a dilemma a thought of pragya

isnt a world full of lame people?i am confused about this thing.way back i used to think people arent so dumb or lane instead of being kind or smart.leave this things.just go to thought about people’s.arent you,arent i,and arent this people selfish?maybe or maybe not which i really dont know.A long time back,i used to think i have got to know about the mentality of human i mean the”people”.but my dear i was just as athinking that there is water in a desert not more than a illusion.yah i know though i know the sarcastic behavior,enmity,revenge,inquity of this world but i still cannot fight with this to survive here.i have to become a lifeless body or i have to put my hands in my ear and just ignore their worlds,inquity,hatred,revenge,mocking.but the things that causes severe to your heart and souls can never be ignored.so how can i ignore that how can i?is it my fault to be dashed by people’s.is it my fault i was to be stolen and trashed by the element which made my body that too twice.am i that ugly,that bad that depriable that my craving for love,craving for humbleness,my craving for care arent satisfied.why why what was my fault.is it my fault i have to go through a purification process.my happening world,my lovable,my beloved peeps,my everything,my pride my brother,my blood,my house…everything changed,everything got broken and i lost them.when i was adolescent i got the biggest tragic shock.everything changed after that.my everything got ruined.i didnt though that.i got to know about the reality my beloved my pride my element of life had adopted me and i wasnt there blood.but i was happy though this but that day turned into the black night with strom when some strangers came into my life and claimed i was their property my parent didn’t listen to me i was tooken by them where everything seemed new,everything changed my pride,my beloved one,my blood,my religion and i had to go through the purification process.but the strangers weren’t so bad but a good one whom i thought be the bad one.i didnt know my heart had two sides merely two faces that i started to love them pure heartily but the almight allah and god couldn’t bear my happiness so he took them away from me either i was again alone in this world crowded by millions and billions of people laughing but crying vigorously from inside..what was my fault.was it my fault that half of my life i was raised by the other religion and half by other religion.is it so then why both the allah and bhagwan didn’t punish me didn’t killed me instead of my beloved once,..i even got to know peoples are of 2 faces.after i saw my relatives mourning on their death but not helping me in my life.they didnt cared about me but they did about my money.but i struggled alot alot.my other half my sister helped me to accomplish my revenge enimity,,,,different peoples are present here in this worldwith different mindset some are kind then some are greedy why is it so??situation differs,people differs,and everything gets ruined into flames of greed and revenge.today i got to knew the faces of people all the people out there have 2 faces within them.the so call real one which in turn is a faker one.and second one is their faces of dominance,greed,inquitiveness..this world and this inqutive people wont let live your life with love and care filled in it.this world wants you to live according to its rule.if you protest you will be of nowhere as it snatches all your happiness and love and care in your life ,leaves you making lifeless body…i am pragya arora or i should say i am amena sheikh i am confuse or in dilemma as the name which was my identity is also not mine…my existence in this world is not there now because my fault was to go beyond the rules of this cruel world..
thanks for reading the thought of pragya not pragya imean amena not amena i mean pragya let it go..how will you feel if this happens to you???hope you enjoyed reading it…all the writers are fabulous and fantastic…

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    Good Thought!

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    Very different to read and keep going with more writings!

  3. Some what really different.

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    So diff and nice dear?????

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    Very different and thought provoking dear!

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