Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-10)

Hhhiiiii… hope All good… n feet n fine.. so hope u like thr previous part… n swasan marriage too… so..let’s look…

recap: Swasan marriage revealed. n raglak moment…



same day evening….

@XYZ park..

San was seating bossily.. n rag just come n stand minimum 5feet distance..

San:(get up..) haa.. tell ragini vabi…..(taunt)

rag:(pass her suitcase) YH looo.. issme 50lacks. hai.. and leave swara… and get lost form her life…

San:(ferocious) what do u mean..?? I accepted her as my wife..

rag:(chuckle) ohh really…?? then why don’t u wait for laksh’s approval..??

San: (look away..)

rag: look.. Mr.sanskar.. I knew.. it all part of your cheap game… but don’t spoiled her life… pplllzzz she is a pure soul… pplllzzz (become weak..n plead) pppllzz… sanskar meri galti kI saza mat do USSe…

San:(snap) wwwooohhh.. Pplllzzz stop dragging our past between both of our future… get that vabi jiii… and if u are saying for leave her.. then listen to me very carefully.. she is your n your’s husband’s Darling… and for that u will always sacred to loose her… N I really wanna let u feel that exact same feeling… vabijiiii

rag: (angry) fine.. and maybe u don’t Kenw Shona…. for her only her brother is more imp… that’s y she even get married with u… blo*dy… but when she come to knew.. that for last 7-8 months u are reason of her brother’s stress… u never knew.. u don’t need to leave her… she will do it itself…


rag: hear is the money… (she put the suitcase down…n walk away..)


Lak was reading a magazine.. n just ragini enter.. n both great eo with smile….

Lak: morning

rag: morning.. did u take medicine..?? lucky..??

Lak: actually no.. u was not hear n.. so… (wink ?)

Rag:(bit shy ?) yeh lijjiye.. (pass his medicine…)

Lak: well shona kab aaa rhi hai mumbai se..??(bit serious)

rag: e….r… wo… soon very soon…

Lak:(soft but strong yet anger) but last night u say she is in Delhi…??

rag:(shock) woo.. haa.. she is in Delhi.. wo u knew..n.. lots of stress.. so…

Lak: then why u pleading to sanskar for leavening her..??


Lak:(get up… form bed.. n seat) ragini.. truth.. tell me the truth…

rag:(looks in his eyes.. n looks down) actually am sorry am going to meet with him.. to retuen his money…. and free our Shona….

Lak:(make her seat too) kyaa matlab..?

rag: (explain all…n weep) am sorry laksh.. I was not knowing it.. if I wud knew.. I don’t let utt happen… pplllzz trust me…

Lak:(smile ) realx…I knew my sis.. when am stand infornt of her eyes…n ask her to come back… she will definitely back.. u don’t worry..

rag:(smile) thanks laksh for trusting me…

Lak: coz I love u…

rag:(hug him) I love u too.. n now safely bring swara back…

lak; hmmm……. Lets go..

rag; (bit worried)

at evening @MM..

swara was serving tea to San n Ap.. and happily moving hear n there…. just she stop to see at main gate.. n San standard with surprise n shock. Ap have a soft bless smile..

Sw:vaiii…. (look at gate… while Lak was standing at MM with the help of ragini… )

Lak: Shona… (open his arms..) come… give me hug…

Sw:(smile ? n rush to hug him… with her tearfull eyes.? .) vai.. u are well.. am so happy to see u…(shams in his arms) I love u vai… miss u so much….

rag;(caress her hair..) and we have a good news for u.. that your vai… accepted your this marriage.. n also thankful to Mr. Maheswari for his help…(while smirking at San.. boldly n laksh too look at Lak form her hug)

san :(frown his eyes… with this announcement.. n shock yet)

Sw:(broke Hug n guilty ?) vai.. wo actually.. wo….wo…

Lak:(cups her face. n caress her ceeks) ohh my princess dont be sad… I am alwayS with my doll…. (give a frown to san) an I will always protect you from all evils…..

San:(attitude) well… for that thanks Mr. gaddodia..

Sw:(smile n look down) vai.. he is Sanskar..

Lak: doll I don’t need any introduction of my jiju.. n u really think so…

rag:(laugh at Sw)


Lak:(to San) well. Mr. maheswa ri.. I don’t knew yet u have rule to making guest stand at door..?? Shona is it…?(chuckle)

Sw:(close her eyes.. n bite her tongue ) oooopppss.. am sooooo sorry vai… pplllzzz coome inside…

San:(smile to see sw’s smile after almost 4days) yeah.. plllzz come..

Ap:ramu kaka.. bring coffee…

Lak:no aunty.. pllzz don’t bother yourself… ppllzz u too seat..(rag make him seat )

Ap San rag all seat n Sw walk to MM mandir.. n back in sometimes…

Sw: vai… give me your hand…

Lak:why.?? today is not raksha bandhan..?? right Shonu…??

rag: yes.. but if you doll asking then must have reason.. (laugh)

Lak;(open his arms..n she tie a moulli in his hand) yeh..??

Sw: vai.. it will save u.. form all bad.. look maa also tie me.. so..(points her hand..raglak both looks at Ap… n she smile)

San was all hell confused by raglak sudden sweetness.. n ran his hand throw his hairs..n walk to his study..

San:(confused) guys.. u pllzz continued I have a imp.. call…

Sw;(sigh) vai u tell u are all fine na??

Lak:(kiss her scalp) yeah…

swara walk to kitchen.. raglak looks at Ap.. she give a assure smile.. rag get a massage…

“thanks for listening me.. beta.. don’t worry Just ddo what I say… n I promised all of your lIves will set.. u both your Shona.. n my beta took”

Lak:(smile n blink at her) wayse aunty.. where is sanskar gone..?? I need to talk to him…

Ap: (points at studay) there…

Lak walk at study.. n San was just backing out…

What u think…?? kyaa hoga..?? what happen to raglak all sudden..?? Whats are going to come to lak’s doll’s life…???

oooooohhhhkkkk..???? am done.. now its your turn.. must read n do comments….

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  1. Simi

    So Ap n raglak joined hands?
    Nice chapter dear

  2. plzzz I want see sanskar junnon to get ragini at any cost plzz yaar don’t make typical love story make it Ragini should ask for marriage to sanskar in order to save swara and raglak don’t they think rag as sanskar as cheater then we get hate story of raglak and love realisation of sanskar he think Ragini is just her junnon but swara he fell for her

    1. Ritipriya

      ohhh nikkiy such a good suggestion but I think something else… I will definitely try to think over your suggestions n am sorry for late rplying…

  3. Loved the way laksh had belief on Ragini

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    Amazing dr…..Post next part soon waiting eagerly for it…

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