precap part sis

    1. Rajnandini

      Kya yaar mitu mai bhi toh kittna wait kar rahi hoon tumhare ff ke next par ke liye!!! Aab toh lagata hai ke wait karte karte hi mar jaoongi!!!! And thanks for ur complement dear and I will try to post asap but I m too waiting to read ur ff!! Love u sis….

  11. Vrushti ……dear u nailed it again…..awesome…..sanchi & kabir childhood……how cute…. Do update soon…..lots of love & a big teddy hug for u sweetie.

    1. Rajnandini

      OMG thanks a lot sweetie….I m soooo happy to know u liked it….soooo sweet to u dear!! And I will try my best to post asap dear….thanku again for making my day….love u too loads and lots of kisses and hugs to u too dear sissy…

  12. awesome

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot dear for ur lovely comment….

  13. Anonymousaa

    Sister??? I loved Kabir’s reaction in that.
    Wow childhood love.
    Supperb epi.Precap; leap and marriage of Kanchi???
    Post next epi asap.

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanku soooo soooo much dear…I m very glad to know u liked it….and kya question hai yaar!! Sahi mai point pakad liya!!! Par tumhare question ka answer jaldi hi mil jayega…and I will try to post it asap dear…

  14. RuCh23

    Hi my sweet lil sis!! I already in love with your ff dear ??? “ramayan & Mahabharat about Dr. Malhothra” ??? and Kabir’s reaction when kusum said Sanchi being his sis was fab ???

    1. Rajnandini

      Hey sooooo sweet of u ruwani di….I m on the ninth sky reading ur comment dear…very very glad to know u loved it and aage toh aur ramayan mahabharta hone wala hai….aarreeee love ka baba!!! Thanks again lovely sis…

  15. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait

  16. Moonlight25

    Vrushti dear..i just loved the whole epi…amazing….superb……it was too good…how can she be his sister when she will be his future wife ?……too good sweety.. post ASAP…love you loads ❤❤❤

  17. Abhilasha

    Omg vrushti dear this is sooooooo beautiful….. Cuteness is overloaded to core……u rocked it…….the episode is really excellent…..cant wait to read further…..loved it !! Love uh!!

  18. It’s amazing dear I actually loved kabeer characters . Little bit possiveness towards Sanchi was amazing

  19. Niyaaa

    Hey vrushti awsome mindblowing start yaar nd abhi to dono bade nahi or ye haal h to bade hone per kya hoga… Jaldi se nxt post karo..i just loved it … Bye tc happy diwali

  20. Amazing part yaar?

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanku soooo much my siya ke ram sis…!!!

  21. Jessicca

    Vrushti it was fabulous… Mind blowing… The way Kabir snatched back good toy from that kid… Hahahha amazing…. Keep going…

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