Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-4)


Hhhiii… hope u all remember me.. & this ff… well.. hope u like the previous part… ragini’s decision.. make u all happy.. right raglak fans…?? hmm.. so no more bakbak… let See.. what’s id waiting for us…

recap: Ragini decided to give a chance to Lak. & their marriage.. San meet swara… for first….



after some day….
a bless couldy midnight…(all was sleeping)

ragini was sleeping peacefully.. lucky was also sleeping beside her… and both was almost close to e-o…
& hear swara too sleeping.. in her study chair.. while writing her daily dairy… & San was in MM.. sleeping to with a bottle of … in a rocking chair….

heard crash sound of thunderstorms.. with flash…..
make all awake… at the same time….

ragini was scared.. Lak console her.. & she hugs Lak.. both close the window & sleeps… but. soon both remembered about Shona.. so they both come to check.. and find. her sleeping face.. raglak smile & covers her properly…
swara gasp in fear.. she immediately rush to her bed & covers herself.. & sleeps…

San slip his bottle… & walks to washroom.. & splash water on his face.. & come out.. look outside throw window.. actually its quite similar like his heart… he left a deep sigh…..

Next Morning

swara awake nd find.. its rains continue… she get ready.. coz she need to go.. her one favourite student’s bday nd he insisted her.. to go…
@GM hall..
Lak was remained ragini was in his arms.. he blush.. ragini was busy in her kitchen..

San was too gating ready..too meet his new friend.. nd also buy lots of sweets candy to impressed Sw…

San:damn.. this nonsense rain. make my plan spoil.. hhuuhh.. damn.. he text Sw.

“u are coming n..actually I too buy some gifts.. so”

swara was in stairs to she smile and reply..

“yes. am on my way.. don’t worry..”

Lak:(notice sw’s smile) Shona.. what happen..??
Sw:nothing vai. ajj avantika k.. bday hai.. so..
Lak:so. u are going in this blo*dy rain..?(concern)
Sw:(smile) of course vai.. don’t worry.. am reach home at evening.. safe secure and dry too..(giggle)
Lak:(laugh.. & hold her ear) choti…
Sw:(hug Lak) luv u vai. where is vabj..?
Lak:in kitchen..
Sw:(pout & broke hug) this not done. if are not going office.. then u must help her.. go. go. (push Lak to warned kitchen)

main time ragini was too coming out.. & accidentally both dashed.. Lak warp ragini by her waist. ragini looks at him.. both was looking e-o. while Sw claps.. & run away..

Lak: am sorry…
rag: no. infact thanks. if u not held me.. (she stop coz. his hand was in her mouth.. )
Lak:sssshhh.. still am there.. not a single scratch..(withdrew his hands)
rag:(overwhelmed by the word) laksh.

ragini ran to kitchen.. Lak feel bad.. for touching her.. he slowly walks to ktichn.. &

“am sorry.. ” and he left….

ragini tightly close her eyes.. weep. (not for his touch.. for… after all trouble anyone said this to her….)

yeh saajish hain boondon ki koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
yeh saajish hain boondon ki koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na

swara was standing.. with umbrella.. but..it did not help her at all.. and she was looking . for cab or rickshaw.. but she did not find a single cycle… she was fully wet and drench..

soon a big stop infornt of her.. make her shock.. then feel bit shy… a very familiar voice. call her..

voice: miss swara….come inside…
Sw:(looks down.. & find its sanskar only) arre app..
San:haa me. come.. just look at u. and if u still hear.. for more few minuts. u will definitely catch cold…
Sw:(bit hesitant) but. am fully wet…
San:(with killer smile) no problems.. (he open the door..)
Sw:(seat.. & now she is shivering..)

they both reach to school… her students hug her.. she too enjoyed.. with them…

avantika cut cake… some of students more come.. & after some hours.. all left except.. swasan…

Sw: Mr. sanskar.. we should leave now..
San:yes. miss swara.. come I will drop u..

swara & sanskar come in same umbrella… and.. in a moment San kick his car…

“damn… issebhj abhi.. puncher hona tha….”
Sw: (looks sad) ohh no.. but its okk.. what can u do in it.. let’s walk.. my home is only 20minuts.. then u can took the umbrella…
San: but…
Sw:no. if but. (giggle). morning. u give me lift in car.. now.. I will shear my umbrella.. hahaha..
San:(too melt and say yes)okk…

yeh saajish hain boondon ki
koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
yeh saajish hain boondon ki
koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na

both start walking… the rain goes hhigher & higher..

at a moment..
San laterally had to hold her in his arms.. & she too hold his hand.. she was shivering…… now San is also wet… with the stormy wind….. he securely wrapped her….

swasan was only pass almost 10minuts.. with lots of difficulty.. and next moment.. their one & only hope.. the umbrella float in the air….

hawa kuchh haule haule
zubaan se kya kuchh bole
kyon duuri hain ab darmayaan
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na

swasan look e-o with shock.. and next moment.. both laugh….like hell..

phir na hawayen hogi itani besharam
phir na dag mag dag mag honge yeh kadam
haa saawan yeh seedha nahi khufia bada
kuchh toh baraste hue keh raha
samjho na samjho na
samjho na samjho na

swara was laughing whole heartedly.. while weting her hand in rain..and palys…. & San was deeply looking in her eyes..


ragini was watching TV.. while Lak was working in laptop. both was tensed for Sw.. soon a thoundersound make then shock again.. both switCH of the TV & lapi.. & ragini was going upstairs.. & faint.

Lak:(hold her nick time & he was tensed) ragini… ragini what happen o u…??

Lak place her to bed.. & check her temperature.. & next moment he start rubbing her palms. & feet… Lak was tensed now.. he check her. breath… but.. it was out of rhythm.. so. he was now more scared….

soon something strike in his mind.. & hesitantly he pls his lips on hers.. & give her mouth to mouth……

soon she grain her sense.. & caress her own fleets.. by other.. and Lak to move from her… she looks at laksh with shock… Lak looks down.. & explain the situation…..

rag:(bit shy. or nervous to reply.. she looks dnw)

Lak:(feel sad.. for not any reply…. he left the room.. while covering her. with blanket)take rest…. I will call doc. But I guess…

Laksh was moving… rag hold his hand… lak set back.. rag hug him emmotional …..

Rag : am sorry.. lucky…
Lak: (feel good… to haer lucky name hug her back friendly) its okk take your time..

hawa kuchh haule haule
zubaan se kya kuchh bole
kyon duuri hain ab darmayaan
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na

rag: lucky. am glad. I get a friend like u.. in my life…..
Lak:(kiss her scalp..) sshh.. take rest… and. y don’t u tell me.. that u have feaver..??
rag: nothing laksh .. I was only… (broke hug. & looks @him pout)
Lak:(smile naughtily.. & smirk too)
rag:(smile with shy.. & beats him.. softly) app bhi n…
Lak:(tug her hairs) take rest…. I will be back..
rag: but. Shona..??
Lak:(tensed) I am also tensed…
rag:(cups his one cheeks.. by one hand) she will be coming… at anytime… don’t worry….

now. swara was enjoying the rain…. she walks in deep water.. and jump.. enjoying a lot…San was lost.. too see her innocence..

she turn to him.. & call him.. he walks. and she splash water on him.. San glared, Sw smile…

@after sometimes. GM.
swara was running to her room. hurriedly… and close the door… raglak take a relief breath…

@sw’s room..
swara stands supported by closed door. & her face was hidden by her own. hands.. she slowly slowly removed her hands.. with deep blush… she was breathing heavily… she thinks something & again she hide her face….

San also walks while he is aLSO fully wet.. Ap looks at him.. & bit surprise…

Ap: what happen beta..??
San:nothing badimaa..
Ap: Chang your cloths.. orr else u get cold..

@San’s room…

San enter happily.. after a long day he feel fresh… he change his cloths.. while he put his suit in dust been bag.. he notice something.. & hold something near his chaste pocket… and took it.. & a lil smile appeared on his lips… while he remembered something.

jugnu jaise chahat dekho jale mujhe
meethi si mushkil hain koi kya kare
hmm hothon ki arzi aaise thukraaon na
saanson ki marzi ko jhuthlaaon na
chhuu lo na chhu lo na
chhuu lo na chhu lo na

swara again hide her face.. after watching her reflect on mirror…
Sw:(murmurs) I luv u… Mr. Sanskar… I luv u…

hawa kuchh haule haule
zubaan se kya kuchh bole
na duuri hain ab darmayaan
dekho na dekho na….
dekho na hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm dekho n

San close his eyes. & relaxing himself on his bed.. & recollect. the moment…. (flashback of evening)

swara & sanskar was laugh.. & enjoying the rain.. while swara start sneezing.. San pass her his hanky.. she again sneeze…. San chuckle… Sw but upset.. & turn away.. San smile… & turn her again to him… she pout.. San cups her face.. at the moment his eyes.. fall on some droplets which were place on her beautiful liquorice lips….. his gaze was instantly fixed on tthos droplets… he can’t not resist his emotion anymore. & place his his lips on her’s… and start suckling them gently….
swara was taken aback by all sudden moment. she was all nervous.. but sanskar don’t care at all… San was start sucking bit roughly.. & bite it too..
till now she was struggling but the moment he bite.. she moan… & catch his suits collar….
San smirk winningly. & enter in her mouth…. she took start suckling his lips with equal passion…
their tongues interview together.. & dance in e-o mouth… the temperature goes higher…. San start kissing her passionately….

it can go very long.. but. a another thunderstorm make swara gain her sense.. she push San.. away.. & looks at him with shock. and next moment she run away.. to her home..

san try too call her.. but he can felt her. shyness.. so he too start walking to hishome….

next part : u say.. what u wnat…???

and now.. pppplllzzz do commensts…. pakka ha…

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