Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-8)


hhhhhiiiii… hope U like the previous part of DEIDEN.. well.. hope my both friends are happy…. so let’s have look… in their life….

recap: Lak’s accident.. Swasan marriage.. Rag misunderstood Sw….


SaMe DaY.. @ mandir..?

Swara seat overthere… taht place.. and cry… San left the place.. and reach to his car…. rag was walking hurridely to laksh…. and she was sad Too.. for sswara…

Sw pov. : vabi… am sorry.. I knew u was not angry.. u was hurt.. ? hurt for I broke vai’s dream.. he wanna arrange a grand marrige for me.. but vabii.. I was helpless… mere pass aur koi rashta nahi tha… basss.. sibaye sanskar ka Shart manne ke ellawa….?? mayne harr wo mumkin koshis ki thi paiso ka intezM karrne ki.. pad….? mayy kayy karrti vabiii… mere liaa vaiiya hi sab kuch haiiii.. sabbse baddkar…???

She whips her tears.. & get up……


Sanskar was stand near his car..? this day was he waiting for long.. he wanna broke the gadodia… he wanna broke ragini he wanna distory laksh.. and his loving world…. but… somehow he was not bappy today he was not enjoing… though he knew… what he did thats in Ap’s influence.. but he feel as broke as he was.. when he saw her tears….. her…?? yes.. her Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheswari’s…… he bang his hand.. to car… but his mind was still in its place….

as swara come… both seat in car.. and San drove the car. to MM.. there was not a sing sound except their dead heartbeats….


ragini was walking and crying.. crushing herself… for Sw… and laksh ….

rag Pov : i… all coz of me… I hate myself.. Aggr ajj sanskar mera past nahi hota.. laksh mere pati na hote too sayad… swara ki zindegi me wo gandda insan kavi na atta… Q ke wo abb wo sanskar nahi hai.. jissne sabb ko mushkurana sikhaya tha… abb to wo bass meri aur sirf meri khushiyan chinn na chaha ta hai…. abb ?? kyaa jawab dungii may laksh ko… ke mayne unki behen ka ek rat dhyan nahi rakkha theek se.. abbb wo bhi humse naffrat karrnge…… Nahi.. May abb laksh ko nahi kho shakkti… I need to hide it for now.. for his sake.. for his health…. yes.. but.. shona.. (she remember how she slap sw) I did wrong to her… what she do for her brother.. K only beg her to do something… and now.. I need to ask sorrry.. I need to protect her… ? yes.. form the devil….. yes.. ?

She reach att hospitall… find Lak was sleeping.. she call swara…

Ap happily did aarti of swasan.. swara was sad… san was confused…. After arti.. swara reach to Ap’s room.. san to his room… (before firstnight.. )

Ap goes to mm mandir…

Ap pov: I knew..god I influence San.. but If I don’t do it. he never agree to help laksh & ragini… I knew… this gal.. only bring my sanskar back….. I knew….. pplllzz forgive me god.. pplllzzz

@Ap’ sroom..

Sw and rag conversion.. on call…

Sw: vabi…. ?? am sorry vabi..

Rag: its okk.. am sory.. I knew..? only did this for laksh… right..??

Sw:??? (silent)

rag: Am aorry shona.. I really sorry.. but I was scared.. ? what I answeer to laksh.. taht for him and me u stake your life in risk.. u dont knew him..

Sw:(confused) vabi.. I knew him.. I knew him for last 8th months.. but yestersay he was so change… anyway how’ s vai…???

Rag: he is fine.. when he have a sister like u…

Sw:no vabi.. I did nothing… I was just vabi…(sad) am sorry.. ppplllzzz forgive me….

rag: am not angry on u Shona.. (monologue) I am angry on him…..

Sw:vabi.. vai ko ppllzz don’t tell anything for now.. pppllzzz… vabi. promised me.. U took care of him.?? I knew u do..

rag:(weep) Shona.. don’t make me more shame.. I will. u too ppplllzz take care.. and be carefully… Everything will be short out….

Sw:hmm vabi… now go to vai.. and ppllzz whips your tears.. (she while own)

rag:(whipped) hmm… bye.. as your vai.. awoke.. I will call u.. and I will tell u goes to clg camp.. at Delhi.. today morning..

Sw:(nods) hmm.. okk vabiii… u take are u too..

both hang up the call.. swara again whipped her tears.. and think for her life’s most beautiful & worst night……. ❤❤??????

flashback of sw’s previous night.. (arranging money)

swara goes to many place and her contacts.. but the huge amount was not arrange so easily… swara was all broken… and just she a friendly msg form San… and she remembered only he can help her now.. she ran to him..


main door…

swara beat the door badly.. “sanskar.. sanskar.. ppllzz open the door.. ppllzz sanskar.. for god sake.. pppllllzzz…..”

San rush to her.. & console her.. iin heart he was not so happy to see swara like this… but his mind was celebrate his victory….

San: hey.. swara.. calm. down.. come swat…. (he make her seat at sofa)

Sw:(weep & breathing heavily) sanskar only u can help me.. ppllzz help me.. I promises I will return your money.. but ppplllzzz.

San:(cups her face & concern) hey.. I will help u.. but what happened..??

Sw: wo.. wo..(hold his grip) vaiiya ka accident.. and doc said opposition ke lia.. 30 lacks…

San:(pretend to shock) what…???

Sw:(looks in his eyes..) pppllllzzzz help me.. vajiya ko bacchaa loo… ppplllzzz I will do anything.. ppllzzz..

“then marry my son..” a voice make swasan both shock…

San: badimaa…..???


Ap: yes.. I will give. But I want u as my bahu… and at this moment..

San: baddi maa.. ppllzz come inside…


“how could u say that. maa…?????”

“beta.. Think.. u wanna hurt laksh .. and swara is the most better option… then harm him.. physicaly…? ”

“but.. maa..”

“what but beta…?? I only make your way easy… think.. am going to bring money..”

San: (remind sw’s word.. “My vai is my world…..”) okk miss.. gaddodia.. be ready to feel hell…. and and and.. Mr. Laksh gaddidia… u wI’ll loosed…


swara was sweating badly…. just Ap bring money.. and act to be bad.. (she own feel bad..)

Ap: what u decided beta…??

Sw: aunty…??

San:(join Ap) haa.. swara.. this mony is not mine.. its her money.. so am helpless…

Sw:(was deep hurt.. and think for raglak..) okk aunty.. I will marry Mr. Maheswari… but.. till my vai accepted him.. I won’t allowed him as my… (looks down??)

Ap: fine beta… sanskar u both go & send money to ragini.. ji.. til am arranged all…

San:(nods) okk.. baddI maa… (swasan leave…)

Ap monologue : am sorry.. beta.. but I knew.. all am ashamed that today lucky is in hospital only for sanskar.. if he won’t caall him. & threat him.. to sayad.. lucky was safe… but when fault is my son.. then he have to pay it.. and I also knew…. only u can being my good son back.. so that’s a grand opportunity for me.. so…

Ap call the main judge of high court… & arranged registered for swasan marriage then she. called police as audience.. and a pandit who arranged Hindu rituals… and swasan tie in a new relation…(flashback ends..)

just Ap tap sw’s shoulder.. and swara back to her sense….

Ap:(seat beside her) I knew.. beta U must hate me.. but once u will understand why I did so…

Sw:aunty.. I did everything for my vai only.. I…*

just San was going to in.. but he was stop and hear her words…

* can’t not make any relationship with him now.. till vai won’t accepted me… coz. he is only my guardian.. and he had lots of dream for me..

Ap: its okk beta.. U respect this marriage thats a lot… I knew.. everything will short out soon…..

Sw:(sad..?) can I hug u.. aunty..??

Ap:(smile & cry) of course beta.

Sw:(hug her & weep??)

Ap: calm done beta.. clam down…


Lak gain his sense.. and find ragini was seating near him… He smile pale..

Lak: am sorry.. I spoil our 1st anniversary…?

Rag: laksh pppllzz dont say this… am sorry..

Lak:(smile?) accha.. I wont… now telll me where is my princess..??

Rag: (fumble) wo… ? wo.. she is in Delhi..

Lak:(shock) what…???.

rag: actually.. she don’t wanna go… but its imp so.. I send her.. and u was too weak to go.. (she was weeping for ling to Lak)

Lak:(thinks something and looks at rag.. with lots of love) am sorry ragini… and I promised I never repeated this.. for me.. ppllzz ddont cry..

rag:(whips her tears..) no. laksh .. come take medicine..

Lak:(looks at her.. in same gaze…) ragini….

rag:(can’t looks in his eye.. & hug him and burst out in crying…) I hate u.. laksh … I hate u.. how cud u do this to me….

Lak:(smile n hug back) but I love u…

rag;(weep more.. ) I love u too…. pplllzz don’t do this to me… ppllzz..

Lak:(broke hug cups her face & kiss her forehead) I don’t….

rag:(looks away.. and pass his medicine..) dawali le lijjiye…

Lak smile and took medicine.. and after that he sleep…. ragini become more week… and run outside.. and seat at outside… and thinks something for swara and laksh …..

next part: leap..of some week.. and swasan raglak moment……

okk now do comments.. ppplllzzzz….

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