Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-16)

hhhlllllwwwww… guys. I hope U enjoy the. last part of DeIDeN.. well.. now we are entering to the end.. parts of this SS…. n I wanna request to tthos silent reads pllzz.. so comments.. guys.. pllzz.. n just wait n watech… some nmassala is going to its way.. so now.. no no more bakbak.. let’s move to our swasan consummation.. ??

Recap: Raglak consummations. n some jealousy of San… (unknowingly)

SaMe DaY… (at MM…. 2hrs later)
San was hell stuck at traffic jam….n his mind was continue running about Abhi n Lak.. n swara n Abhi’s closeness… after many struggle .. almost 2hours.. he reach at his home…
the watch man. open the. door…n. smile. to San.. San smile back..n lean to the gate.. as San reach.. n about to rush at MM..enters…when he heard. some laughing sound form the backyard… n as soon he recognized the voice. he immediately rush there….

@MM backyard…

“abhi.. I said. pass goluram to me….”. swara was chasing abhi.. who was running to coddling a puppy… n laughing…
“he is not your goluram. Shona.. he is my shyam Lal..” said abhi. while kissing the puppy…
“abhi.. I will kill you.. I only find him.. come on. give him back to me.. so sweet.. he is.. ” swara said again..while beating at the back of abhi…
“well. I can.. butt In one conditions.. ” abhi turn with determination..
“what…” said swara too.. while placing her hands. on her waist….
“u have to ask.. your Mr. buddhu..(wink) about him.. (again kiss the puppy) n he is yours..” abhi laugh like hell….
“hhhww.. how can I ask…. and he is not hear n. so why u need to dragged him..”
swara was walking another side.. when she was slip..n abhi. hold swara..n puppy to carefully. swara was holdend by her waist… n both was llaughing… like kids…

“Swara…” a very calm yet head voice reach to their ear…n as they look they find.. ssanskar stood there.. n he too was filly wet..
abhi levae her.. n she was fall… “aaaawwooo…”
“swara…” San shout with concern..n rush to her..
“am soo sorry. swara.. wo.. pllzz forgive me… Shona.. wait a minutes.. Let me pass this puppy. to aunty.. then I will help you..” abhi ran. form there….

San scoop her in his arms.. n glared at abhi’s running… n then to Sw..who was already upset n. scared… for his rude behavior… looks down…

San forgot all his stress to see her sad pout… n all sudden. there was a thunder.. make swara hold San too. as tightly as she can.. n due to this.. her lips brush to his cheeks.. make both of them shock.. n shiver… yet again.. n both get a flash of thier first kiss….
as they was thinking.. their eyesmate…n both had a eye lock.. San carried swara n as they reach inside of the MM. abhi walk to them. with a ointment.. n about to touch sw’s leg. when san shoot a galer n abhi wink at him with a naughty meaning.. make San ferocious.. but being calm. he smoothly manage it…
“hey. Shona come..look ointments..” he touch Sw’ s feet..
“no..need.. Mr. abhi.. I have another good medicine…N I will take care of her this wound..”
San again start going upstairs.. when Sw move n remind him that she stay in AP’s room
“s..Ans..k..a..r.. my. room…” swara again looks down to saw his frown..n keep quite…
@GM. raglak room..
ragini was laying on Lak’s bare chest.. n was playing with his manly body… n Lak was too busy to caressing her bare back.. n loose long hairs… both was cuddle e-o. more.. due to the clod temperature… n Lak cover her n*ked body more with the blanket.. when she too hug him tight… n Lak kiss her scalp…. make her blush.. n she. too reply of his kiss while kissing his manly chest….
” thank u so much laksh.. Thanks a lot…. ” –she said with a immense happiness.. n tears filled eyes.

“no ragini.. don’t say thanks.. its not only your dream.. I was too starving for make u mine.. n only mine..” — he said while again cuddle her more. strongly…
“I love u.. laksh .. n u have to keep distance from each n every girl.. except Shona. n me..” — she said with a pout..n piinch at his chest……
“seems someone is soooooo jealous.. ” –laksh said while giggling..
“so.. when am said am not.. n especially.. tthos girls. who was longing for handsome like u.. ” — rag…

“ohh. really.. Than my wife.. consider me. as handsome..” — he wink..
“obviously… laksh .. u are handsome.. n that too only for me… N also tell all.. who was drooling on you. to keep distance too. coz I knew my hhbby.. but…tthos are…. ” she said while getting up. form his embrace…
“where you are Ggoing..? (laksh have a naughty smile on his face ) if u really want.. that am keeping distance. to others.. n especially girls. then U have to pay. me…” during saying this. he again pull ragini. on. bed..n roll on her…
both looks e-o…n then they were busy once again.. to enjoyed Thiers partners teasing.. n lost themselves to e-o….

@MM Swasan RooM.
San reach to his room..n make Sw seat in bed.. n went to close the door.. n as he again reach to her. find she was shivering in coldness… n also fear to his rudeness.. San slowly place his hand on her shoulder.. to make her comfortable..
“Mr. Maheswari.. thanks. now am leaving to my room..”
“swara.. seat hear… let me applied ointment to your swollen area… ”
“b…u..t… no.. Mr. Maheswari.. I.. I..will manage…..”
“N I said.. u are going to seatt hear.. right now.. ” he said again bit rudely….
she gasp. n seat back.. n San smile a lil…. n then San slowly took her feet on his lap.. n slowly caress the area.. n applied the ointment.. as also Peck the area.. (all sudden as he feel to kiss he do.. even without realizing)
swara was shock.. n stand.. n wide eyes.. n immediately move her leg.. n again scream in pain…
Sw : aaaoouucch..
San:(understanding her… n again took her leg on his lap..) well. don’t need to move in hurry.. (pose) n.. am.. sorry. for morning..
Sw:(once again. surprise n shock) n..o.. no.. I..t..s. OK..
San: no swara.. I actually over react.. on you. while u was asking me food. am really sorry.. (makes a puppy face..n looks at swara. while massage her leg)
Sw:(smile. n nods in no) well. I told you n.. its OK.. even am sorry.
San:(smile. whips his hands on tisu paper) hmm. come I will drop u..
Sw:(nods..n again about to stand..) e…r.. (the door knock.. n swara back to her seat again)

San:wait..let me check…
San opened. the door. n find. abhi was trying to peeping to the room. I.e. looking for swara.. n as swara also find its abhi both again started charting.. make san irritated once again.. along spoiling his good mood again… n to take the opportunity abhi provoked San.. n left room..

abhi : Shona. wayse… do u remembered..??
Sw : what…? n sanskar.. pllzz seat n..
San:hmm..(fake smile)
abhi : when I had a special care for u..(wink to San unnoticed by Sw) how once we spend a full rainy day together.. while bank our cls… n U was almost wet.. looking.. (Sw laugh.. n cut his word smartly)

Sw:hahaha.. I remembered. U was looking a wet monkey.. n that tym to was keep tie n shocks on a tree… n we also move to steal mango right…??
abhi 🙁 laugh. n shear a HiFi to Sw.. n suddenly place his hand on her shoulder.. n squeeze there.. n make a serious teasing face to swasan both) well. I remembered it well. u got a deep cut hear right..??
San:(shock.. n blankly ask) how wud u knew..??

Sw:(his qus even surprise her too) e..r.. wo. actually…
abhi: (cut her) well.. her. shirt got torn… n its was a deep bleeding… so.
Sw:(to cover ) n he give me his suit. to go Back home…
San : (angry n irritated) well. abhi. now if u don’t mind. will u pllzz excuse us.. we need to discuss something..??
abhi :(teas Sw as friend) hwwm. Shona. this is not done.. U wanna kick me out.. n U signal sanskar.?? so mean..
Sw: nothing like this u go. I will coming. n feed goluram. too. Or else. I will make sure.. he bite u..

abhi leave with a funny pout.. where.. make Sw laugh. even more.. n San flume in anger to see her laugh for Abhi.. n Sw innocently added fuel in it. while praising abhi n his charm….after that..

Sw: sanskar.. tell what u wanna tell..? is anything IMp .??? I need to go to abhi to check out if he eat something or not. n baddi maa also. to give her medicine…
San:( pull her up.. by her arms.. holding tightly n burst) n who am I..??? dnot u have any responsibility toward me.. am your husband damn.. (they were inch apart)
Sw: s…a…n…s.. k…(she was struggle to spell…. n also bit afraid..) a..r..
San: (suddenly. place his rough lips on her n schools them heard n leave ) I need U.. I want.. now if all settle then.. U are going to stay with me.. as My wife only..
Sw:( shock.. surprise speachless. n blankly looks in his eyes. where was clearly shows his jealous n passion) m.r. maheswari..??

San:(hold her by waist.. n pull her more close. she was almost smashed in his Manly figure) Yes.. Mrs. swara sanskar Maheswari.. (but leave her all sudden n turn) Don’t worry I won’t force u. n am sorry.. for my behavior..
Sw:(swara was about to fall when San again hold her.. n she felt happy to hear him.. n close her eyes.. n also slowly brush her lips on his cheek. make San shock n. happy suddenly n he pull her in his hug) am all your sanskar.. Am all yours. U don’t need to be sorry..

san scoop her in. his arms.. n lay her in their bed.. swara was damn shy.. she took a turn.. n San smile. (at this moment he was all lost. somewhere.. ). a walk to the door.. n blot it… the sound of blotting the door make sw’s heartbeat faster… n she was breathing heavily… as soon San reach to her.. before he cud move… farther… Sw turn n hug him.. tightly.. he too cuddle her in his arms.. n both lay down in bed.. n put of the lights….

there was still rain… male troubles others.. while both our two love couples were lost in their another world…. where is only love n affection… completeness….

well guys. m done with the another part of it… hope who was upset for previous part I mean raglak consummetion part… hope u satisfied.. n guys am not seriously wanna make it. a very hot one… but hope what ever I add its complete DeiDeN… okk.. so now.. do commensts…… plllzz do commensts m silent readers. u too pllzz do
next part ; Surprised surprise…. n SanLak tashan… n SR meet somewhere.. accidentally..

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