Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-9)

hhhhiiiii… guys hope u remember me and this SS.. to… well.. hope all u swasan raglak fans happy to read the previous part… so let’s move.. why we waiting for…. let’s. go…

recap: Swasan marriage Raglak moment..



SaMe DaY nIgHt…


ragini was seating beside laksh and caressing his hear… he was all weak and sleeping due to medicine… ragini WS admiring him.. and peck his forehead… And whip her corner eyes..

rag: I love u.. laksh .. and I promises to you I will back Shona to u.. and I won’t let her life spoiled… I will.. laksh I pro missed…

doc: hlw.. Mrs gadodia.. how are u..

rag:fine doc. how’s laksh health report.??

doc: well.. all fine. need complete bed rest and stress free life for minimum 1 month…

rag: yes..I will defiantly take care of it…

doc: then u can take him home tomorrow..

rag:(?) really doc.???

Doc: yes.. Where is miss gadodida…??

Rag:(fumble) wo.. actually its an emargency so..

Doc:ohh.. okk (he checkup lak and leave) good night…

Rag:good night doc.

Ragini get sleep while seating.. and her hair strand was covering her face…
just Lak open his eyes.. and see her angelic face.. he was lost to seeing her….

lak monologue: I knew.. u are so much worried for me… and am thankful to god.. he won’t let me loose u.. I knew u are more hurtt to see your past sanskar tthis way… but am also happy that now u care for me.. as I always want… I always loved u… but I never wish to get u.. Coz I always want your happiness.. and now when I can feel your so bless smile and this worridness I really feel happy form heat… I love u.. my Mrs. Ragini Laksh gaddodia…… and I promises after fulfill all my responsibility I will take u to world tour…. as our honeymoon.. (blush) okk.. now u too take rest..


in mm its dinner time….

Ap San all sad swara was seated.. Ap coOK food of swasan favourites… but both was all numb…

Ap : beta come on have food…

San:yes badimaa…(but when he was about to eat his eyes fall on sw’s tears full eyes.. and he keep back his bite) swara….??

Sw:(whips her corner eyes) yes.. ohh am sorry… actually I was remebering vai.. so.. (she walk away form table) excuse me…. (she leave)

San: baddimaa why u did this..?? I want to harm laksh .. not her.. she is my good friend.. and now..??

Ap:(apology Sw in mind.. but strict to san) no my child… look laksh was planing for her marriage to some guy abhi… and if he wud success he always have a bless in his heart… but now.. when he come to knew about you.. he will always afraid for swara.. she is our tram card…. think…

San:abhi…?? swara never say it to me.. we meet just one day before..

Ap: (smile) that coz.. she don’t knew… till… laksh was planig.. to do..

san monologue : ohhh.. I see…. thank god. I get her… if she knew about abhi then she never agree for this marriage too….

Sw:(after cleaning her face she again back) daddimaa???

Ap: (smile) yes beta..??

Sw: can I sleep with u tonight…?.pllzz..?? actually.. (looks down?)

Ap:till u wnat beta… And san u too decide to arrange a party.. for my dil…

Sw:(shock) no… if vai….

San:(hell angry on laksh already coz of her marrige) swara… maa was talking to me… dont u have manner to talk..???

Sw:(hell shock now…. she never saw San like this) sanskar..???

San:(realized but not defeated yet) am done daddimaa…

Ap nods and she too walk to Sw.. and feed her… beta his biggest enemy is his this anger… u need to control him…

Sw:(was damn confused at ap)

after feeding Sw… swara leave.. Ap own clean all.. swara was standing at roof… and thinking about her life changing night…and also about her vai’s health…

“am sorry swara.. actually I was thinking something else so… I was shouted on u….!” a soft voice stand behind Sw..

Sw:(turn and find its her newly wedded husband) its okk sanskar.. I knew.. its all was all sudden so.. no need to sorry…

“hmm thanks.. anyway what u thinking..??”

Sw: wo.. I wanna knew about vai’s health.. so.. can I call vabi..??

“hmmm.”. he allow her with a helpless way…

swara callend to vabi…and its rcv by Lak… San heard all… sw-lak convo.

Sw: hllw.. vabi…?? how’s vai now..??

Lak: hey. Shona.. are u reach well..? your vabi is sleeping sweety…

Sw:(her voice become broken to heard lak’s voice) vai… how are u….I miss u soo much….

Lak:hey.. Shona. come back soon form Mumbai. I too miss u.. Yarr.. wanna see my lil princess…

Sw:vai… u take rest… I will call vabi later…

Lak:hey. speak some more na.. I miss my princes…

Sw:wo. vai actually am feeling low.so..

Lak:ohh okk. then take rest.. I will tell ragini to contact u later..

Sw:bye vai… (she hangup the call.. and broke down by tears.. while hiding her face in her palm…) I cant back vai… Am sorry… (weep)

San:(hold her shoulder to support her) swara.. everything will be fine…

Sw:(turn and hug him tightly) when sanskar.. when am.worried if vai come to knew.. he will broke down…

San:(feel hesitant to hug back… but he too hug back and support her) all will fine.. calm down…

Sw:(realized her position and broke hug.. ) e..r.. am ssorry…

San: no its okk… go and take rest….

Sw leave.. San was hell confused now.. before some moment he was enjoying sw-lak emotional convo. to feel Lak’s helpless ness.. but now.. he was all shattered…

swara come to AP’s room…and find Ap is sleeping.. she too lay beside her… and remembered the same convo. and become all sad….

Sw murmurs: miss u vai..

Sw monologue : I always wish to be your wife.. but not this.. I always dreamt to a grand wedding of us.. u come to marry me… as every girl have…. but now am Mrs. Sanskar Maheswa but there is lot difficulties… If I want to there have a long distance between u n me.. and secondly I never dreamt that I have to hide it form vai…. am always a unlucky unlucky for myself too….

swara’s monologue got disturbed when sudden she feel Ap patted her head lovingly.. she remembered her mother… and become sad once again….

Ap act to be sleep but she make swara sleep… and then she walk to San’s room.. find he too was sleeping without any addiction or any damage of his room…

Ap smile to see her thought come true…. this way… she bless San. and back to her room.. and sleep peacefully…

NeXt DaY morning..

ragini walk to mandir and again find Sw & Ap.. this time swaragini hug each other…. and both shear their heart out… Ap bless them both..

after swara n Ap leave.. ragini became hell angry on San.. and she dialed San’s number after so long…. and

Rag: I wanna meet with u.. immediately…

San:(smirking victoriously) well.. am ready to meet you Mrs. gadodia..

rag: then come at xyz park.. as soon as possible..

San: hmm.. in next 30 miniuts..

rag; hmm..

then she disconnect his call.. and dial to her papa’s manager and arranged money to return him… wanna and buy freedom for Sw… but…..





Will San agree..?? to do so…??

Come to knew. in next part till then ttata see u.. soon..

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