Dill Mill Gaye RagLak Part 1

Thank you to all the readers who had commented on the intro part of this ff. I couldn’t reply so am really sorry for that. So here we go with first part. ?

The screen opens with a girl dancing on ‘Mohe rang do laal’?. She dances gracefully with a bright smile on her face. She dances forgetting the surrounding, and takes chakras. While taking chakras she loses her balance and was about to fall but a guy holds her. It revealed that the girl is Kritika and the boy is Sanskar.
Sanskaar: Kittu you again started your stunts, Sanskaar huffed.
Kritika: Bhai, this was not stunt and all. This was my dance and you know how much I worship it.
Sanskaar : I know my dear sissi how much you worship. If you had worshiped your dance then you would have been somewhere else, not here.
Kritika : Bhai please, you know what happened. I don’t think this we should talk on this topic.
Sanskaar : Ok ok don’t worry I won’t, let it go. I hope you remember today new interns are joining our hospital and we should reach there on time.
Kritika: Yes I know don’t worry about it. I’ll be on time. But I think you are forgetting something.
Sanskaar: And what is that?

Kritika: Your dear Pathu is also joining the hospital as intern today, and am damn sure he’ll be still snoring on the bed. So just go and wake him him up fast.
Sanskaar : oh shit. I literally forgot about this Kumbakaran. Ok I’ll go to him. You just look where Lucky is.
Kritika: Bhai, he is Lakshya and he very well knows when to come. No need to take tension for him. Who hum sabse zyada ache se apni duty nhibhata hai.(He does his duty with more passion than us)
Sankaar: Yea I know. Anyways I’ll move from here now.
And saying this Sanskaar goes from there. He enters into one lavish room. A guy was sleeping on the bed only in shorts.
Sanskaar: Oh god, what to do of him now
Sanskaar knew he won’t get up soon so he takes the jug full of water nd pours it on that guy. That guy wakes up and jumps on bed screaming tsunami, after some time he realizes that he is in his room. He is revealed to be Parth. He sees Sanskaar with water jug and asks him about the prank.

Sanskaar: Abbe kumbakaran ki aulad, this wasn’t any prank it was just an idea to wake you up from your deep sleep. I am sure you must have forgotten about your internship in our Hospital. So please now get up fast and get ready like a good boy. I want you down within 15 mins. (Parth was about to say something but Sanskaar doesnt give him chance to say anything and continues). I hope I am clear. And don’t delay now go and freshen up.
Saying Sanskaar leaves from there. Parth looks at Sanskaar direction with open mouthed
Parth: Yaar what was this. Bhai didn’t even give me chance to talk and went. Now what, I have to get ready and go down or else Gabbar singh will come. He made annoyed face and headed towards bathroom.
Screen shifts to a large house where a girl was selecting clothes for her from her wardrobe. She selected one dress which was above her knees and got ready. Did make up and stared at her in the mirror. She is revealed to be Swara. She started speaking to herself through mirror.

You don’t have rights to look this beautiful) (haha..Kareena kapoor dialogue from K3G)
“Swara beta come down fast your friends have already waiting you out there” called Sumi.
Swara: coming mom (And again looked at her in the mirror) Ok then Swara baby bye.
Swara goes down and hugs her Dad who was having breakfast in the dinning table.
Shekhar : Heyy mera baccha, so all set.
Swara: Yes pops, from today my mission starts.
Sumi: Swara what are you wearing beta. You are going there as intern doctor, to serve people. Not to show legs. Please wear something which is comfortable for you and others also in the hospital.
Swara: ooo Mom please, I am not going to learn or serve people there. I just want to prove that there can be s*xy and beautiful doctors

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