Dileep / Dev’s Rohini / Sona (En Smiley Unnale) 1

Inidaai(Cute) DevShi DilRohi..Again….
Chillena Mazhai odu(with a Chill Rain)….
Rohini:”Welcome to Kitchen,Dileep”….(childish luk,smile)

Dileep (think):”Dosa la Circle epdi panradu..”(How to make a Circle in Dosa)..

Rohini:”So,Mr.Pogarpottu Poori Seyya Aarambinga”…(Tom,Strt Ur Poori Making for Ur Jerry)..

Dileep(shock):”Poori PerfectCircle aache?”(Oh no?Poori,a perfect Circle?”)..


Dileep:”No Oil..Aana Miss.Rohini..Adu Chapphaathi illa?”(sharp eyes)(No Oil,Bt Miss Rohini,I think that is Chapphaathi).

Rohini (FireSharpEyes) n strts running..
With running,Turns back..
(Smile)”Inniku Leavv vitaachu Dr.Rohiniku..Anda Bt for with potatoes”(Today is Leave for Dr.Rohini..That But for Poori with potatoes)..

Dileep(fear):”Rohini kovam aayitaa enna panradu?Enakku daan pooriyum seiyya theriyaadhe?”(What will I do if Rohini get angry..I didnt know How to make Poori too)…

Dileep makes a call…
Dileep:”Tina..Poori epdi seiyradu?”(Tina..How To make Poori?”)..

Tina(jerked):”Sirr..Adu epdi solradu?”(Sirr..How I Say?)

Dileep(fakeangry):”Naane Poori Seiyren..”(I alone make the Poori)..
Disconnects the call…
Tina smiles…
Tina(think&smile):”Sir..Rohini romba Adistra Saali Sir”(Sir..How lucky Rohini is)…

Dileep plug the earphone in his ears…
N make the preparations…
Dileep takes the instruments for Operation…(?!)

Rohini(bigeyes):”Enna Seiyraaru?”(What is he doing?)(By seeing the kitchen frm side of the Kitchen door)…

Dileep moves his heads for Songs…
Dileep strts making Pooris.. .
Dileep(childy):”Haha..I ‘ll win”..
By TiffinBoxes making Pooris’ circles…
Dileep (thinks by seeing Pooris):”Konjam Kastamaa daan irukku”(Seems little difficult)..

Rohini(SurpriseEyesLuk):”Ada..SemmaIdea..SuperbDileep..Mazhai with Pooris”(Ah!!SuperIdea!!SuperbDileep..RainWithPooris)..

Dileep finished the cook n Takes for the Dinner ..
Sona see Dev(with controling smile)..

Dileep:”Dileep’s Poori”(smile)…
N gives Rohini…
Rohini sees the plate…

Rohini(sad face seeing Dileep):”Oru Pooriyaa?”(1 Poori?)..

Dileep (laughs):”Today,I m the Doctor”n takes the hiding plate for Rohini..

Rohini sees the plate n smiles…
In plate..by Jam,
“En Jerrykaaga?”(For my Jerry?)…is seen..

Dileep smiles…
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Sorry for the late…Plzz forgive me for late…
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  1. Devga

    Wow tamil la devakshi… Thanks harshan… Semaya iruku… Actully naan rombo varutha patten tamil tyming enaku set aagalanu… Andha varuthatha theethu vachutinga… Thanks

    1. Devga

      Adhu dev oda orange candy pic wit sona’s pink pic…. Awesome pic…

      1. Devga

        Highlight ennana…. Tina poori epudi pandrathu…. Lol…. Hahahahaha sema humourous ah irundhudhu

    2. HarSHaN

      Tanq Devga..Tanq?☺..Weekend la Sunday 11.30am replay panraaga…?

  2. happy to read a Tamil ff

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Dhanush..

  3. Manya

    Harshan can u plzzz give the translation

    1. HarSHaN

      Suree Ayushi.??. Sorry for the late..Still,I m unable to write the new ghost story..

  4. Manya

    I mean another one in English it is difficult to understand like this ??

  5. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    thanq harshan…actually aftr seeing Tamil I broke my silent nd commented… I’m a silent reader…I luv to read all devakshi ffs bt wen I saw tamil I can’t keep quiet.by d way samaya eludhara po.

    1. HarSHaN

      Happiee?…nandri Shrinithi…Tanqq☺??..Hope U review the nxt too.. My another one “PinkishThoorigai” comes Soon..Hope U review that too..

  6. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    sure harshan..r u frm tamilnadu????which area??

    1. HarSHaN

      S..frm Tanjore.!..U?

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