Dileep / Dev’s Rohini / Sona (En Smiley Unnale) 2

DevShi-DilRohi 2…
Dileep(think):”Dileep..neeyum Chef aayita.. .”(Dileep..U r a Chef now)…(smile)

Dileep(singing inside):”Joker ippa hero aanen”(“Turning frm Joker into Hero”)

Jillena mazhaiyai rasithapadi (With enjoying Rain)…

Dileep:”Rohini..TV paapom..”..(Rohini..We ‘ll watch TV”)

Rohini(with Poori) comes to Sofa..n smiles by seeing Dileep…

TV is ON!!”Neruppuda”..voice of Rajni ad…going to finish…

Dileep(imitate):”Neruppuda”(Firee (Masss)..

Rohini(childish smile):”Dileep,Ungala purinjakkave mudiyala..U r”(Dileep,Difficult to Understand U..U r)..

Dileep:”Neruppuda”(By Smiley Eyes)..
His head collides with Rohini’s head…

Both laughs…
The Clock rings 7.00..

Rohini:”Dileep..Seekram 7 vaiga”(Dileep..Switch to ch7 Fast!!)…

7=DilRohi as well as Dev(K)Shi..
“Ini Ellam Vasanthame..”The name appears..(HappyForever frm Now (KRPKAB))

Dileep makes his hands on his cheeks n Strts watching…
N searched Poori on plate..without seeing it..
Rohini(big eyes) see Dileep..
Dileep (smile for caught red handed) n Strts watching TV..

Dileep(in TV):”Miss Rohini.. Ivlo Periya visayathai enkitta yen marachiga (“Miss Rohini..Y U hide tiz big news?”)..

Dileep(in Real):”Rohini enkitta ipdilaam maraika maataaga”(Rohini doesnt hide any news frm me)…

Rohini sees Dileep’s seeing..n show her empty hands like a child..(Rohini Dileep paarpadhai paarthu Siru kulandai pol Avazh kaigal kaata Kavithaiye ne Thotru vitaai Ange)..

“Tring”saptam..mazhai saththam illamal..(“Tring” Sound comes..Rain stopped..)…

Rohini:”Zia vandaaachuu”(!!!)(Zia,the cute child is coming)..
Dileep (smilethink):”Rohini nxt epi paththi solliachu..!!!(Rohini tells abt the nxt epi)…

Hope U like tiz Frndzz…
Tanqq frndzz for Supporting..Got A Surprise Gift/Help
Wish to tell here..Frndzz..U ‘ll get it in Eng Soon..
Tanqq frndzz for Readingg n write ur thoughts after readingg. .
Take Care frndzz..Sorry frndzz for late of “I m Ur Cute magic”…
Epi1 http://www.tellyupdates.com/dileep-devs-rohini-sona-en-smiley-unnale-1/

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  1. Devga

    Hey semma pa… Rombo alaga iruku… Nxt tym la irundhu nee eng la eludhi kasta padatha…. Naan keela comments la eng trans kuduthuduren…. 🙂 😉

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqqq Devga..Veryy Happiiee….!!!!Tanqq for ur help….

  2. Devga

    English translation :

    Devakshi – 2
    Dev (to himself) : ” hey dude….. U’ve become a chef” (happily smiling)

    Sona(smiling) :” poori is awesome dev”

    Dev(singing to himself) : now… a.. joker.. Has.. Turned… Into… A… Hero ????

    Enjoying…. The… Chill… Drops…. Of… Rain…. ???? ( A FAMOUS TAMIL SONG OF ACTOR DHANUSH)

    Dev: “Sona… Lets watch TV..”

    Sona with her poori plate comes to sofa smiling at Dev… Sits.

    As SOON as TV was on The FAMOUS dialog of Rajinikath was The add going on…. ” NERUPUDA” (FIREEE)

    Dev(imitates) : “NERRUPUDA”..

    sona(winks smilingly) : Dev its difficult to understand U….

    Dev(smiling) :” NERUPUDA “……
    playfully hits his head wid sona’s head….

    Both smile and laugh playfully…..

    The clock strikes 7:00

    Sona(wid a sudden reaction) :” Dev hurry up…. Change The channel no. 7″

    Channel DS7 : The show title appears ‘ INNI ELAM VASANTHAME’ ( NOW FOREVER ITS HAPPINESS)

    Dev keeps his hand ovr his cheek and starts watching…. Sona too strts watching….

    Playfully Dev searches poori pieces in The plate but gets caught by Sona….. Sona slightly hits his hand playfully and cutly stares at him….

    Dev realising he is caught givs a childish smile…. And Both again Change their gazes towards The show..

    *Dev ( in show) : “‘ Miss sonakshi …. Y did U hide such a big thing frm me ‘” *

    Dev(in real winking with a smile ) : “sonakshi never hides anything frm me… ”

    Realising wat Dev said Sona looks at him and shows her empty hands wit a playful attitude….

    “tring… Tring… ” ( sound of The bell)

    Sona(wit excitement) :” Zia baby has come ”

    Dev ( smilingly thinks to himself) : Sona U’ve revealed abt The nxt episode…


    Just tried my translation… HOPE It is up to ur stry harshan…. And HOPE readers are satisfied…. Thanks harshan

    1. HarSHaN

      Superb yaar..Thanks Devga for tiz wonderful work..Our frndzz Surely like tizz at the 1st sec moment of readingg..itself..

      1. Devga

        No thnks yar…. Its bcz ur work inspired me i wrote…. And i was abt to write ff but due to my career’s tight schedule not able to think and alocate ff…. But i luv to write so thought of doing this hlp….

        Dnt hessitate to tell me wen U want me to do this work wid any of ur works ….. 🙂

    2. HarSHaN

      Sure..Tanqq Devga..Tanqqq..So much happy to hear..

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