Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-11)

hhhiiiii….. friends how are u all…?? hope fine.. well now U all maybe confused that what raglak exactly doing..?? are they really except swara n sanskar ‘s relationship..?? Right..?? So now.. no more need to think.. let’s check it by own…. ???

Recap; Raglak shockingly accept sanskar n swara’s marrige n something b/w raglak n ap…

Rag help laksh to seat in bed.. n also arrange his medicine n all needed think near to his reach in sidetable… she was as sad as laksh… but they both was also quiet for their’s shona’s smile…
rag: laksh u plllzz seat hear I will bring milk for u.. (she leave with a?)
Lak:(nods n took a magazine.. but he was thinkOmg the conversion of sanlak..)

(flashback of MM before they leave)
lak was going towards study and just San was coming out..and almost they are about to dashed… but both save..
San: uumm.. sorry. laksh …
Lak:(smile) its okk sanskar.. by the way..?? where are u going..??
San:(frown n snap) tell what u want to tell..??
Lak:(smile tauntingly) well… there is nothing to tell… but yes.. only of my sisy I am giving u the chance if ever she get tears in her eyes.. I will kill u.. do u got that..??

San:(smile teasing way) woooh… chill chill shaleshab.. kyaa hua..? kiss batt kyaa gussa hai..?? ha..(wink??)
Lak;(deep sigh) meri iss accident ka..
San:(smile softly n alert Lak) are swara.. come look your vai.. are asking me am iI make u cry.?
Sw;(smile n walk to them) vai.. (hold Lak’s hand) vai.. maybe I got married but still he is my good friend.. n even he was telling me to continue my music
Lak:(smile for Sw) Shona.. gods bless.. we are leaving…. now..
(flashback end)
rag: lucky…?? yh lijjiye…

Lak;(took the glass n gulp the milk..) haa.. give..
Lak was drinking and he fiind ragini with her sad dull puppy face… where she murmur and that make laksh smile
rag murmurs : all becoz of me.. why you need to. keep her there.?? I knew he was trying to harm her.. to harm u.. I don’t want hurt u more.. coz of me…(she silently weep)
Lak suddenly pull her to him… place his lips on her forehead gently…. make ragini shock surprise happy n relive she too hug him… n hide her faces to his cheast…

Lak: I love u.. and don’t worry.. my Shona is strong enough.. and I trust Annapurna aunty..
rag: I love u too.. I too.. but the man is devil’s son…hhuuhh.. he will defiantly cheat aunty…
Lak:I don’t think so… don’t u saw. he was addressing her as Maa.. so hear am bit rrelax…. But We must need to being her back as soon as possible… (broke hug & cups her face) okk and now.. stop blaming yourself okk baccha.. don’t .. and don’t cry too…

rag:(looks at him in a instant gaze..)
Lak: I love u.. and don’t worry I love my lil princess too..
rag:(cups his face back n kiss his forehead) hhhmm and I trust u.. so now u too take rest.. if u need to being her back.. u must need to stay strong.. hai na..
she look Lak.. n he too looks at her… both had a cute sweet eyes lock.. Lak again kiss her forehead n rubb her back to calm her… she too close her eyes this time…n after kissing her forehead his right hand travel to her left cheeks affectionately.. then removed her hair strand form her face for clear view of her face.. and now exactly this moment she was blushing…..

rag too hold his hand n press it on her soft cheeks and kiss his side palm.. and her eyes were just unable to keep hold her tears n it slips n he whips it with thumbs.

Lak:ssssshhh… I have trust on aunty…
rag:(nods n about to leave when just he landed on his cheast again she giggle) laksh .. no.. no.. you are not well..
Lak:(kiss her shoulder.. n then kiss her cheeks form side) no.. am fine n enough able to make a mini celebration of our post marriage anniversary…
rag;(shy.. n immediately hug him) u knw.. what u must take rest…
Lak:(leave her to knew about her shyness) ohkk.. u plllzz take rest….too okk
rag:yes.. I will back soon..

she move to her households as if she was absent for 3days. she was cleaning all the rooms…. and also after cleaning all her GM. she walk to sw’s room and arrange all her staff in place.. n then she near to goes her study table…nn find her personal dairy she was interested to read. but also makeup her mind to not read.. n keep it there…

then after all a heavy schedule when. she back she find her hubby was sleeping due to medicine affect.. n his ph was ringing she rush n rcv the call… n bit surprise..

rag: hlw??
“where are u man.. and how are u..(realized) excuse me.. who are u..” –a lady voice..
rag: (shock n walk to window) excuse me.. its my husbanD’s no. who the hell are u..?
“ma’am… Oopps.. am soo sorry am Sonal sir’s PA..”– reply
rag;(flume in anger) so don’t u knew who can approximately rcv his belongings..??
“ma’am actually I thought sir is still in hospital so….” — reply
rag:its okk anything imp..??
“no actually yes.. how is sir..” — reply
rag: hmm better.. and now he is sleeping and sonal pllzz don’t bring work for at last one week.. u knew na..
“okay okay ma’am.. don’t u worry.. only very imp matter I only call him..”–rply
rag:hmm. and am sorry too
“no no.. ma’am that’s fine.okk bye. take care tata”– she smile n cut the cslll
rag smile in she also goes to sleep for somettime…

swara is finally smiling now… after a long sad journey of almost 80hours.. her happiness make the whole MM alive again.. Ap was also smiling to see her smile…

San back form office when he was ordering form his room for coffee… make Sw (smile more in her heart)

“ramu kaka…. my coffee…pppllllzzz” he shouted form his room…
Ap n swara both hear his voice n smile.. .Ap start making coffee make swara shock..
Sw:maa..?? what is this..?? no milk no sugar ..?? what kind of coffee is it..??
ramu kaka: (chuckle) Mr.Sanskar Maheswari special beta… U knw I to hate this…
Ap:beta.. if want u can change the wholee decoration of MM.. but his this habitat.. ohh god..
swara add one big spoon sugar n make Ap n ramu shock.. then she arranged his mug n pass it to ramukaka…

ramu kaka: bittiya why u wanna throw me out form hear..??
Sw:(smile n assure) ohho kaka.. nothing will happen if he shout more.. tell him ke I made it.. aand as I don’t knew it.. so its a mistake… (laugh n wink )
ramu look Ap.. and she nods he leave swara was so bless and walk to follow kaka n Ap too…

@San’s room…
San was just come out form washroom n ramu kaka was standing he pull up his mug n sip it..n glar d at kaka..
San: kaka. what is this…??
kaka:(fumble) e..r…wo…wo.. may… may.. wo..
San:kaka…???? (frown)
kaka: wo.. yh bittiya ne bannaya hai..
San:(shock) pad.. ussne q..?

kaka:(as Sw told) wo. I…I.. busy.. to..s…h..e. made.. come baba give it back to me..I will bring fresh one.(he ahead his hand)
San:(turn n comb his hair) no kaka its okk.. she don’t knew n.. but kal se use boll dena yaa to app bana lena….
kaka (deep sigh) nods n run away…. San turn n again sipp the coffee but this time he smile lil…..
hear his this smile make smile too.. swara blush n Ap keep her bless hand to her head..–“U only…. can make him as he was…. pplzz don’t give up hope…”
Sw:maa thank u..

San was out of his room…n just swara stepped to him room.. and notice all…. inch n inch of his room.. his room was yet big n well decorated a big king size bad at the middle of the room.. left side of the room had a couch set n coffee table at the other side of room n opposite of bed had a big 56’ TV.. well set on the wall n then next to it there was 5door cupboard and beside it the door of washroom… and the opposite of the couch and also bed right side there was a big dressing table n wellly arranged all….

swara straight walk to the window of the room n there was a beautiful view of the almost Kolkata city…. make her lost in nature but when she heard car horn she back to her sense n ran out form the room…

and rush to terrace to spend the rest evening alone and hear ragini also wakeup n arrange soup of her hubby and make him feed this n took proper care of him…

NEXT PARt : Uuumm……. well jealous…

to knew who will be jealous keep reading n do comments…..till then tata…bye…..

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