Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-17)

hey guys.. how are u all..?? hope good… n thanks for your valuable commensts.. well am going to bit busy. so am going to soon. n for my t.u. friends.. as per am using my mobile its bit difficult to upload a big part.. so don’t u worry..I will try to upload each part’s two part… so it will help u.. ohkkk for now.. let’s move story..

recap: Swasan consummation.. n raglak momensts too…


A fresh early morning…. (next day)

though the sun was week n pale… but its a very bright morning for 4… 4 who just start a new life.. with their partners…

@GM.. raglak room…
ragini was in washroom.. when she come out find.. laksh was again busy in file.. she make a pout. which also notice by her loving hubby.. but she kept quite.. n walk towards mirror. n start getting ready.. she was planing for a puja.. in mandir.. n also msg swara.. if she wud come.. coz she need to talk to her too…
then she was getting ready when all sudden she feel a rough n etching chin on her delicate soft shoulder.. n looks. up.. with a shy smile..
“morning.. but if u don’t want me too go office n get busy in work again.. then u have to pay tax.. ma’am…” n place a lite wet kiss on her side neck…….

ragini shiver… n felt a tickle at her spine n she blsuh heard.. make laksh smile victoriously… “laksh .. pllzz.. ”
“no.. and trust me.. with your this wet hairs. n fresh fragrance make me.. more impatient.. ” wink.. at her..n now kiss at her shoulder while pulling down her sleeves..
“laksh .. pllz no.. no.. pllzz I need to go mandir.. pllzz not now.. pllz” she laugh.. n plead her hubby to leave her for now..
“one kiss pllzz” he pull her to him.. n cups her face..
“am I said u no.. but not now. pllzz ” she said while hugging him tight….
Lak: aacha fine.. u go.. n today we will go to a dinner.. okk..?? be ready at 7..
rag:(shock.. n happy ) oh..k. I will..
Lak: okk see u at night
rag: yes.. n now am ready your all staf.. get ready n come down. am going to make breakfast…
raglak both nods.. n leave to their respective works…

@MM swasan room..

pale sunrays fall on both of them… n awake one of the lovebird who was tightly warp around by a strong muscular arms.. n she was almost pined to the bed.. coz her loving n jealous husband was over her…n sleeping peacefully like a innocent baby….
she was damn blush.. to even look at him.. when she recall the last night of her….
she was lostly looking at him… n keep blushing heard… when she hear a beep in her ph.. n when she check she get more happy when she find ragini was calling her mandir. yes she too need blessings… again looks at him n caress his cheeks…
“I love you.. ” she murmurs.. n push him slightly. to free herself.. n about to move… she was searching for a cover to hide her tinny cloth less figure.. n as sooon she find her suit and leave bed in hurry.. she she again. fall on bed… n his arms snake her around.. where she was die to face San.. at this moment..
“n. noww… stay away. form ppls.. ” said by her love. in a bit sleepy voice..
“Why I feel u are jealous of abhi.. n ppls mean oonly abhi. coz am a working woman..” she said while caressing his face…. look at him straight..
leave her all sudden..n seat with bed wall suppert “well.. yeah. but now U are my gal… my wife.. not only officially.. also in all manners.. so follow what I say…”
“as your order sir.. but I can’t stop talking n if u say so. coz as am your wife.. am her friend too.. so.. n don’t worry. I told u na.. I love u.. so y u jealous.. ” she said n was still laying.. I’m bed… “accha.. vabi is going to mandir.. can I..”
San:(smile fake as he listen rag’s name.. he feel guilt.. n remember what ragini saying him at his bday.) yeah.. but..
Sw: sanskar pllz don’t say no. ppllzz.. ppllzz.. First thing I want form u. plllzz. ppplzz. (she make a puppy face.. n kiddish voice) pllz..
San:(sudden melt n smile. pull her up. n hug her around) fine.. when I said no..? I was wanna say ke form now..U are going to applied your vermilion wider n big size.. as noticeable to all..say agree…??
Sw:(again blush.. hug him sidely) I love u..
Sw: Accha. am leaving. now.

swara leave to mandir… after taking bath.. n both nand vabi did puja together. n also pray for the hubbys n for e-o too…


all the morning was plesent n good.. but right now.. he was hell angry coz he come to knew.. that abhi n laksh meet again…. n he also hear that
“I don’t have any dear to tell my Shona. that what blunder she done..” Lak.
“ohh chill. I will make ssure.. she stay away.. form him.. I will make sure.. ” abhi
“I trust u.. abhi n pllzz make sure.. San’s true nature come out…” Lak.

San : how dare u. laksh .. first U snatch my gal.. n now. u wanna again separated form her…?? What did I do with your sis..?? am I beat her…?am I torture her..?? no… no.. no.. then Y..?? all mu…me.. what’s my fault..?? god why. all wanna leave me… so easily..?? will Sswara do the Same..?? will she hates me.. as ragini mean..?? god… (triggered) but.. I won’t let u go swara… I won’t. though If I need to beat u. if I need to be strict with u..?? I force u.. but never let u go… never ever.. till I alive… U are mine.. n only mine.. swara.. U are my wife.. Mrs. Swara Sanskar MaheswAri…. (he close his eyes.. n recall how innocent she is… n how she said she love him…)

@mandir garden..

swara was happily moving towards gate.. when ragini pull her to a corner of the mandir… n ask her.. showing her dairy.. she glup.. n scared.. too..
rag: come.. swara.. I need to talk to u… something..??
Sw;(smile) what vabi..??
rag: (shows her dairy) how U knew..??
Sw:(fumbles) e.rrr….w..o vabi.. actually.. Wo..
rag: (smile n fold her hands to Sw) I knew.. swara. I did wrong to him. to his love. but Now Am also knew.. that U love him this much.. I don’t need to feel guilty.. I am sorry swara.. for me… U become the part of his anger…
Sw:(smile n hug her) vabI.. don’t be Ssorry pllzz U knew.. the day of your marriage I knew.him. knew him as a broken… but then I meett a new man.. after few months… I was bit confused to see him like that.. n also. felt crazy.. by his charms.(blush). n then (bit serious n sad) I come knew about his past that she is u only.. yes vabi he never hide anything to me… but as U ALl he also never told me.. that’s U..
rag:(surprise ) but how u knew..??
Sw:(smile sad) the day he threat u.. at market.. I was there. N I can felt his anger n also your helplessness I feel bed… then I understand U move on.. with vai.. so there is nothing wrong to bring the good in his back.. so We bbecome more good friends. I knew he never like my company but after maa.. what did.. he also don’t wanna do that…
rag: n am happy that abhi is not listing your vai.. he was only follow Ap aunty..
Sw:(shock). what..??
rag:(nods n yes.. n tell all how Lak wanna face San to Sw) yes..
Sw;vabi.. Your n mine both of our husband are literally mad.. U Handel Ur.. n me mine..
rag:(laugh) but.. I never thought.. you can Love him this way..?? after knew all u still there….
Sw: I love him vabi.. as u do to my vai… (hug rag)
rag:(high back) ssshh.. okk now move n start a nSw life..
Sw:(blush) yess vabi.. I the day will. come soon to my life when He tooo realized how Much I love him n he will also say That he love me too.. n now he dobt wanna stay in past… I really wish
rag: N the day will come soon to u sweetheart..

both s.r.. took leave form mandir.. n both was free heart n fresh mind..


in this few months.. swasan n raglak was happily leading their life… through abhi intentionally n sonal unwantedly make sanskar n ragini pissed off.. but though somewhere they both was happy form their partners.. n their loving manners towards them…

ragini was calling to Ap n. swara… for finally talking …. where Ap was complaining about sw’s wealth…

rag: haa.. aunty. as U want I ready all.. I really want to surprise laksh this time..
Sw:(beside Ap) too give him the good news… that am become bua… hai n..
Ap: haa. swara don’t teas your vabi.. okk.. n u too come on let’s complete your food. U was puking form Moroning badly…
rag: aunty. she Shona fine.??(worried).
Sw : haa. haa. vabi. am fine.. n u tell are u make cake..?? (laugh)
rag: no. I have only one head.. I leave it for u…n aunty pllzz come tomorrow early morning or tonight. pllzz..
Ap: haa. we talk sanskar n he said early morning..
rag:(teas ) why aunty. sanskar is soo crazy about Shona..? is it..??
Sw:(blush) vabii. pllzz no.
Ap:Omg. ragini I wish u hear. to see a red Shona..
rag: hahahhahHahha…
Sw:vabi. not done first U told the surprise to my vai… at his Birthday. n then I will take revenge of it…I swear..
all laugh…
Ap:(after call) Shona.. come n take rest… I should call abhi..
Sw:(nervous) no… maa..U knew n. he don’t like abhi.. so..
Ap: Shona. am there.. n he is a doc too…

aabhi check Sw..n took blood sample of her.. n leave.. with something happy form his heart too…
make Ap doubt n Sw confuse….

next part : maha dhamaka… swasan raglak all separated form e-o…..

now now now. doooo commensts …vpllzzz.. orr I wont

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    1. Ritipriya

      There in SR convo means ragini is pregnent?? n only gals mean SR n Ap knew it… n if u are asking about convo its will open in next part. n abut Sanskar he felt for swara n dont wanna looose her.?? n if u r asking abut lak he is only a protective bro?? thats alll.. Thanks for your lovely comments. ? riti

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